Puzzle of the Week – Win Cash Prize – George Martin Birthday Party [Updated with Solution]

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Puzzle of The Week best solution wins cash prize

Puzzle of The Week – Rules and Prize

  • You need to email your solution before 26 April (Sunday midnight) to [email protected]
  • Best solution will be decided by our faculty team.
  • Cash prize of Rs. 500 or free telephonic discussion with Ravi Handa sir about MBA Prep.
  • Cash prize of Rs. 500 will be transferred to your PayTM wallet.
  • Your solution will be published on the website with your name.
  • A quiz is open to everyone above the age of 18.
  • You will need to submit an identity proof in case you win a cash prize.

Puzzle of The Week – Question

George Martin has decided to throw a birthday party for everyone involved with all his friends. Unfortunately, he also had to invite his friend David Weiss to the party. George hates David because David once borrowed a book from George and never returned it. George thought it would be a great idea to invite David but not give him even a slice of the cake. To achieve this, he devised an elaborate plan. He seated all his friends and their families in a circle and made a rule that no one will eat the cake on their own. Every person is supposed to cut a slice of the cake and feed the person sitting on his or her left. Also, as soon as someone eats the cake, they will go outside in the garden where beer is being served. The next person will then cut the cake and continue the process. The number of beer bottles and the number of cake pieces that can be cut out of the cake is 1 less than the number of guests. This is done to ensure David Weiss doesn’t end up getting either the cake or the beer. George had designed the seating arrangement expecting a certain number of guests but the problem started when some people like Ned Stark started to show up with additional guests. George had thought that Ned will come with his wife Catelyn and their children Rob, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. But Ned also brought couple of his neighbors’ kids John and Theon. Now George ordered the extra cake and beer but his seating got a bit messed up. Another problem that took place was with the Lannister family. The patriarch, Tywin, wanted to sit with two of his children Jamie and Cersie but the three of them wanted nothing to do with Tyrion. Tyrion decided that instead of sitting alone, he invited few guests of his own – Shae, Margery, and Tysha. There were 10 other friends of George who had come for the from the Tully and Cleagane families. Cleagane and Tully families have a property dispute because of the land they own in Castamere, so they do not wish to sit next to each other. The Tully couple had come with their 3 daughters – Khaleesi, Mhysa, and Daenerys. Daenerys wanted to flirt with one of Ned’s neighbour’s sons so she wanted to sit next to him.

George wanted the seating arrangement to be such that after cutting the cake, he feeds the first bite to his friend Ned. All families, and their guests, decided to form a mini-group of their own and sit close to each other. George wanted to accommodate everyone so he wants to change the seating arrangement from what he had decided initially.

Can you help him figure out the order in which the families (and David) should sit so that all conditions are met?

Puzzle of The Week – Solution

Total number of guests: 27
David Weiss (1)
Ned + 6 starks + 2 neighbour boys : 9
Lannisters = Tywin, Jamie, Cersei : 3
Tully : 5
Cleghane : 5
Tyrion, Shae, Margery, Tysha: 4
Total + Birthday Boy George = 28


  1. David should not eat cake
  2. Ned eats first
  3. Mini groups/families sit together (except for Tyrion as mentioned in the problem)
  4. Danerys sits next to Stark Neighbour Boy (probably John, lets assume based on the show…)
  5. Tully and Cleagane families do not sit next to each other
  6. Tyrion + 3 are not next to Tywin + 2
Let’s assume for this solution that every person has a unique number that doesn’t change i.e  1-28.
Pattern : Since it mentions that a person feeds the person to his or her left, this exercise takes place in a clockwise direction. First person (obviously George because it’s his birthday) cuts cake, second person (Ned according to constraint 2) eats and gets up, third person cuts, fourth person eats and leaves and so on. The last person doesn’t cut the cake I’m guessing because it’ll already be the last piece of cake.
Let’s solve for Constraint 1. If David is not supposed to get cake he should be the last person to feed cake to the last but one person. All we need to do is find out what the last number would be by following the cake distribution pattern.
Iteration Remaining people Formula for remaining people
1 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27 2n+1
2 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 4n+1
3 9,17,25 8n+1
4 9,25
5 25

Finally position 25 feeds (the last piece of ) cake to person 9 and is left without anything.

So David has to be seated at position 25.
Now lets solve for the other constraints :
  1. David is at 25
  2. George is at 1 and feeds Ned (2) first
  3. 2-8 is Ned’s family, 9 and 10 are the neighbour’s boys (Theon and John, 10 being John)
  4. 11 has to be Daenerys because of John (one of the neighbour boys) being at 10, 12-15 are the rest of the Tullys
  5. Since 25 has David, there are only 3 slots between 25 and 1 (26,27,28) and hence can fit only Tywin, Cersei, Jamie (Cleaganes are 5 and Tyrion and co. are 4). This also solves constraint 6 as now the Lannisters are blocked on either side by George (1) and David (25)
  6. This leaves us with positions 16-24 to fit in Tyron and co. and the Cleaganes
  7. As per constraint 5 Cleaganes cant sit at 16 (as 15 is occupied by Tully), hence Cleaganes sit at positions 20-24
  8. This leaves 4 people (Tyrion and co.) and 4 slots (16-19)
Final circle that respects all constraints:
puzzle george martin

Puzzle of The Week – Winner

Puzzle winner cupRebekah Mathew – rebekahmat*****@gmail.com

The correct answer was provided by the following

Sachin sachin.gud*****@gmail.com
Shubhang Dvivedi shubhan*****@gmail.com


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    1. Sachin says:

      Firstly in the Tab 3rd column
      its 1, 9, 17, 25

      Secondly the cake and beer was 1 less than Guests, you put George the host also in the table, now 2 pieces are less

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