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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Snap Exam - prepare for General Knowledge Section

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To be honest, if you are naturally good at General Knowledge – you do not really need any extra effort for the General Knowledge section in SNAP. But the problem is that not a lot of us are naturally good at GK. That is why special effort few days before the exam is required. That is precisely what I am going to discuss in the class. That is precisely what I do in my online GK course for IIFT / SNAP / XAT. The most common question that I get asked from students before they join the course is this:

Is the remaining time enough?
If you are planning to do well – it will take at least 25 hours of effort.

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Tips on SNAP GK Preparation

If you are planning to prepare for General Knowledge for SNAP, you should divide your preparation in three broad areas:

Current Affairs

Here are some things that you can and should look at which have a reasonably high probability of being asked in the exam.

Net Neutrality

Indians in Tennis this year

Nobel Prizes in 2015 (Specially Peace and Economics)

One Rank One Pension

Winners and MVP of Indian Leagues

Fight of the Century

One Rank One Pension

Volkswagen Pollution Issue

Major merger and acquisitions (specially Indians)

World Sports (specially Tennis)

Cricket World Cup

A P J Abdul Kalam (Brahmos / his books)

Syrian Refugees

New Heads of State (Canada / Australia / Nepal)

Indian Global CEOs

Ramon Magsaysay Award (Indians who won it)

If you can gather even superficial information about the topics mentioned above and spend 15-20 minutes reading about each of them, rest assured – you will do well in exams like SNAP and XAT.

Business Awareness

Most of the GK questions in SNAP, and most other Management Entrance Exams, are focused around business awareness. Here are some of the important topics that you should be comfortable with.

Business and Economic Abbreviations / Terms: You might get questions on direct expansion of terms like GATT, CRR, SLR, etc. It will help if you know what they mean but at least you should know the full form of all of the important abbreviations.

Brand Quotient: Often you get asked to match the brands with their respective companies. These type of questions are specially popular in SNAP. You might also get asked questions on brand ambassadors who are associated with companies. For example, post Aamir Khan’s controversial statements a large number of users downgraded the Snapdeal application on play store. This might lead to a good question.

Business related books: You might get questions on books – often these questions are related to business books. Autobiographies and books about companies are quite popular in this sector.

Static General Knowledge

The term Static GK is used to signify that particular area of General Knowledge that cannot be classified under Business Awareness or Current Affairs. It is hard to prepare for Static GK because it is kind of endless in nature but there are some areas that you can focus on. Let me explain with an example. Suppose you are a fisherman going out to sea to catch some fishes. You will go and put your net in the area that has a high probability / concentration of fishes to increase your chances. Static General Knowledge is the sea and it will help if you focus on the areas that have a high probability because like a fisherman, you cannot cover the entire sea. Given below are the important areas:

Countries – Capital – Currencies

Important lines and frontiers

Rivers and Dams in India

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Judicial Committees

In case you have any specific questions about SNAP GK preparation, feel free to call me on 09765142632 or email us on [email protected]

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Ravi Handa,
Founder, Handa Ka Funda

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