How to prepare for SBI PO Prelims Exam in 1 month

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

How to Prepare for SBI PO Prelims 2020 Exam in 1 month

SBI PO Prelims 2019 Exam

As you would know, SBI PO Prelims 2019 exam is around 1 month away. The dates for SBI PO 2019 Exam were announced few days ago. The prelims exam would be held on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th June. Whichever way you look at it, you have roughly 1 month left to prepare for the exam. Some of you might be already prepared for the exam and might be looking at just improving their skills. But I am sure there will be plenty of people who would be just getting started. Even if you are in the latter category, there is nothing to worry about.

1 month is more than enough to prepare for SBI PO Prelims

First things first – you need to understand the syllabus and pattern of the SBI PO exam. It will be a one hour exam consisting of three sections:
a) Quantitative Aptitude
b) Reasoning
c) English Language

You will need to clear the individual sectional cutoff and the overall cutoff to get a selected for the mains exam. Considering that there are approximately 40000 seats available in the mains exam, it is not going to be difficult. Let me add, it is not going to be easy either because the number of people who write the exam might just be above 20 Lakhs. By some estimates, it might cross even 30 Lakhs. One more point that I would like to add is that most of the students who appear for the SBI PO exam, are not serious about it and that is where they lose out.

The SBI PO Prelims is not a difficult exam, if you prepare for it. Most students prepare for less than 25 hours for the exam. If you are in that category, I am sorry – I can’t help you. May be you are brilliant and you will get by just because you are that smart. But in most cases, I believe you need roughly 100-150 hours of serious studies to clear the exam. Considering that you have around a month left, you can easily put in those hours. Here are some steps that you can follow to excel in the SBI PO Prelims 2019 exam.

1. Learn Concepts

It is important that you have the basics covered in all areas. So that if there are some easy questions, some shortcuts that can be applied to get to the answers quickly – you don’t miss out on them. Our SBI PO 2019 prelims course, which is priced at 999 Rs., consists a set of 100+ videos. Most of these videos are around 10-15 minutes and you can easily cover them in the time that is left. If you are using any other resource to prepare, just ensure that you learn the easy concepts of all chapters and topics. Focusing on solving hard questions and going into the depth of any topic at this point of time might not be such a good idea.

2. Test Yourself

A very common and a very big mistake that a lot of SBI PO aspirants make is that they do not give enough mocks. If you are planning to write SBI PO 2019 Prelims exam, it is NECESSARY that you write at least 10 mock tests. In our SBI PO 2019 prelims course, we have 20 full length mock tests. These tests have 100 questions each and are based on the new pattern. All questions have detail solutions as well. These mocks will not only help you understand your strong and weak areas but will also tell you how you are faring against the competition. Also, these 20 mocks will give you a set of 2000 unique exam-level questions.

3. Improve

If you are going to learn concepts, if you are going to give mocks – you are going to get stuck in some problems and get some doubts. What a lot of SBI PO aspirants do is that they just ignore these problems. They move on to the next topic because they do not have anyone to help them out. Sometimes the reverse happens – they get stuck on some problem for a very long time and hence waste a lot of time which could be better utilized elsewhere. Both of these issues can be resolved with the help of a teacher. In my online SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam course, I conduct a live class every week. In that live class, I help students with their test taking strategy, preparation plans, and obviously – problems that they faced during preparation. Students can also send in their doubts via a feature called “Course Feed” and I make video solutions for the doubts that they have sent. In this way, a student gets comprehensive coverage of all topics and a well-rounded preparation for SBI PO 2019 exam.

So, if you are serious about SBI PO 2019 exam preparation, do check out our online course by clicking on the button given below. Don’t forget, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t qualify for the exam.

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Best of luck for SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam!
Ravi Handa,
Founder and Mentor,
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