What non-IIM colleges one must apply for at various percentile categories

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

What non-IIM colleges one must apply for at various percentile categories

What non-IIM Colleges one must apply to at 90/95/99 Percentiles

This is the time of the year when all students get down to assessing their chances for securing seats at the top postgrad management institutes in the country. The mocks are underway and many students have been preparing for a while now. Some may have even attempted the CAT and other related exams in the past, so will have a fair idea, where their preparation is leading them towards. All this coincides with individual forms of various non-IIM colleges being released as well. So, students now need to take a conscious decision to apply for various colleges depending on their mock scores. Of course, all IIMs get covered in any case under the CAT form, so no separate application is needed for them. Let us take a look at what all colleges one could aim at various percentile brackets on the basis of mock scores:

99 Percentile and Above

At this level, most top colleges are within one’s reach. One also needs to account for several other factors described in a previous blog of Handa Ka Funda (HKF), namely prior experience, academic records, diversity factors or co-curricular achievements. At 99 percentile, one may safely opt for the following colleges- S.P. Jain (Mumbai), MDI (Gurugram) and FMS (Delhi). If the candidate is an engineer, then he/she may also go for the IITs, IISc (Bengaluru) and NITIE (Mumbai). In addition, one must also explore those in the immediate next bracket.

90-98 Percentile

This is a fairly broad range. But we are looking at candidates who have fairly robust sectional scores. A slight push towards the end, some good luck and maybe a good day can easily propel this category to the very elite. This is especially true if the other factors such as work experience and academic record are fairly favourable. Colleges this level can explore are – IMT (Ghaziabad), IMI (Delhi), FORE (Delhi), LBSIM (Delhi), KJ Somiayya (Mumbai), UBS (Chandigarh), TAPMI (Manipal), IFMR (Chennai), Nirma University (Ahmedabad) and IBS (Hyderabad). Engineers can also opt for some of the other IITs offering MBAs, below the elite programmes of say IITs- Delhi and Mumbai. The newer IIMs would also fall in this group, but of course, no separate forms need to be filled out for them.

80-90 Percentile

Sticking to our broad theme, at this level too, students can always come up when other extraneous factors are favourable to them. For this level of mock scores, some of the best options are- Welingkar (Mumbai), IISWBM (Kolkata), FMS-BHU (Varanasi), BIM (Tiruchirapalli), BIMTECH (Greater Noida), Jaipuria (Lucknow), ITM (Navi Mumbai), IMT (Nagpur), MDI (Murshidabad), IMI (Kolkata) and Amity (Noida). For those, as of now getting below 80, suggestions are to somehow increase to a minimum of 80. There are options below as well, but as of now attempts must be made to positively crack an minimum 80 percentile.

Of course, the above indications do not apply to sectoral B-Schools such as IRMA, MICA, IIFM, TISS, NIAM, IITTM etc. Those are for people with a specific interest in that field, irrespective of percentile. A minimum percentile would be needed, but there is nothing too high.

Correspondingly colleges can also be allocated from other exams such as SNAP or XAT. IIFT would fall in the second category roughly in the 90-98 percentile category as it doesn’t truly qualify as a sector institute. Under SNAP, we can count both SIBM and SCMHRD in its top category which again comes down to the second category overall. Both these are based in Pune. Others from Symbiosis University such as SIIB, SIMS, SIMC, SITM and SIOM may be put in the third group along with SIBM’s Bengaluru branch. Narsee Monjee (NMIMS) can be put in the similar category as IIFT. But this only applies to its Mumbai branch, whereas the Bengaluru one would be a notch below. XAT gives us XLRI which is in the very elite tier-1 category. It is considered inferior perhaps only to the top 3 IIMs- ABC. XIMB can be put in the 2nd category as can GIM and Loyola. The rest such as XIME can be allotted the next bracket. This finally brings us to MH-CET which is for the Maharashtra state government colleges. Jamnalal Bajaj is like XLRI right on top, and must be allocated the first category. Sydenham is another top institute in Mumbai, which can be categorized in the second group.

The ranks we at HKF have allotted is on the basis of numerous factors. A key resource has been discussions with former students. There is also a lot of literature available detailing college performances. A fallacy many students fall for is merely the placement figures. These are highly unpredictable as a few international placements can skew the entire group. That is why, several institutes have now started displaying their median placements rather than the average mean. In addition to placements, one needs to check out for faculty experience, student-to-faculty ratio, physical infrastructure, intellectual infrastructure at the library, computer facilities, incubation opportunities for entrepreneurs, clubs/committees, international exposure and events/conferences held in the college. Crucially, one has to study the alumni records. During the tough times of life, plus during campus placements, it is the alumni that always steps forward. So, an older college will have a vast vestige of alumni strength, placed at the top in various organizations or government bodies. There will also be international presence. The new IIMs have somewhat ducked past this thanks to excellent funding, recruitment and the brand name. But for the rest, this is a crucial bit to look in to.

So, students need to go ahead and fill in the forms. But not too many just for the sake. A thorough analysis must be done before each. One can even take help of college forums available on various social media platforms for this. There are target admissions groups for individual colleges, as well as forums where one may have discussions with college alumni. Most college forms thankfully will be around for a while now. Thus, one can wait till towards the end.

This article was contributed by Aritro.
Aritro is an accomplished teacher and trainer with more than 8 years of experience in this field. He has worked with colleges, corporates and coaching institutes. He is also an established blogger having written extensively in the fields of education, environment, business, football, cinema, travel and food. In 2018 he was the Mentor to All India Rank 1 in the DUJAT exam.

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