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XAT 2017 to 19 Video Solutions

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XAT 2020 Test Series (5 mocks)

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GK Test Series 15 mock tests (5 for IIFT GK + 5 for SNAP GK + 5 for XAT GK)

Past Year Papers

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XAT 2020 Test Series

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Detailed Analytics

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5 full length mock tests

Valid Till 31st March 2020

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Important details about the XAT 2020 Exam

Ans – 30th November 2019
Ans – 5th January 2020
Ans – 3 hours
Ans – Four
    Verbal and Logical Ability (VA & LR) Decision Making (DM) Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (QA & DI) General Knowledge (GK)
Ans – 100 (including 25 for GK)
Although the official numbers have not been declared yet, it is expected that XAT 2020 will have approximately 100 questions.
VA & LR will have 25 questions.
DM will have 22 questions.
Quant will have 28 questions.
GK will have 25 questions.
Ans – Yes.
Based on past year patterns, it is expected to be 1/4th of the value of the value of the question.
Ans – Yes.
Based on past year patterns, it is expected that 0.05 marks will be deducted for every question beyond 12 or 13 unattempted questions.
Ans – No.
Performance in GK section will not be considered for giving out interview calls. It will be considered by XLRI (and XLRI only) for internal evaluation when selecting the candidates.
Ans – No.
Essay writing used to be a part of the XAT exam till last year. That is no longer the case this year.
Ans – No.
You can allocate as much time as you want to any section in XAT 2020 exam.
You can jump from one section to another section in XAT 2020 exam.
You can solve the paper in any order that you want in XAT 2020 exam.
Ans – No.
Ans – Yes.
Traditionally, XAT has been on the tougher side.
In CAT, you typically need around 40% marks for 95%ile
In XAT, you typically need around 33% marks for 95%ile
a) There will be no essay writing in XAT 2019-20 exam. There was essay writing in XAT 2018 exam.
b) XAT 2020 will have one part of 3 hours.
XAT 2018 exam had 2 parts –
  • 1st part was 3 hours (VA + DM + Quant)
  • 2nd part was 0.5 hours (GK + Essay)
  • Ans95%ile is normally enough to get a call from XLRI – Business Management course. For other good B-schools / courses, 90%ile is enough. Obviously, the more you score the better are your chances of converting those calls.

    There are sectional cutoffs as well for top B-schools, although they are on the lower side. Typically, they are around 25-30% marks.
    AnsVery less when compared with CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Typically, most MBA entrance exams have 33% of the paper dedicated to LRDI.

    In XAT, it is typically around 15% of the paper.

    The first section is called 'Verbal and Logical Ability' but the questions that are asked in this section are mainly related to 'Critical Reasoning' type of questions. There are no pure LR / DI question in this section.

    In the 'Decision Making' section, there will be one set of the type of the traditional 'Logical Reasoning'.

    In the 'Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation' section, there will be 1 or 2 sets related to Data Interpretation and 1 set related to 'Logical Reasoning'

    XAT Paper Pattern






    Verbal and Logical Ability






    Decision Making






    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation





    Extra Section

    General Knowledge





    XAT Cutoff’s


















    XAT Past Year Papers – With Answers

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    Testimonials from XAT Online Coaching Course Students

    Got call from HRM and Global MBA. All thanks to you.

    Vivek Kalra

    Decision Making Percentile: 99.25

    XAT Decision Making 2015 Course Student

    I started preparing for Decision Making in early December. The course videos helped me understand the concepts quickly and score well in the exam.

    Divya Yadav

    Decision Making Percentile: 98

    XAT Decision Making 2015 Course Student

    I appreciate the content of this course. I just studied some documents for 4 hours in this material and i got some 7-8 in IIFT Gk correct.

    I B Shankar

    GK for IIFT, SNAP, XAT Course Student – 2014

    Kudos to insight of Ravi Sir. Only studied from Factopedias and cleared GK cutoff. Right on target questions which sir told might come in IIFT. Awesome work Ravi Sir!!

    Sangharsh Bhondekar

    GK for IIFT, SNAP, XAT Course Student – 2014

    Frequently Asked Questions about online XAT Preparation Course

    Q1. How will I get access to the course?

    Ans: You will get an invitation email within 24 hours.

    Q2. Till when will the course be valid?

    Ans: 31st March 2020

    Q3. Which course should I subscribe for if I have already registered for the Handa Ka Funda CAT course?

    Ans: You should go in for GK + DM (with or without the mocks)

    Q3. Will I be able to download the videos?

    Ans: No. But you can view the videos online any number of times. You can view them 24×7

    Q4. Are the decision making sectional tests same as the decision making questions in XAT mocks?

    Ans: No. The decision making sectional tests are made by Handa Ka Funda whereas the mock test series is provided by Oliveboard.

    Q5. What if I don’t like the Online XAT Coaching Course?

    Ans: From 9th June, we have updated our refund policy. We would no longer be processing refunds for students who have registered on 9th June 2017 or after that. We would strongly recommend that you go through the demo videos (click here to view demo) and check for two things: a) Are you able to play all the videos on the device that you plan to use b) Do you like the way the content is taught. As far as the content is concerned, it is available as an excel sheet in the answer to the first question. However, if you have any problems with any of our products or courses – please feel free to reach out to us on [email protected] and we will help you with it.

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