Prads Da from Nehru, IIT Kharagpur needs your help

Pradeep Kumar Gupta or Prads or Prads Da is how he is known to me and to thousands of other Nehruites who have literally eaten his “namak” over the last 20 (may be 30 years). He wasn’t just a random shopkeeper but someone who cared and was always in jovial mode. But today – he is in trouble. He is struggling to pay hospital bills for his mother and it will not be wrong to say that he is depressed because of the same. A few posts on a facebook group prompted us to set up a fund collection / crowd funding drive to help him out. Most of the Nehruites (and I presume only those will be landing on this page) would remember him fondly as a friend. Well guess what – you can be his friend in need today.

Update 6th Sep – 4:45 PM – Required amount of money has been collected. Thanks a lot for supporting this campaign. However, please leave your contact details and the amount of money you wish to donate on the link below. We will get in touch with you if further need arises.

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Prads Nehru IIT Kharagpur

Money required – Rs. 3,50,000

Money collected (till 6th Sep 4:45 PM IST) via Townscript – Rs. 3,13,950

Rest of the money (sightly more) has been deposited directly in Ashutosh’s account (Nehru, Hall President) I will like to thank you all for coming forward and supporting in this endeavor. As and when I find out more information about the same, I will share it with you.

List of people who have donated

Updated on 6th September, 9:00 AM, IST

Given below is the list of people who have donated till now. Via HandaKaFunda / Townscript abhinav khanna Abhinav Mishra Abhinav Pachauri Abhishek Niranjan Ajith Masthan Akshat Mathur Akshay Khobragade Akshay Singh Aman Bhushan Amit Sahu Amlan Chaudhuri Anant Khatri anil Animesh Sinha Anish Khadiya Ankit Chouhan Ankit Pat Ankit Singh Anuj Pandey Anwoy ashay ashim sarkar Ashish Ranjan Hota avik dey avinash tripathi Balram & Jagram Meena Bhaiya Abhishek Kumar Boddi Kishore kumar chaitanya Chaitanya Reddy Chandan Kumar Debatosh Das Deependra mishra deepu Devi Krishna Prasad Dilip parmar GAUTAM KUMAR YADAV Gopikrishnan HARMEET hemanshu gupta Himanshu Baweja Hindole Dutta Jyoti Kumar Kishore Garnapudi Kumar Karthik Kumar Navjot mahesh meena Mani Manishankar bishwash Manu Midha Mudit Kumar Bachhawat Jain murari tikmani Narayanarao Rayapureddy Nikhil NIKHIL NAYAK Nishant Malhotra Nitish Roy Parijat Dhawal Pradeep Kumar Mittapally Pradip Kumar Pradosh Biswas Pradyumna Kumar Mishra Prasanna Shrivastava Pratik Hakay Preet Pillai Priyank Bhushan Raghavendra Pottamsetty Rajesh Yabaji Rakesh Kumar Ravi Jakhar Ravikant Vajrapu Robin Anil rohit S Avinash Sahil Saurabh Gupta Sai Dheeraj Pachipulusu Sajo Matews samir Sanchit Malik Townscript Sandy bose Sanjit Sahoo santanu sengupta Saripalli Sreekar Sashank Satwik Panda Saurabh Kumar Sesharun Karumanchi Shakti Nagarjuna Shalabh Shashank Dixit Shashank Sinsinwar Shauryam Gupta Shirish Damani Shiv Shankar Shuvo Banerjee Sidharth Mohata Sreekanth Sriram Santhosh Srisai Subhrajit Roy Suhas Reddy Katkuri Sumeet Sunit Gupta Surya Mishra Sushil kumar singh Tabish Imam Tarun Bhambra v s s aniketh Vaibhav Thakur vamshi vutla varij saurabh Venkat Thangi vishal sharma Vishesh Nahata Vivek Misra Yoages Kumar Mantri


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does Prads need financial help? Because his mother is in a hospital The bills have run into high lacs, which he cannot afford. We are all trying to pitch in.

Q2. How much money does he need? Roughly 5 Lakhs While the exact amount is not known, we are trying to collect as much as we can via this route. Ashutosh Ranjan, current Hall President of Nehru Hall, is coordinating this effort.

Q3. Who is coordinating this effort? Ashutosh Ranjan. You can call him on +91-8343997499, email him on [email protected] for more info about the same. He is also reachable on Facebook.

Q4. How will the money reach Prads? Ashutosh will hand deliver the money to him.

Q5. How is this website involved? I, Ravi Handa – founder of this website, have spent around half a decade in Nehru hall. Most of my time in KGP was spent inside the hostel and there were numerous occasions when I did not have cash on hand and Prads generously gave me stuff. I do feel an emotional bond with him and trying to help in any way I can.

Q6. Is there any alternate way of making the payment? Yes. You can transfer the money directly to Ashutosh. His bank account details are Name:-Ashutosh Ranjan; Account No.-32437398734; Bank- SBI, IIT KGP; IFSC- SBIN0000202; Swift Code-SBININBB339

Q7. Which medium can I use for making the payment? The gateway accepts all leading credit cards and debit cards. Net banking option is also available.

Q8. I am currently US and the payment gateway is not accepting my credit / debit card? You can talk to your bank to remove the RISK tag. The debit card will work after that. Alternatively, you can transfer the amount to Ashutosh Ranjan’s bank account. He is the current Hall President of Nehru. He is co-ordinating the effort on ground. His bank account details are: Name:-Ashutosh Ranjan; Account No.-32437398734; Bank- SBI, IIT KGP; IFSC- SBIN0000202; Swift Code-SBININBB339