Reading Comprehension – We stand before this great world

XAT 2021 Exam Paper – Reading Comprehension – We stand before this great world

Read the following passage and answer the two questions that follow.

We stand before this great world. The truth of our life depends upon our attitude of mind towards it – an attitude which is formed by our habit of dealing with it according to the special circumstance of our surroundings and our temperaments. It guides our attempts to establish relations with the universe either by conquest or by union, either through the cultivation of power or through that of sympathy. And thus, in our realization of the truth of existence, we put our emphasis either upon the principle of dualism or upon the principle of unity.

Q.1 Which of the following statements can be BEST inferred from the passage?

Ans A. Conquest and union are two ways of realising the truth of our life.
B. Our habits and surroundings determine the truth of our life.
C. War and conquest are a part of the truth of our life.
D. Principle of dualism is inferior to the principle of unity.
E. The truth of our life co-evolved with our quest for sympathetic supremacy

Q.2 According to the passage, our emphasis on dualism or on unity is BEST guided by:

A. Our attitude of mind, formed by our habits
B. Our desire to achieve versus our focus on contentment
C. How powerful or sympathetic our surroundings and temperament are
D. How we deal with our surroundings and our temperaments
E. Our deals with the universe, based on special circumstances

Q.1 A
Q.2 D

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