CAT Results and Testimonials

Complete and honest results of Handa Ka Funda students from CAT 2015 and CAT 2016 batch

We often get asked about our “Results”. We are asked how many people got 99+ %iles from our course and other similar questions. We believe that it is the hard work and the talent of the 99 %ilers that makes them shine. Our course helps them along the way.

We strongly believe that it is unfair to claim complete credit for a student getting 100%ile. We make courses for CAT preparation. We hope to give the students the right tool that they need for success.

We have been running the online CAT course since we started in 2013 and over the years there have been plenty of success stories and there have been a few disappointments as well. We do not gather the results of our students because frankly speaking – it is not possible for us to do the same in an online environment. We rely on students voluntarily sending their scorecards once the results are declared. In CAT 2015, 90 of our students sent us their scorecards.

For CAT 2016, approximately 250 of our students sent us their scorecards and we have put that out in the public domain.

Testimonials from Online CAT Preparation Course Students

The explanations are lucid, the pace is easy to handle and all at the comfort of your computer. The doubt clearing sessions are a great additional feature and all at a really nominal price.

(IIM-A call, CAT 2014) – Rajeev Kumar

our online course was of great help during my preparation for the CAT and other entrance exams. I am sure many students feel the same way, especially those like me who couldn’t attend regular coaching classes (due to a variety of reasons). Once again, Thank you Sir!

(99.72 %ile, CAT 2014) – Utsav Bhattacharjee

I started CAT preparation 1.5 months before the exam and only joined your course. I got 86 %ile in CAT and the whole credit goes to you. You are a great teacher and many of your tricks actually do come in handy while giving exam 🙂 Last year I had scored only 43 %ile.

(CAT 2013 student) – Kirti Pagariya

More Testimonials from our students

I would recommend HKF course to anyone who is preparing for IIFT, SNAP, XAT or TISS. It is a complete consolidation of everything one needs to prepare for the GK section of these exams.

Handa ka Funda online classroom program was immensely helpful since being in a job I had no option of joining a full time coaching. Since the tutorials were available 24*7, I could use them according to my convenience. The basics of all the topics were covered and demonstrated by solving the previous year cat questions. The multiple ways of solving a question were enunciated perfectly by Ravi Handa Sir.The weekend online classes and wiziq discussion forums were really helpful for clearing doubts. I am so much thankful for all your sessions.

It was fun watching those awesome, short-n-simple yet perfect videos delivered by Ravi Handa sir. I love the way the course is designed. Concepts are introduced beautifully, explained nicely and then questions are solved. Even if you don’t know anything about a topic, be sure that you’ll feel comfortable after watching the videos (especially QA DI LR). The doubt sessions provided a variety of questions and taught me a lot of better approaches. And the GK course was also nice. Thanks a lot!

I enrolled for the GK course here since GK could be major impediment in clearing the sectional cutoffs and hence securing a call from IIFT and XAT. And i am glad i did . The crisp , to the point factopedias ensured that i remembered most of the highlights even after a single watch . Thnx to it, I sailed smoothly through the GK section and secured the coveted call.

Handa ka funda gave me clear insight about the college I should apply for CAT 2015. His videos online and the test course was of great help for my preparation. Tricks for solving maths question and clear understanding or the various topics make him the Mentor for CAT.

“Handa ka Funda” has really helped me in my CAT journey, I read a couple of articles on quant which really were a confidence booster 🙂 Thank you for making the concepts so much easier to grasp. I am sure many students can benifit from these articles and your posts on quora. Keep up the good work!

I joined your course in the month of September and started my serious preparation for CAT 2015.It was my first attempt as i m in final year of my, i got 87.04 percentile and credit goes to u only.thanks a lot Sir.

First of all a huge thanks for providing such a huge stepping stone for not only me but for the other Cat aspirants also. Your study materials and your regular classes are almost the package that a student needs to crack CAT.

Course was really exhaustive; covers all the concepts. One can go through the videos very quickly and also course provides flexibility to student to go through the content any number of times. Video sessions once in week is very helpful to clear all your doubts. Recommend everyone to join the course.

Ravi sir’s videos ensured that QA fundamentals were always in place. All one had to do was work on application of the concepts and one’s good to go for exams like CAT And his personalised doubt clearing sessions were helpful. I , personally, didn’t have to refer to any other source for fundamentals.

Ravi sir’s DM course for XAT helped me score 99.2%ile in DM in XAT 2016. In my earlier attempt at XAT, I was clueless about DM, and would attempt the questions purely on instinct. However, after taking the course, my whole perspective on tackling questions have changed. Sir explains the thought process behind every question pretty accurately, which equips us pretty well for the real exam.The course contains the concepts, solved videos of past year questions, as well as practice questions. It converted DM from my tentative section, to a section I consistently did well in the mocks. Thank you Ravi sir.

I would first like to thank you for the GK module. It helped me in IIFT and very recently in TISSNET. I have an IIFT call.

I have not yet got a chance to thank you. I really like your classes. I started late and less frequent in terms of viewing, but still what ever lectures i attended has helped me with CAT 15.

The online class and online material helped me a lot in my preparation. I started CAT preparation in August 2015 and Joined your course in September. I got 90 percentile in CAT and whole credit goes to you. The concepts are very clear in online video. Online class is also helpful in clearing doubt. All these advantages are offered at nominal price.

I just checked my SNAP score. Got 99.8. I would like thank you for your GK course. Gk couse is very appropriately made for mba entrance exams. Factopedias help in understanding major happenings in the year in an easy and fun way.

The online course helped me a lot and I was able to clear many concepts of Quants. Also live classes were helpful to clear the doubts and I was able to crack the CAT in my first attempt.

I am really thankful to you for all the help i received in preparations for CAT 2015 and other OMETs. I had only relied only on your online course this year and self-preparation and my score in CAT 2015 is OA. is an awesome website for MBA preparation. The GK videos are a big help.

A small Thanksgiving to our Ravi Handa sir. I am a first timer appearing in CAT. Never thought to seat for CAT even in distant dreams. had to appear due to some personal reasons.Left maths Five years back.. Though could not score a very good one.. but believe me handa ka funda has really helped to get back my confidence.. never seen such a cool approach to problem solving… The bottom line is when Handa sir can push some one like me to 94 others can go way ahead.

Scaled Scores and Percentiles of CAT Students – 2016 Batch

Important highlights from the results of our CAT 2016 students shown below

Approximately 250 students sent us their results to share in public domain. Out of those 250:

  1. Approximately 60 students got more than 97.5 Percentile
  2. Approximately 100 students got more than 95 Percentile
  3. Approximately 175 students got more than 90 Percentile

Other information that can be figured out from the data given below:

  1. To score an overall 98%ile, you needed a score of around 142 marks out of 300.
  2. For an overall 90%ile and 95%ile, you needed a score of around 104 and 123 marks respectively.
  3. Verbal was the easiest section. You needed to score approximately 54 marks (18 questions correct) to get a 90%ile.
  4. DI/LR was the toughest section. You needed to score approximately 28 marks (9 questions correct) to get a 90%ile.
  5. In Quant, a score of 33 (11 questions correct) would have gotten you a 90%ile.
CourseVA ScoreVA PercentileDI LR ScoreDI LR PercentileQuant ScoreQuant PercentileOverall ScoreOverall Percentile
CAT Course Student56.9292.164.399.9368.8299.9190.0499.9
CAT Course Student81.8699.7447.2998.9657.9299.44187.0799.87
MBA Course Student56.9292.163.0199.9162.2699.71182.1999.82
CAT Course Student81.6599.743.7198.4353.8498.98179.299.78
CAT Course Student78.5199.4639.697.2759.8899.57177.9999.76
MBA Course Student53.5589.7134.7195.3435.192.34123.3699.72
MBA Course Student71.5398.3352.7299.5350.0998.44174.3499.7
CAT Course Student74.0398.8856.2699.742.2596.1172.5499.66
CAT Course Student81.6599.739.8597.4849.1598.24170.6599.61
CAT Course Student86.3499.9138.3196.7944.2196.85168.8699.56
CAT Course Student65.9196.6261.7399.8938.8594.61166.4999.47
MBA Course Student60.2994.1141.1497.8262.2699.71163.6999.36
MBA Course Student58.3793.1453.799.5751.0798.61163.1499.34
CAT Course Student72.6698.651.4399.4437.9194.116299.31
CAT Course Student78.2899.3947.5799.0634.1791.64160.0299.23
MBA Course Student82.9899.833.1994.2243.2396.48159.499.2
CAT Course Student63.6695.7548.8699.243.5396.68156.0599.03
MBA Course Student62.8495.553.799.5739.3194.85155.8599.02
CAT Course Student63.6695.7542.4398.1549.1598.24155.2498.98
MBA Course Student62.5495.242.4398.1550.0998.44155.0698.97
CAT Course Student68.4497.5829.3491.2756.9499.36154.7298.95
CAT Course Student71.5398.334598.6637.9194.1154.4498.94
CAT Course Student62.5495.241.1497.8250.0998.44153.7798.9
MBA Course Student63.6695.7533.4294.6156.6499.32153.7298.9
CAT Course Student51.6588.3833.1994.2268.799.9153.5498.88
MBA Course Student38.9374.547.5799.0666.0199.84152.5198.81
CAT Course Student62.8495.535.7595.6953.0398.92151.6298.75
MBA Course Student50.5487.4440.8897.6559.8899.57151.398.72
CAT Course Student69.5697.9128.0690.0152.0598.78149.6798.6
MBA Course Student79.499.5132.1393.7537.9194.1149.4498.58
MBA Course Student62.5495.237.2896.5549.1598.24148.9798.55
CAT Course Student58.0492.7738.5797.0551.9698.7148.5798.52
MBA Course Student49.0585.8760.4499.8637.9194.1147.498.43
MBA Course Student67.3297.2247.2998.9632.4690.54147.0798.4
MBA Course Student68.4497.5833.1994.2245.1997.16146.8298.39
MBA Course Student76.2799.1935.7595.6934.4292146.4498.35
MBA Course Student36.6871.3659.1599.8350.0998.44145.9298.32
CAT Course Student26.5655.1151.4399.4467.8899.88145.8798.31
CAT Course Student72.6698.629.5691.8242.696.29144.8298.22
MBA Course Student59.1793.4541.1497.8244.4797.01144.7898.21
CAT Course Student74.0398.8822.9383.6346.1797.41143.1398.05
MBA Course Student67.3297.2229.3491.2746.1797.41142.8398.03
MBA Course Student62.8495.535.7595.6944.2196.85142.898.02
MBA Course Student60.694.3938.3196.7942.2596.1141.1697.85
MBA Course Student78.2899.3929.5691.8233.2390.92141.0797.84
MBA Course Student66.296.8529.3491.2745.1997.16140.7397.8
MBA Course Student55.7991.3941.1497.8243.5396.68140.4697.77
MBA Course Student58.3793.1448.5799.1333.4491.32140.3897.77
MBA Course Student55.7991.3942.4398.1541.6695.91139.8897.72
MBA Course Student77.3999.3328.0690.0134.4292139.8797.71
CAT Course Student71.5398.3330.8592.8736.9893.55139.3697.67
MBA Course Student79.499.5138.5797.0521.0675.82139.0397.64
CAT Course Student79.499.5128.2790.6831.3689.26139.0397.64
CAT Course Student62.5495.233.4294.6142.696.29138.5697.58
CAT Course Student71.5398.3324.4186.3142.696.29138.5497.58
CAT Course Student71.5398.3324.4186.3142.696.29138.5497.58
MBA Course Student42.779.4249.8599.2545.1997.16137.7497.48
CAT Course Student46.883.7150.1599.3240.7295.52137.6797.47
CAT Course Student63.9695.9740.8897.6532.4690.54137.397.42
CAT Course Student61.4194.6635.9996.0139.7995.09137.1997.41
MBA Course Student62.5495.228.2790.6846.3497.56137.1597.4
CAT Course Student77.1599.2619.2778.1240.7295.52137.1497.4
CAT Course Student55.7991.3942.4398.1538.8594.61137.0797.39
CAT Course Student49.0585.8732.1393.7554.7799.12135.9597.25
CAT Course Student73.7898.7929.5691.8232.2990.12135.6397.2
CAT Course Student70.6798.2129.3491.2735.3992.67135.497.17
CAT Course Student48.385.3737.0396.2850.0998.44135.4297.17
CAT Course Student55.0190.9933.1994.2247.1597.67135.3597.16
MBA Course Student65.0896.4226.7888.5643.2396.48135.0997.12
CAT Course Student73.7898.7915.4169.745.4197.29134.697.05
MBA Course Student57.2592.4540.8897.6536.3793.29134.597.02
MBA Course Student50.5487.4443.4498.2940.2995.28134.2796.99
CAT Course Student59.1793.4535.9996.0138.8594.61134.0196.96
CAT Course Student73.7898.7915.4169.744.4797.01133.6696.91
MBA Course Student69.2897.7629.5691.8234.1791.64133.0196.82
CAT Course Student51.387.9443.7198.4337.9194.1132.9296.8
CAT Course Student60.694.3943.4498.2928.5486.47132.5896.74
MBA Course Student71.7998.4633.1994.2227.5685.34132.5496.73
CAT Course Student52.7789.3229.3491.2750.0998.44132.296.69
CAT Course Student52.4288.8646.2998.8733.2390.92131.9496.65
CAT Course Student63.6695.7528.2790.6839.7995.09131.7296.62
CAT Course Student56.9292.135.9996.0138.8594.61131.7696.62
MBA Course Student47.1884.2740.8897.6543.2396.48131.2996.55
CAT Course Student61.7294.9433.1994.2235.3992.67130.396.38
MBA Course Student66.296.8525.4987.0938.3394.34130.0296.33
CAT Course Student80.7499.6421.6581.4727.5685.34129.9596.32
MBA Course Student68.1697.4128.2790.6833.2390.92129.6696.28
MBA Course Student70.4198.0415.4169.743.5396.68129.3596.22
MBA Course Student69.2897.7615.4169.744.4797.01129.1696.19
CAT Course Student62.8495.539.697.2726.5884.11129.0296.17
MBA Course Student81.6599.720.5580.3826.6884.69128.8896.15
MBA Course Student85.0299.8714.1266.7129.4887.42128.6296.1
CAT Course Student65.9196.6234.7195.3427.6185.9128.2396.02
MBA Course Student52.4288.8638.5797.0536.9893.55127.9795.97
CAT Course Student77.3999.3330.6292.3219.7273.21127.7395.92
MBA Course Student40.4776.6540.8897.6546.1797.41127.5295.89
CAT Course Student81.6599.721.8482.4923.8780.73127.3695.86
CAT Course Student53.8990.1730.6292.3242.2596.1126.7695.76
CAT Course Student72.6698.625.787.8226.6884.69125.0495.41
MBA Course Student35.9970.661.3999.8727.5685.34124.9495.4
MBA Course Student71.7998.4629.3491.2723.6480.02124.7795.37
CAT Course Student60.2994.1128.2790.6836.0492.97124.695.34
MBA Course Student40.4776.6531.993.3152.0598.78124.4295.3
MBA Course Student56.9292.125.787.8241.6695.91124.2895.28
CAT Course Student65.9196.6216.6972.5541.6695.91124.2695.27
CAT Course Student58.0492.7728.2790.6837.9194.1124.2295.26
MBA Course Student54.6790.5625.787.8242.696.29122.9794.99
CAT Course Student74.9198.9615.4169.732.2990.12122.6194.92
MBA Course Student74.0398.8826.7888.5621.6876.83122.4994.9
CAT Course Student56.9292.121.8482.4943.5396.68122.2994.87
CAT Course Student22.0746.560.4499.8639.7995.09122.394.87
MBA Course Student63.9695.9722.9383.6335.3992.67122.2894.86
CAT Course Student49.4299.7242.1697.9730.588.86122.0894.82
MBA Course Student55.7991.3925.787.8239.7995.09121.2894.66
MBA Course Student28.8159.14598.6647.2897.81121.0994.61
CAT Course Student30.461.9939.697.2751.0798.61121.0794.61
MBA Course Student60.2994.1121.8482.4938.8594.61120.9894.59
CAT Course Student59.4993.7822.9383.6338.3394.34120.7594.54
CAT Course Student59.1793.4528.2790.6832.2990.12119.7394.33
CAT Course Student52.4288.8638.5797.0528.5586.93119.5494.3
CAT Course Student74.9198.963.8334.9340.7295.52119.4694.27
CAT Course Student56.1391.7534.4794.9728.5486.47119.1494.2
CAT Course Student27.6957.0748.8699.242.696.29119.1594.2
CAT Course Student61.4194.6637.2896.5520.1274.02118.8194.13
MBA Course Student61.7294.9420.3779.2836.3793.29118.4694.05
MBA Course Student54.6790.5621.8482.4941.6695.91118.1793.98
MBA Course Student70.4198.0425.787.8221.9977.58118.193.96
CAT Course Student85.0299.8719.2778.1213.5657.53117.8593.91
MBA Course Student35.5669.8130.8592.8751.0398.52117.4493.81
MBA Course Student67.3297.2226.7888.5622.6678.52116.7693.64
CAT Course Student58.3793.1439.697.2718.7471.2116.7193.62
MBA Course Student42.779.4239.697.2734.4292116.7293.62
CAT Course Student46.883.7134.7195.3435.192.34116.6193.59
CAT Course Student69.5697.9126.7888.5619.7273.21116.0693.45
MBA Course Student60.2994.1120.5580.3835.192.34115.9493.42
CAT Course Student69.2897.7621.8482.4924.882.14115.9293.41
MBA Course Student53.5589.7137.2896.5524.882.14115.6393.34
MBA Course Student61.7294.9428.0690.0125.682.89115.3893.27
CAT Course Student44.9481.9239.697.2730.588.86115.0493.18
CAT Course Student26.5655.1133.4294.6154.7799.12114.7593.09
MBA Course Student56.1391.7533.1994.2224.6281.51113.9492.87
MBA Course Student50.1786.8929.5691.8234.1791.64113.992.86
MBA Course Student50.1786.8929.5691.8234.1791.64113.992.86
MBA Course Student27.0456.1140.8897.6545.1997.16113.1192.64
CAT Course Student63.6695.7528.2790.6821.0675.82112.9992.61
CAT Course Student44.9481.9233.1994.2234.4292112.5592.49
CAT Course Student58.3793.1420.3779.2833.4491.32112.1892.39
CAT Course Student49.0585.8724.4186.3137.9194.1111.3792.18
MBA Course Student59.4993.7828.0690.0123.6480.02111.1992.13
CAT Course Student56.1391.7529.3491.2725.682.89111.0792.1
CAT Course Student58.3793.1428.0690.0124.6281.51111.0592.09
CAT Course Student78.5199.46-0.1420.3632.4690.54110.8392.02
CAT Course Student46.0683.1131.993.3132.4690.54110.4291.89
CAT Course Student52.7789.3228.0690.0129.5287.96110.3591.87
CAT Course Student68.1697.4125.787.8216.3765.45110.2391.83
MBA Course Student40.0575.9428.2790.6841.6695.91109.9891.76
MBA Course Student68.4497.5817.874.2623.6480.02109.8891.73
CAT Course Student48.385.3726.7888.5634.4292109.591.62
CAT Course Student68.4497.5811.3957.5529.5287.96109.3591.57
CAT Course Student70.4198.0414.1266.7124.882.14109.3391.56
MBA Course Student55.7991.3930.8592.8721.9977.58108.6391.35
MBA Course Student52.4288.8624.4186.3131.3689.26108.1991.2
MBA Course Student48.385.3726.7888.5632.4690.54107.5490.98
CAT Course Student51.387.9415.4169.740.7295.52107.4390.94
MBA Course Student58.3793.1428.0690.0120.775.02107.1390.85
CAT Course Student79.6299.5619.0876.897.9740.77106.6790.73
CAT Course Student52.7789.3231.993.3121.6876.83106.3590.64
CAT Course Student53.5589.7119.2778.1233.2390.92106.0590.54
CAT Course Student42.779.4243.4498.2919.7273.21105.8690.48
MBA Course Student61.4194.6610.2655.7233.2390.92104.990.15
MBA Course Student49.0585.8723.1384.6132.2990.12104.4790.01
CAT Course Student42.779.4249.8599.2511.8953.35104.4490
MBA Course Student52.4288.8623.1384.6128.5586.93104.189.89
MBA Course Student40.0575.9428.2790.6835.192.34103.4289.64
CAT Course Student78.2899.3910.2655.7214.560.29103.0489.49
CAT Course Student50.5487.4429.3491.2722.6678.52102.5489.31
CAT Course Student37.8172.9825.787.8238.8594.61102.3689.25
CAT Course Student36.6871.3629.5691.8236.0492.97102.2889.21
CAT Course Student62.5495.212.8363.4626.6884.69102.0589.13
MBA Course Student55.0190.9916.5271.1730.588.86102.0389.12
CAT Course Student43.8280.733.1994.2224.6281.51101.6388.98
MBA Course Student51.6588.3831.993.3117.7668.97101.3188.85
MBA Course Student49.4286.424.2185.527.5685.34101.1988.79
CAT Course Student58.0492.7724.4186.3118.2569.95100.788.6
CAT Course Student61.7294.9411.3957.5527.5685.34100.6788.59
MBA Course Student32.6465.6538.3196.7929.5287.96100.4788.52
CAT Course Student56.9292.123.1384.6120.1274.02100.1788.41
MBA Course Student60.694.39-2.7113.6242.2596.1100.1488.4
CAT Course Student59.1793.4517.9875.6322.9379.19100.0888.37
MBA Course Student52.4288.8638.5797.058.8842.2399.8788.3
CAT Course Student51.387.9417.9875.6330.4288.3999.788.23
MBA Course Student37.8172.9828.2790.6833.2390.9299.3188.08
CAT Course Student68.1697.4117.9875.6312.6354.6698.7787.86
CAT Course Student55.0190.9934.4794.978.9543.9298.4387.72
MBA Course Student50.1786.8933.4294.6114.560.2998.0987.58
CAT Course Student64.7996.2224.4186.318.8842.2398.0887.58
CAT Course Student41.1877.3534.7195.3421.0675.8296.9587.11
CAT Course Student58.3793.1417.874.2620.775.0296.8787.08
CAT Course Student59.4993.7812.6861.6424.6281.5196.7987.04
CAT Course Student35.5669.8130.8592.8729.4887.4295.8986.67
CAT Course Student51.6588.3825.4987.0918.7471.295.8886.66
CAT Course Student51.6588.3825.4987.0918.7471.295.8886.66
CAT Course Student51.387.9420.5580.3823.8780.7395.7286.6
CAT Course Student38.9374.524.4186.3132.2990.1295.6386.56
CAT Course Student62.8495.511.3957.5520.775.0294.9386.24
CAT Course Student41.1877.3529.5691.8223.8780.7394.6186.1
CAT Course Student34.8769.0522.9383.6336.3793.2994.1785.9
MBA Course Student43.4380.0629.5691.8221.0675.8294.0585.84
CAT Course Student40.0575.9419.2778.1234.1791.6493.4985.6
CAT Course Student50.5487.4417.874.2624.6281.5192.9685.35
CAT Course Student59.4993.7822.9383.639.9347.2492.3585.08
MBA Course Student20.9444.2732.1393.7538.8594.6191.9284.88
CAT Course Student42.779.4220.3779.2828.5486.4791.6184.72
CAT Course Student32.6465.6525.4987.0931.4889.7189.6183.73
CAT Course Student51.6588.3819.0876.8918.7471.289.4783.67
CAT Course Student29.9461.0520.5580.3838.8594.6189.3483.6
CAT Course Student59.1793.4512.8363.4617.3167.7389.3183.59
CAT Course Student41.5978.0526.7888.5620.775.0289.0783.48
CAT Course Student56.1391.7510.1153.8722.6678.5288.983.4
CAT Course Student62.5495.214.1266.7111.6951.7988.3583.12
CAT Course Student49.4286.422.9383.6314.8361.7887.1882.5
CAT Course Student39.3575.2319.0876.8927.5685.3485.9981.91
CAT Course Student44.5581.325.787.8215.4462.9585.6981.74
CAT Course Student45.6882.520.5580.3819.1872.1185.4181.59
CAT Course Student33.7567.3622.9383.6328.5486.4785.2281.5
MBA Course Student47.1884.2710.1153.8727.5685.3484.8581.3
CAT Course Student50.5487.4416.5271.1717.7668.9784.8281.28
CAT Course Student44.9481.9215.2468.2424.6281.5184.881.27
MBA Course Student35.5669.8124.4186.3124.882.1484.7781.26
CAT Course Student44.9481.9219.0876.8919.7273.2183.7480.67
CAT Course Student48.385.3711.3957.5523.6480.0283.3380.44
CAT Course Student44.9481.928.8349.9828.5486.4782.3179.87
CAT Course Student39.3575.2322.9383.6319.7273.218279.7
CAT Course Student40.0575.948.9751.8932.2990.1281.3179.3
CAT Course Student46.0683.1117.874.2616.7866.880.6478.92
MBA Course Student18.6939.5819.2778.1241.6695.9179.6278.28
CAT Course Student41.5978.0522.9383.6314.8361.7879.3578.12
CAT Course Student62.8495.52.4228.6912.8756.3278.1377.38
MBA Course Student29.2860.0811.3957.5537.3593.8378.0277.32
CAT Course Student33.3166.5120.5580.3823.8780.7377.7377.12
CAT Course Student33.7567.3619.0876.8924.6281.5177.4576.96
CAT Course Student29.2860.0816.5271.1731.4889.7177.2876.85
CAT Course Student30.461.9928.0690.0116.7866.875.2475.54
CAT Course Student32.1864.7124.4186.3118.2569.9574.8475.28
CAT Course Student33.7567.3619.0876.8921.6876.8374.5175.07
MBA Course Student40.4776.6519.0876.8914.8361.7874.3874.98
CAT Course Student50.1786.897.6947.9115.4462.9573.374.26
CAT Course Student42.378.738.9751.8921.9977.5873.2674.24
CAT Course Student33.7567.3619.0876.8919.7273.2172.5573.75
CAT Course Student26.5655.1121.8482.4923.8780.7372.2773.57
CAT Course Student45.6882.516.6972.559.8245.3672.1973.51
MBA Course Student35.9970.613.9665.1421.6876.8371.6373.12
CAT Course Student34.4368.1920.5580.3814.560.2969.4871.6
MBA Course Student36.6871.367.6947.9124.882.1469.1771.37
MBA Course Student32.1864.7115.4169.721.0675.8268.6570.99
CAT Course Student43.8280.74.9836.9519.7273.2168.5270.9
CAT Course Student28.8159.112.8363.4625.7483.4667.3870.06
CAT Course Student46.0683.1111.3957.559.9347.2467.3870.06

CAT course students are those who registered (paid) for our full CAT course. MBA Course Students are those who registered (paid) for smaller modular courses like Geometry / Reading Comprehension / General Knowledge / Decision Making / CAT Test Series.

Scaled Scores and Percentiles of CAT Students – 2015 Batch

Course Name  Verbal Score     Verbal %ile      LRDI Score      LRDI %ile    Quant Score    Quant %ile    Total Score    Total %ile  
MBA Course Student81.3799.4387.0310081.6999.87250.09100
MBA Course Student85.9699.7960.199.3880.7599.84226.8199.95
CAT Course Student79.0899.156.7399.0475.1699.65210.9799.85
CAT Course Student80.2199.2359.4999.3368.0799.1207.7799.81
CAT Course Student63.8994.1673.0499.966.0898.89203.0199.74
CAT Course Student53.8787.3352.2498.3482.6299.89188.7399.39
MBA Course Student84.5699.7151.5898.2249.1194.53185.2599.25
CAT Course Student60.6292.248.1997.3472.0799.45180.8899.04
CAT Course Student75.8698.5559.4999.3340.1489.36175.4998.73
CAT Course Student63.8994.1662.8899.5748.1193.92174.8898.7
MBA Course Student63.0493.8947.7597.1562.1298.3172.9198.57
MBA Course Student44.2977.4553.8498.6174.0699.56172.1998.52
CAT Course Student57.3189.9749.9997.7863.9898.53171.2898.46
CAT Course Student60.7592.5455.6198.953.7396.22170.0998.37
CAT Course Student66.4895.5528.6882.0774.2499.6169.498.31
CAT Course Student65.3395.0132.0486.3571.4399.4168.898.26
MBA Course Student55.1888.6848.1948.1965.0898.73168.4598.22
MBA Course Student77.9498.8842.1594.7948.1494.17168.2398.2
CAT Course Student75.8698.5538.0392.2754.196.4167.9998.18
MBA Course Student58.4691.1642.1594.7962.1298.3162.7397.69
CAT Course Student58.4490.7645.9496.5457.0997.22161.4797.58
CAT Course Student67.6295.9749.9997.7842.5491.06160.1597.43
CAT Course Student50.8384.7857.2399.152.1195.7160.1797.43
CAT Course Student48.1481.8751.1298.0858.3997.52157.6597.14
CAT Course Student66.0695.2631.2585.7257.0997.22154.496.72
MBA Course Student39.9371.6143.6895.5869.0799.22152.6896.48
CAT Course Student63.0493.8920.8267.8868.6499.15152.596.45
CAT Course Student69.9196.8926.4478.5355.5996.76151.9496.36
CAT Course Student56.1789.135.4189.9260.2597.98151.8396.35
CAT Course Student65.3395.0143.2695.3442.5491.06151.1396.25
CAT Course Student64.1994.4332.0486.3554.6696.55150.8996.21
CAT Course Student44.2977.4543.6895.5862.0898.21150.0596.07
CAT Course Student70.4297.0727.8781.0748.1193.92146.495.45
CAT Course Student71.597.432.3987.0140.1489.36144.0395.01
CAT Course Student69.9196.8929.883.5942.5491.06142.2594.66
CAT Course Student52.7386.3438.7792.685094.7141.594.51
CAT Course Student75.6498.4429.883.5936.0185.98141.4594.49
MBA Course Student69.3296.6435.7890.4236.1486.51141.2494.46
CAT Course Student61.993.2737.6691.8240.6789.68140.2394.28
CAT Course Student29.0554.2951.5898.2259.0997.62139.7294.17
CAT Course Student52.7386.3432.0486.3552.895.84138.9194
CAT Course Student67.1595.7425.6277.7346.1292.93138.8993.99
CAT Course Student34.462.9251.1298.0851.8695.58137.3893.68
CAT Course Student63.8994.1647.0796.9526.1675.43137.1293.62
CAT Course Student48.6482.5148.1997.3440.1489.36136.9793.58
CAT Course Student74.7798.3124.4875.7236.1486.51135.3993.24
CAT Course Student55.0288.2147.7597.1532.2982.86135.0693.16
CAT Course Student64.1994.4337.6691.8233.2283.85135.0793.16
CAT Course Student36.6766.6545.9496.5452.1195.7134.7293.09
MBA Course Student64.9794.72982.8740.1489.36134.1192.95
MBA Course Student62.7993.5436.991.2634.1484.22133.8392.88
CAT Course Student60.7592.5438.7792.6834.1684.68133.6892.84
CAT Course Student61.7192.940.2993.7828.1577.93130.1591.94
CAT Course Student50.8384.7830.1384.3548.1193.92129.0791.64
CAT Course Student63.0493.8928.6882.0736.0185.98127.7391.26
MBA Course Student56.1789.125.3176.6546.2793.19127.7591.26
CAT Course Student58.4490.7638.0392.2730.1580.42126.6290.93
CAT Course Student69.3296.6431.2585.7225.1673.97125.7390.67
CAT Course Student45.8679.437.6691.8237.8887.56121.489.34
MBA Course Student36.6867.4633.1787.7249.0794.37118.9288.5
CAT Course Student55.1888.6833.5288.2730.1580.42118.8588.48
MBA Course Student39.9371.6132.3987.0146.1292.93118.4488.34
CAT Course Student57.3157.3137.6691.8222.9770.34117.9488.15
CAT Course Student90.0199.8316.5859.0511.1946.42117.7888.09
CAT Course Student55.0288.2124.1974.6737.8887.56117.0987.85
CAT Course Student61.7192.921.0969.2834.1484.22116.9487.79
CAT Course Student51.9185.8340.2993.7823.1771.25115.3787.23
CAT Course Student63.8994.1633.5288.2716.1858.02113.5986.59
CAT Course Student25.7947.9952.7298.4634.1484.22112.6586.21
CAT Course Student61.993.2734.2988.8516.4458.85112.6386.2
CAT Course Student43.5676.7117.4660.195094.7111.0285.57
CAT Course Student57.3690.3916.5859.0536.1486.51110.0885.18
CAT Course Student30.9557.242.1594.7936.9586.89110.0585.17
CAT Course Student23.6143.5736.2590.7248.1293.23107.9884.19
CAT Course Student55.1888.6835.7890.4216.1858.02107.1483.93
CAT Course Student59.5391.5115.4556.2232.1582.43107.1383.92
CAT Course Student63.0493.8919.765.4623.971.94106.6483.7
MBA Course Student39.9371.6121.0969.2845.1292.48106.1483.49
CAT Course Student43.5676.7126.4478.5335.0985.1105.0982.99
CAT Course Student72.2197.5717.4660.1914.5854.71104.2582.64
CAT Course Student27.5251.0537.6691.8236.0185.98101.1981.24
CAT Course Student49.7383.6817.761.5528.1577.9395.5878.53
CAT Course Student5386.8416.5859.0517.1860.0686.7673.65
CAT Course Student49.2983.0815.2254.622.0368.8486.5473.51
CAT Course Student40.1372.3414.0951.2332.2982.8686.5173.49
CAT Course Student49.7383.6822.2371.5113.1951.3485.1572.65
CAT Course Student29.8255.235.4189.9219.2464.5984.4772.25
MBA Course Student34.4963.917.761.5529.1679.2181.3570.3
CAT Course Student37.8369.121.9570.3221.167.2580.8870

CAT course students are those who registered (paid) for our full CAT course. MBA Course Students are those who registered (paid) for smaller modular courses like Geometry / Reading Comprehension / General Knowledge / Decision Making / CAT Test Series.

Important highlights from the results of the CAT data shown above

  1. To score an overall 98%ile, you needed a score of around 165 marks out of 300.
  2. For an overall 90%ile and 95%ile, you needed a score of around 125 and 144 marks respectively.
  3. Verbal was the easiest section. You needed to score approximately 57 marks (19 questions correct) to get a 90%ile.
  4. DI/LR was the toughest section. You needed to score approximately 36 marks (12 questions correct) to get a 90%ile.
  5. In Quant, a score of 41 (14 questions correct) would have gotten you a 90%ile.

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