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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

“Friend would always tell you the truth, because he basks in your glory and embraces your loss”

Our life is a string of desires ranging from exotic vacations to high profile jobs, from top schools to best degrees. These aspirations mark our goals and we go out into the world hoping for the best. MBA as a degree has been assisting us in realizing many of these wants. It is seen as the provider of suits and collared shirts or a growth in family business or a fancy degree for resume or just an easy way to good salary. There are plenty more reasons, most of us relate to some of these points and many of us don’t. We all have our own reasons to do MBA. And so, many of us, 3 lakh of us appear in MBA entrance exams annually.

Now, many institutes in India, 3000, offer a total of 15 different courses in management. Among these, the top institutes are the ones having the best opportunities to realize one’s dreams and that is why they are hugely popular. Then there are good colleges which provide quality education, opening the gates to a whole new world. And finally there are average colleges where a degree is seen as the last resort to salary. There are still more colleges but it is would be best to leave them to imagination. There are clear admission process defined on the basis of academic marks and profile involving interview rounds and such.

Clearly, each student has different aim in his life and only few colleges are perfect to achieve that aim. Getting into a good college makes half the path to this dream. This is where the problem lies too. You can prepare the best and get good marks but choosing a bad college will wipe all your efforts and land you in a state of complete disarray. We thus do our best to come over this tension of college selection by asking relatives, reading online reviews, talking to seniors, reading newspapers, searching for rankings or asking an intelligent friend. It gets a little murkier because advertisements and marketing corrupt the information present in the open. Some students are lucky to have friends with connections in the right colleges and smart brains who assist them in every step of the way. But these are only few.

A friend who would understand your needs before you say them, a friend who knows your preferences, a friend who will always tell you the truth, a friend who is knowledgeable. These are few of the qualities you should look for while asking for advice. This friend is reliable because he will say no as soon as you are at a small loss. A similar friend is now online and is smarter than ever:

Admito has a huge knowledge database and deep rooted connections with colleges to provide the best information, intuitive algorithm to understand tastes and preferences, trust and reliance with no ads and marketing. It is too good to be true and most awesome things are too good to be true. Here is how it works:
– You go to the site and initiate your friendship with admito. He is super friendly and a little funny, so you would enjoy the interaction.
– You do a little dialogue with admito telling him about yourself and in the process bolster your relation with him. It involves a series of questions about your profile like academic score, work experience and personal choices. It works real time to understand your profile with super smart analytics.
– Admito compares your score with all the present colleges and gives you a final selection of 10 colleges best suited for you. These colleges represent your dream, your perfect match and your back up. Dream colleges are best for you, getting into them would be the most awesome thing for you. Perfect colleges are best colleges according to your profile and you will only profit from those. Back-up colleges are those few which would be suited to your tastes but it’s a way your friend, Admito saying that “you could do better”. It is a little harsh but it is the truth.
– You can then select as many colleges as you like and compare them on 25 different parameters. Some of these are package, placements percentage, faculty size, fees and batch size. These are extremely helpful in giving a clearer picture about your college selection decision.
– More information on every college is also available quite brilliantly in the colleges pages. It is presented in such a subtle manner that it will take you only ten seconds to analyze the whole college. Yes, Admito is that effective.

The list is compiled taking into consideration every thought process that goes on in your head like you would talk to your friend. About fee investment and its return, about college’s distance from home, about the comfort of living, about the future prospects in terms of placement certainty and package. It is not based on common thinking which is mostly misleading. For example, an average package is an incomplete information. It means that some have been placed at a package much lower than this and some at much higher. So, everyone in the college doesn’t get to have that package. It is sad, but this is the truth. Admito understands this in his algorithm and thus gives you the list accordingly. It also knows that the highest packaged is secured by one person only and thus is also not a complete information. Some of the students like to study in a calm environment and some would like to socialize and are outgoing. Some of the students would want to live in metropolitan cities and some would just want to live near their home. But this doesn’t mean that these students would leave a very good institute with good placements and infrastructure. So, there are a lot of decision variables which only your friend would understand because he knows your complete story and background. Admito achieves this aim and executes it beautifully.

Daunting as it may be, MBA is a very big responsibility. It is a professional course which is mostly the last degree of one’s educational life. It would be a disaster to take such a decision with half knowledge even though when there is Admito, who would help you out selflessly. It is a stark possibility that your peers of your future MBA college would study happily with utmost satisfaction just because they have talked to admito. And you would still be in a dilemma over your decision to choose that college.

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Management is a great career to choose. It involves taking the right decisions with the right people. Start early with your friend, start early with Admito. Think Admito!

Manu Jain, co-founder of is a MBA grad from IMT Ghaziabad. He had worked with Mu Sigma and also founded Admito is his second in series startup to streamline education industry. With the motto, ” We faced the problems, we don’t want our juniors to face it”, Manu and his team believes that they can bring small yet valuables changes in Indian Education System. Manu loves going to social gathering and direct short films.

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