SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis and Expected Cutoff

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis and Expected Cutoff
SNAP 2018 was conducted on Sunday, 16th Dec 2018 from 2pm to 4pm across multiple cities in India. Offering admission to 2 of the top 20 B-Schools in India, along with a number of specialized management institutes, the exam helped students heave a sigh of relief after going through an unexpectedly tough CAT and a slightly less, but tough nonetheless IIFT. With a slight change in the pattern this year, an increase in cut-offs for the various colleges was expected, which was proved after the decreased level of difficulty of the exam as compared to the previous 2 years. The paper was definitely easier than SNAP 2017, which had a score of 62 marks at 99 percentile, and a score of 70 fetched 99.8 percentile. That is definitely not going to be the case with SNAP 2018, given the reduced difficulty level of the paper.

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis – Expected Cutoffs

Since the paper was a bit on the easier side, the cutoffs will be higher. Also, because of the introduction of the special questions – some people would have an advantage and score a bit higher.

Expected SNAP cutoff for SIBM Pune – 70-72

Expected SNAP cutoff for SCMHRD – 68-70

Highlights of SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis

Quantitative Aptitude was on the easier side with a heavy focus on Arithmetic. Surprisingly, there were no Data Interpretation questions this year.

General English was also on the easier side. The passages that were asked were longer than usual.

Logical and Analytical Reasoning had the traditional LR questions. Questions on Critical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning were missing.

Also, some students had been scared because of the misleading “official mock” that was released by SNAP authorities on 11th December. Unlike the “official mock”, the paper had no questions on Decision Making.

Current Affairs, as expected, was based completely on Current Affairs. There were couple of esoteric questions as is expected from SNAP. But it was still on the easier side. There were three questions from the ‘Last Minute Tips for SNAP‘ blogpost that we had posted yesterday. (Nobel Peace Prize, Number of Nobel Economic Prize Winners and Chief Economic Advisor)

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis – General English

The English section was pretty much on the easier side, apart from a few uncommon vocabulary questions. A couple questions from foreign languages made an appearance too. The meaning of words like ‘Mea Culpa’ was asked, which a majority of the students must have been unfamiliar with. There were some sitters spotted too, whence we only had to identify the correct spellings or forms of verbs, such as the past participle of wear (wore), or the correct spelling of simple words such as Jewellery and Arbitration. The special questions in this section, which everyone was sceptical about, were nothing but coded questions which needed us to identify the correct spellings, or sequence of random words to make a sentence. The section had 2 passages, one on breach of location privacy by Google, and the other on economic agendas, which had 5 questions each. Though the passages were long, time consuming, and proved to be a lengthy read, the questions were pretty direct and could be answered in minimal time.
27-30 would be a good number of attempts in this section.

Question type No of questions
Synonym/Antonym 3
FIB (Vocab) 5
RC (2 passages) 5X2=10
Sentence Jumble (Special question) 1
Idioms and proverb (1 special question) 2
Verbal Analogy 1
Grammar (Identify the participle) (Special question) 1
Word usage 2
Sentence improvement 2
Direct/Indirect speech 2
Odd one out 2
Spot the error 2
Vocab based (Special questions) 2
Overall 35

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis – Quantitative Aptitude

The quantitative aptitude section was on the easier side, and could be easily attempted. Although, the section did sport a major surprise, since there were no Data Interpretation questions this year. This could have been a good thing or bad, depending upon one’s level of comfort with DI questions. The section was more inclined towards arithmetic, with questions from mixtures, t&d, ratio proportion and geometry prominent. A few questions from modern mathematics were spotted too, but none too difficult.
The section was easy but a little time consuming. 22+ attempts with 80% accuracy or more should be considered good.

Topic No of questions
Percentages 5
TSD, Time & Work 3
  Averages 1
  Mensuration 5
  Simplification 6
  Geometry 3
  Logarithm 1
 P&C 4
Probability 1
Set Theory 1
Linear equations 3
Trigonometry 1
Total 35

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis – Logical Reasoning

The logical reasoning section was moderate to tough. There was no sign of any question on critical reasoning or verbal reasoning. Visual reasoning made a surprise appearance, with 2-4 questions – 2 questions from unfolding of solid figures, some question on number of triangles in given figure. A few questions on blood relations were spotted too. Also, a couple questions on binary logic were spotted. Unlike the official mock, the section had no questions on decision making. Although, a few questions from general logic were tested, such as speeds of pendulums. There was one very lengthy arrangement set, which could be a game changer, as it carried 8 questions.
Overall, the section was of moderate difficulty, and an attempt of 17+ questions would be considered decent.

Topic No of questions
Sitting arrangement 7
Cone-circle-triangle 2
Puzzles-singlets 3
Blood Relation 1
Analogy 1
Directions 1
Coding-decoding 4
Calendar 1
Series 3
Venn-diagram 1
Paper folding 2
Linear equation 1
Data sufficiency 3
Missing number 2
TSD-train based 1
Physics based 2
Total 40

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis – Current Affairs

The general awareness section had some doable questions, with a few questions from very recent events, such as the Vidhan Sabha elections. The special questions were a bit on the tougher side, as they required an input of exact numerical figures such as votes received in the elections by a certain party, rank of India in a certain Indices, etc. There were a few expected questions too, about the Nobel Prize winners, winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Award and the Statue of Unity, which should have been easy to answer.
An attempt of 10+ questions should be considered good.

Topic Number of questions
Personalities 2
Business Awareness 9
Sports 1
Current affairs- Eco and polity 8
Current affairs-Awards 3
Current affairs-Miscellaneous GK 2

Overall, SNAP 2018 was in every way easier than SNAP 2017, and the cut-offs are bound to increase.
Once can expect a cut-off of 72-73 marks for SIBM Pune and SCMHRD. An overall attempt of 85+ questions with 85% accuracy should land you a decent percentile.

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