Teachers Day – Use coupon code GURU to get 10% discount on all courses

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Teachers Day Offer Coupon Code GURU

While we do run offers from time to time, Teachers Day has a special place in my heart. In mid of 2012, I was still wondering about whether or not I should quit my job to focus fully on Handa Ka Funda. I had experimented with online content, videos, online courses – paid or free, and multiple other stuff but I wasn’t really sure if selling a course online in India with no marketing and virtually no team was a viable business model. I was not looking at Handa Ka Funda as a startup or a big company but like a really small project which could generate enough money for a sustainable living. If I could provide jobs to couple of people along the way – great. The first time I became slightly confident of the model was Teachers Day 2012. That was the first time I ran a discount offer and publicized it via my social media. As usual, I asked my friends and family to share it on their Facebook profiles. I still do that shamelessly and my guess is that this shamelessness on my end and kindness on the end of my Facebook friends has played a big role in the success. I do not remember the specific numbers but I do remember that I sold enough courses on that day to cross 10000 Rs. This was a significant amount. This gave me the confidence that, if done properly, there is a market for it. That was the day I decided to quit my day job and give Handa Ka Funda a serious shot. And I am glad I did. The amount of love that I have received in 3 years online has been much much more than what I got during my years at IMS / TIME. It is simply because I am able to connect with a much larger audience. The key driving force has always been to make it easier for the student who wants to study. Now this could be a guy who is toiling in CTS / TCS / Infy and does not have time to go to a coaching institute or an ambitious girl from Panchkula / Guntur / Haldwani who does not have a credible option to prepare for CAT in her city. While our technology might not be top-notch or there might be glitches in content, we have always tried our best to help the students who are looking for it.

Baah! I guess I am getting too emotional unnecessarily. Let me come to the point.

Use coupon code GURU to get 10% off on all courses!

LAST FEW HOURS – Valid till 5th Sep Midnight

This coupon code is valid on all courses on the Handa Ka Funda website. This is also valid on all test series and combo offers. Do let us know if there are some special combos / options that you need and we will try and make that happen. You can directly jump to the required pages from the buttons given below. You can use coupon code GURU on those courses.
CAT 2021 IBPS PO GK Decision Making

In case you face a problem or have any questions about the same, feel free to call us on 09765142632 or email me on [email protected]

Best of Luck for your preparation,

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