Sample Topics for Group Discussion (GD) and Written Ability Test (WAT) Preparation

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Snap Exam - prepare for General Knowledge Section

It is wise if you start preparing for Group Discussion and Written Ability Test for the IIMs. While there is no limit to the number of topics that you can and should go through for GD / WAT preparation, here is something that can help you get started:

Topics for WAT and GD

1. The historical causes for rise of ISIS. What is the Levant?
2. Impact of falling commodity prices on world economy.
3. Chinese economic crash should be a warning for India. Our demographic dividend could turn into a demographic bomb
4. The rise of contract farming and corporate farming.
5. Role of BRICS New Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in a new global world order
6. Climate Change. Beyond Kyoto Protocol
7. The financial and technical feasibility of renewable energy
8. How is 3D printing going to revolutionize industry?
9. Big Data and Cloud Computing
10. The Eurozone crisis. Latest developments
11. Nanotech and Biotech: The future of science today
12. India will face a huge energy crisis by 2030. What can be done to address this?
13. Indo Pak peace talks. Is it wise to engage with such a nation?
14. SMART Cities- SMART merely in name or in reality?
15. Elaborate on the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
16. Skill India and Make in India are necessities not an option
17. India needs not just to Look east but to Act East if we have to develop the northeast
18. Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies Act 2013
19. Need for Gender parity at the workplace.
20. Indian disaster management has been called a disaster. Elaborate
21. What is One Rank One Pension. Is it financially viable?
22. What are Sustainable Development goals. How do they replace MDG’s?
23. Is interlinking of rivers technologically and ecologically feasible.
24. Is Poverty a cognitive tax? Elaborate
25. Is Free Basics really free? Or is it monopolistic? What is Net neutrality?
26. What is Doha Development Round? How is it perceived as being against the interest of Developing countries
27. Discuss Quantitative Easing as practised by the US Fed Reserve and the European Central Bank
28. Water is the biggest necessity which is scarce today. Comment. Also comment on state of urban waste management in India.
29. Social Sector spending by the current government is not enough to tap the demographic dividend.
30. The Paris attacks and Pathankot attacks show the vulnerability of nations to urban terror, and non state actors
31. What is the DDCA “scam”. As a Delhiite, do you believe Delhi as a city of small traders and businessmen is served well by the AAP government?
32. What is the Odd Even Number plate scheme. Why is it being discontinued?
33. What are Payment Banks? What are small finance banks? How will they help financial inclusion?

Best of Luck!

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