How to prepare for the Descriptive test of SBI PO 2014 Exam

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

How to prepare for Descriptive test SBI PO exam

Many students have been asking me for a strategy to prepare for Descriptive test of SBI PO Exam. So here are a few guidelines.
Let us look at the pattern for the Descriptive Test
It would be of 50 marks with one hour duration to test the English language skills. The descriptive paper will test four types of skills.

  1. Letter writing
  2.  Précis writing
  3.  Essay writing
  4.  Reading Comprehension

1. Letter writing: – You will be asked to choose from either a formal or an informal letter. If it is an informal letter, greet the person and then explain the purpose of your letter. Keep it simple, do not exaggerate the situation. You can check a sample format from here: SAMPLE FORMAT

Do not forget to enter the ‘date’, ‘address’, and your signature at their respective places. It would either be an ‘application’, ‘complaint’, or a ‘request’. You need to maintain formal language throughout the letter and should not use any slangs, abbreviations or emoticons. You may also refer some books for different types of formal letters.

2. Précis Writing: – You will be asked to summarise a passage. The key to this section would be your ability to grasp the essence of the passage. Try to understand the central theme of the passage. Remove the explanatory or repetitive sentences, examples cited in the passage, and unnecessary details. Your summary should include only the central message which is conveyed in the passage. Read the summary once again to make sure it contains all the important points of the given passage. You should practice using editorials of any leading newspaper.

3. Essay writing: – You will be asked to write two essays. Three options would be given for both the essays. The topics may be related to the current affairs so keep yourself abreast with the latest news. Read a few essays which were previously asked in various banking exams. The best strategy to write an essay would be to make a rough note of the points you are going to cover in the essay. Start with the overview of the topic. Explain your opinions or information about the topic in the next passage and end your essay with either a summary of the topic or a guideline to improve the given situation.
Some general rules to follow in every situation.
• Keep track of time
• Keep track of the length of your essay. (Keep it within the given limits)
• Do not make spelling or grammatical mistakes
• Do not be biased towards an opinion write both the sides of the argument.

4. Reading Comprehension: – Detailed course on reading comprehension is available in the courseware of our SBI PO 2014 Coaching course .

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