XAT General Knowledge (GK) Previous Year Papers with Questions and Answers – 2019

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

XAT General Knowledge GK Previous Year Papers with Questions and Answers  2019

XAT General Knowledge past year papers should be a part of each and every student’s library who is serious about XAT GK preparation. It would take hardly one hour to go through past year papers and this one hour would teach you about the kind of stuff that gets asked in the exam. I would strongly recommend to all XAT GK students to please go through this post in details and honestly assess yourself as to how much you would have scored in the actual exam.

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XAT General Knowledge (GK) Questions from Previous Year Paper of 2019

Q 1. Which of the following countries does not border the Mediterranean Sea?

A. Portugal

B. Greece

C. Spain

D. Italy

E. France

Q 2. The Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate (MIBID) and the Mumbai Interbank Offer Rate (MIBOR) are yardsticks that control which of the following financial markets?

A. FOREX markets

B. Commodities markets

C. Derivatives market

D. Insurance market

E. Call Money market

Q 3. Name the city which was the capital of the ‘undivided’ Assam state immediately after independence.

A. Aizawl

B. Agartala

C. Kohima

D. Imphal

E. Shillong

Q 4. Name the European country that signed a pact with India in March 2018 to deepen the cooperation in the field of environment management. The deal also affirms a commitment to fight climate change.

A. France


C. Netherlands

D. Portugal

E. Spain

Q 5. Name the two countries with which India has inked agreements to enable the successful mission called ‘Gaganyaan’ that is slated for 2022.

A. USA and China

B. UK and USA

C. France and Russia

D. USA and France

E. Russia and China

Q 6. The ‘Kyoto Protocol’ which was adopted in 1997 by several countries in Kyoto, Japan focusses on which of the following aspects?

A. Climate Change

B. Repatriation of criminals

C. Anti-terrorism

D. Denuclearisation

E. Free Trade Agreements

Q 7. Name the Russian leader whose name is synonymous with the two reforms of Glasnost and Perestroika.

A. Yuri Andropov

B. Leonid Brezhnev

C. Konstantin Chernenko

D. Boris Yeltsin

E. Mikhail Gorbachev

Q 8. Name the Indian saint who wrote ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

A. Satya Sai Baba

B. Swami Abhedananda

C. Sri Aurobindo

D. Paramhansa Yogananda

E. Hanuman Das Baba

Q 9. Sequence these four rivers in terms of their point of meeting the Bay of Bengal from north to south (i.e. from Kolkata down southwards to Kanyakumari).

A. Mahanadi, Krishna, Godavari, Cauvery

B. Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery

C. Krishna, Godavari, Mahanadi, Cauvery

D. Godavari, Krishna, Mahanadi, Cauvery

E. Mahanadi, Godavari, Cauvery, Krishna

Q 10. According to the World Bank, which country is the highest recipient of remittances?

A. China

B. Mexico

C. Philippines

D. India

E. Egypt

Q 11. Of the five members listed from the erstwhile royal families of Kerala, one was a nationally known painter and artist. In his name, every year the government of Kerala award people for their excellence in the field of art and culture. Name this painter.

A. Marthanda Varma

B. Chitra Thirunal

C. Avittom Thirunal

D. Sree Mulam Thirunal

E. Raja Ravi Varma

Q 12. Of the five people listed below, four are Managing Directors and one is the Chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI) as of October 2018. Who among the five is the Chairman of SBI?

A. Rajnish Kumar

B. Arijit Basu

C. PK Gupta

D. Dinesh Kumar Khara

E. Anshula Kant

Q 13. The prestigious Horlicks brand of GlaxoSmithKline has been recently brought over by another mega FMCG brand. Name the buyer company.

A. Cavinkare

B. Patanjali

C. Nestle

D. Dabur

E. Hindustan Unilever

Q 14. Which of the following countries is not a member of Union of European Football Association (UEFA)?

A. Georgia

B. Kazakhstan

C. Azerbaijan

D. Turkey

E. Uzbekistan

Q 15. Which of the mobile service providers is going to launch GigaFiber broadband?

A. Airtel

B. Idea

C. Vodafone

D. Jio


Q 16. What is the common name of the acidic combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid that can actually dissolve metals like gold and platinum?

A. Aqua Pura

B. Aqua Regia

C. Aqua Fina

D. Auro Dissolvo

E. Aqua Aura

Q 17. Viacom18 is a popular entertainment network of India. Which of these channels does not belong to Viacom18?

A. Colors

B. Rishtey


D. Nickelodeon

E. Disney International

Q 18. Republic of Armenia is a UN member state but is not recognized by one of the UN member states. Identify the state.

A. Russia

B. Georgia

C. Azerbaijan

D. Pakistan

E. Iran

Q 19. The name of this dance and the name of the community that performs this dance is the same. It is a Rajasthani folk dance and the intricate dance movements mimic the movement of snakes. Which dance are we talking about?

A. Lambadi dance

B. Kalbelia dance

C. Chhau dance

D. Phag dance

E. Bihu dance

Q 20. Which of the following countries is the largest source of imports to India as on 31st March 2018?

A. Switzerland

B. Pakistan

C. China

D. Saudi Arabia


Q 21. Which of the following is a winter game which is very similar to Ice Hockey and is often considered as the national sport of Russia?

A. Pato

B. Bandy

C. Tejo

D. Arnis

E. Bubkashi

Q 22. Which of the following liquids demonstrates a convex meniscus when confined within a glass tube?

A. Water in an anomalous expansion state between 0-4° C

B. Water at room temperature

C. Olive oil

D. Petroleum

E. Mercury

Q 23. Arrange these historical events in the order of their occurrence:

1. Introduction of Ryotwari System in India
2. Vernacular Press Act
3. Permanent settlement of Bengal
4. Introduction of Rowlatt Act

A. iii, i, ii, iv
B. i, ii, iv, iii
C. i, iii, ii, iv
D. i, iii, iv, ii
E. iii, ii, i, iv

Q 24. What is Article 356 of Indian Constitution?

A. Provision of special status to the state of Manipur.

B. Provision of special status to the state of J & K.

C. Suspension of Financial autonomy to a state.

D. Provision of special status to the state of Arunachal.

E. Imposition of President’s Rule after the suspension of a state government.

Q 25. Which are the three sessions of the Parliament of India?

A. New Year Session, Summer Session and Winter Session

B. Budget Session, Diwali Session and Winter Session

C. Budget Session, Monsoon Session and Winter Session

D. Summer Session, Monsoon Session and Winter Session

E. Spring Session, Summer Session and Winter Session

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XAT General Knowledge (GK) Answers from Previous Year Paper of 2019

Ans 1.  Portugal

Ans 2. Call Money market

Ans 3. Shillong

Ans 4. France

Ans 5. France and Russia

Ans 6. Climate Change

Ans 7. Mikhail Gorbachev

Ans 8. Paramhansa Yogananda

Ans 9. Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery

Ans 10. India

Ans 11. Raja Ravi Varma

Ans 12. Rajnish Kumar

Ans 13. Hindustan Unilever

Ans 14. Uzbekistan

Ans 15. Jio

Ans 16. Aqua Regia

Ans 17. Disney International

Ans 18. Pakistan

Ans 19. Kalbelia dance

Ans 20. China

Ans 21. Bandy

Ans 22. Mercury

Ans 23. iii, i, ii, iv

Ans 24. Imposition of President’s Rule after the suspension of a state government.

Ans 25. Budget Session, Monsoon Session and Winter Session


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