Top 10 Government Schemes Launched in 2018 That You Should Know About

Friday, November 9th, 2018

Top 10 government schemes

MBA entrance exams like XAT, IIFT, SNAP, MAT etc have a section where general knowledge on various topics is tested. GK based questions provide you a better accuracy and hence, becomes a very scoring section. Below is a list of top government schemes launched in 2018 which are very important from the point of view of these exams.

Check out the detailed description of the schemes in bold below the table.

S.No Name of the scheme Description
1. Ayushman Bharat Scheme (National Health Protection Scheme) National Health Protection scheme launched to cover 10 crore poor and vulnerable families. Under this, up to Rs 5 lakh will be provided to each family per year in secondary and tertiary care institutions. This scheme covers 50 crore beneficiaries.
2. Expansion of UDAN Yojana 56 airports and 31 helipads being used less than the capacity will be added in the initiative to connect common man with the UDAN Yojana
3. National Nutrition Mission (POSHAN Abhiyan) It was launched as an extension to the Beti bachao Beti Padhao programme. It was launched at Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 by Prime minister Narendra Modi. The main objectives of this scheme are to attain proper nutritional status among children from 0-6 years, adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers in a timely manner; reduce stunting, under-nutrition, and anaemia among young children, women, and adolescent girls; and lowering low birth weight by at least 2% per annum.
4. GOBAR DHAN Yojana The Galvanising Organic Bio-Agro Resources Dhan (GOBAR-DHAN) scheme was launched by Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and Uma Bharti (Union Minister for Sanitation and Drinking Water) on April 30 this year. The GOBAR-Dhan scheme is an effort by the government to improve the living conditions in the Indian villages and make them open-defecation free. A segment of the Swachh Bharat initiative, this scheme will focus on useful conversion of solid waste and cattle dung into manure and biogas.
5. Solar Charkha Mission
President Ram Nath Kovind launched Solar Charkha Mission on June 27, 2018, in which the government will be providing a subsidy of Rs. 550 crore to the thousands of artisans and generating employment in the rural areas. The Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) will cover the 50 identified clusters across the country including in the Northeast and in each cluster 400 to 2,000 artisans will be employed. Along with this mission , the government also launched a Sampark portal, a digital platform on which five lakh job seekers can connect with the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME).
6. Kifayati Aawas Yojna The Central Government will create a dedicated affordable housing fund in National Housing Bank. In the Budget 2018-19, Jaitley said that “My government will set up a dedicated affordable housing fund in the National Housing Bank, which will be funded from the loans given to priority sector.” The government has planned that by the end of 2022, everyone will have their own house. For this, more than one crore households are being constructed in the rural areas in the current and next financial year under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana.
7. National Bamboo mission Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has also proposed the proposal of National Bamboo Mission. An amount of Rs. 1,290 crore will be allocated under this scheme. This will help in the development of bamboo production as an industry. This will help the people of rural and tribal areas.
8. Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme NITI Aayog announced “Transformation of Aspirational Districts” programme which aims to quickly transform and uplift 101 backward districts in India in terms of basic amenities, infrastructure facilities, health facilities, standards of living, etc. The primary areas of focus in this programme are Health & Nutrition, Agriculture & Water Resources, Education, Financial Inclusion & Skill Development, and Basic Infrastructure which would help the Government to decide which district has performed better under this programme
9. Operation Green The goal of the scheme is to double the farmers’ income by end of the year 2022. With the budget allocation of Rs. 500 Cr, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced about the Operation Green in Union Budget 2018. This scheme will facilitate the farmers of the nation. This will be in line with the operation flood. To reduce the fluctuation in the pricing of Onion, Tomatoes and Potatoes the scheme has been launched.
10. Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also announced the PM Fellowship Scheme during the budget. Under this, one thousand B.Tech students will be given the opportunity to do Ph.D. in IIT and IISc.


  1.  Ayushman Bharat- National Health Protection Mission- The scheme was launched on 25th Sep, 2018.This scheme comprises of two components. Firstly, setting up of 1,50,000 health and wellness centers by the government.On 14th April 2018, the government inaugurated its first health and wellness center in Bijapur as an initiative under this scheme. Secondly, the National Health Protection Mission under this scheme aims to provide an insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh every year to around 10 crore poor families who will undergo cashless treatment at all the government and private impanelled hospitals across the country for the secondary and most tertiary care procedures.
  2. UDAN Yojana- Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik Yojana. aimed at making air travel affordable and widespread, to boost inclusive national economic development, job growth and air transport infrastructure development of all regions and states of India.
  3. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save girl child, educate a girl child) is a personal campaign of the Government of India that aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls. The scheme was launched with an initial funding of ₹100 crore (US$14 million). It mainly targets the clusters in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Bihar and Delhi.
  4. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana ‘ (PMAY) is an initiative by Government of India in which affordable housing will be provided to the urban poor with a target of building 20 million affordable houses by 31 March 2022. It has two components: Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY-U) for the urban poor and Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (Gramin) (PMAY-G and also PMAY-R) for the rural poor.This scheme is converged with other schemes to ensure houses have a toilet, Saubhagya Yojana electricity connection, Ujjwala Yojana LPG gas connection, access to drinking water and Jan Dhan banking facilities, etc.
  5. Operation floodOperation Flood, launched in 1970, was a project of India’s National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which was the world’s biggest dairy development program. It transformed India from a milk-deficient nation into the world’s largest milk producer, surpassing the USA in 1998, with about 17 percent of global output in 2010–11. In 30 years it doubled milk available per person and made dairy farming India’s largest self-sustainable rural employment generator. It was launched to help farmers direct their own development, placing control of the resources they create in their own hands. All this was achieved not merely by mass production, but by production by the masses; the process has been called the white revolution.

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