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Friday, February 12th, 2016

Tips from 100%ilerr

Hello Friends!
I am Gaurav Kataria ( CMAT 2016 : AIR-136, 99.75%iler with 100%ile in English)
Like other MBA aspirants, I started my preparation some 5-6 months before the MBA Exam season starts and had got myself well acquainted with the CMAT format as well as other reputed entrance exams. My preparation included daily self-study giving equal time to all the sections and a lot of mocks And my preparation strategy got me over all 99.75 percentile in CMAT with 100%ile in English and 99.45%ile in Quants. I also got Calls from IIFT and NMAT.

CMAT is not a test dedicated to prove your mettle in certain specific subjects; all you need to have is a disciplined approach to prove your overall ability. The Exam pattern of CMAT includes 100 questions

that need to be answered in 180 minutes. This surely affects the difficulty level of the examination. Accuracy and Time management are the defining factors to crack any exam like CMAT or IIFT.

Aspirants need to make their speed and pressure handling an important factor in their preparation strategy for these exams. My strategy for over last 5-6 months was entirely focused on disciplined study and then mocks and after that the analysis of the mocks. I used to give time simultaneously to Quants, DI, LR, Grammar and then RC. It is also important to take mocks or do question within the time limit and a time bound preparation always makes it easier for you to handle the pressure at the D-Day.

During my CMAT exam, I attempted the questions in the default order. Within 150 minutes, I was able to complete the entite paper and in the remaining time i tried to attempt question that i was not able to attempt in first go. Quants and LRs were supposed to be my strengths but on exam day i was not able to attempt 2 sets of LR and 2 questions of Quants. However i was able to complete English in one go. I solved English section in 45 minutes and then solved GK questions which got me lesser marks as compared to remaining sections.

My preparation strategy was based on the analysis of Mocks that I used to give each week and then identifying the weakness that i encountered regarding time mismanagement or silly mistakes or lack of knowledge. I was mainly focused on the two success mantras:
– Reading a lot daily and setting weekly targets for reading material and solving sectional problems in online material.
– Improving vocabulary by reading newspaper editorials, word lists etc and giving equal time to Quants and DI/LR on daily basis.

I also attempted previous year CMAT and IIFT exams to get a good hold over the exam pattern and then made adequate strategies for individual exams. After 4 months of you dedicated preparation, I would suggest your weekly schedule should be:
1. Everyday practice on Online topic tests and your preparation strategy should include thorough analysis of all tests.
2. Keep a dedicated whole day for revision of your notes or mocks that you have attempted in previous weeks.
3. Do keep in mind to practice at least one RC passages, DI & LR sets daily.

Do remember that sometimes the Mocks that you attempt are usually tougher than real Entrance exams – So there is no need to lose hope if you aren’t scoring very well in the mocks.
Keep calm and all the best.

Disclaimer: Gaurav wasn’t one of our students. He just wanted to share his tips with students so we thought we would put it up the blog. If you wish to do the same, feel free to email us on [email protected]

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