Practice Questions on Para-Summary for CAT Preparation

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Practice Questions on Para-Summary for CAT Preparation

Para-Summary are one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Para-Summary Set – 1 for practice.

Directions for Question 1 – 25 – The passage given below are followed by four alternative summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the paragraph. Key in the number of the option you chose as your answer.

Question 1: For hundreds of years, Man has looked up with awe and wonder at the Moon. Moon seems to play a vital role in the beliefs and rituals of many a culture. It is believed that numerous natural phenomena like the tides of the ocean, births and deaths, celestial events, women

The moon controls humans indirectly and is seen not only in beliefs and rituals but also in the outcomes of the happenings taking place on a regular day for an ordinary man. Everything, including the color of the uniform worn by a school student and the absence of a particular teacher in coming to school, is decided by the waxing and waning moon. Not only the time of birth but also the health of the newborn baby is decided by the position of the moon concerning the earth. Horoscopes that detail how a person will be from his/her birth till death is based on the position of the moon.


Question 2: It was a wise decision to raise benchmark interest rates by 25 basis points by the Reserve Bank of India

Supply disruption that resulted in the volatility of the crude oil price was mainly due to the Iran-America war and the result of sanctions imposed By America and The EU on nations like Russia and Korea who traded with Iran. Mounting unpredictability on the inflation front was the reason for the decision to raise benchmark interest rates by 25 points by the Reserve Bank Volatile global financial markets, the economic downtrend in the country, more expenditure on Kharif crops, crude oil volatility, and a host of other problems prompted the decision to raise the benchmark interest rate. Volatile global financial markets, the economic downtrend in the country, the burden of loan waivers and subsidies given by the state and the central governments, crude oil volatility, and a host of other problems prompted the decision to raise the benchmark interest rate.

Question 3: From September 1, the Union Ministry has banned the retail sale and manufacture of Oxytocin, and this is a regressive move. Oxytocin has been used by the dairy industry indiscriminately because it stimulates lactation in cattle and the process increase milk production. The ban is purportedly to stop this destructive practice by the milk producers. But this drug has been saving many lives of women by inducing labor in pregnant women and stemming the postpartum bleeding. For postpartum hemorrhage, this drug has been recommended by the World Health Organisation, and they accept the critical role of the chemical in maternal health.

Oxytocin stimulates lactation in females, and the process increases the quantum of milk available for children, and since there was this indiscriminate dispensation of the drug by hospitals and pharmacies, the Union Ministry has thought it fit to ban the drug. Just because the milk producers use Oxytocin indiscriminately to stimulate lactation in cattle, the move by the Union Ministry to ban the drug, which is recommended for postpartum hemorrhage by the WHO, and which has saved many women by inducing labor and stemming the postpartum bleeding, is a regressive one. The drug Oxytocin has been recommended by the World Health Organization for stimulating lactation in cattle and increasing milk production, and its ban could mean India will lose its first position as the major exporter of milk and milk products. From September 1, the Union Ministry has banned the retail sale and manufacture of Oxytocin but it will be available in the wholesale market or can be imported from Singapore and Sri Lanka through online sites.

Question 4 : When both houses of Parliament adopted the amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 it evoked the mixed reaction. During UPA

The amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 was necessitated since it was very pithy and restricted criminal misconduct of two offenses and it was expanded to include honest officials exercising their power or discretion favoring someone When many honest officials exercised their power or discretion endorsing someone, they were elevated to the next position in the hierarchical ladder and Governance got a big boost, and many excellent decisions were executed by the empowered officials and the present amendment will protect them from any court cases. The government wanted to terrorize honest officials by bringing them under Section 13(1)d and prosecute them, and the present amendment enlarges the scope of the act and will bring indiscipline among the officials who fail to toe the unlawful path trod by ministers and MLA

Question 5: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, at its 28th meeting, reduced the tax rates on more than 50 items, including commonly used products like sanitary pads, and white goods like washing machines, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances. Sanitary pads have been exempt from the GST — it had a 12% tax rate earlier. White goods have seen their tax rates reduced to 18% from the earlier 28%. Also of interest to the common man, the Council decided to tax footwear of value up to ₹1,000 at 5%, where earlier this slab was reserved for footwear up to a cost of ₹500. The Council also decided to provide relief to the hotel industry by saying that the rate of tax on the accommodation service would be calculated by the transaction value and not the declared tariff.

The Goods and Service Tax Council at its 28th meeting not only reduced the tax rates on more than 50 items but also increased the tax on footwear and hotel accommodation service. The GST council made the common man smile by reducing tax rates on sanitary pads, white goods, cigarettes and exempted alcohol from tax and fixed the price on the transaction value for the hotel industry and not the publicized tariff. The GST council made the common man smile by reducing tax rates on sanitary pads, white goods, and exempted cheaper footwear from tax and fixed the price on the transaction value for the hotel industry and not the publicized tariff. The GST council made everyone smile by reducing tax rates on imported gold, bathroom fittings, white goods, and exempted cheaper footwear from tax and fixed the price on the transaction value for the hotel industry and not the publicized tariff.

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Question 6: After the 25 basis point increase in repo rate by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said the increase proves that the RBI doesn

The Reserve Bank of India has increased the repo rate by 25 basis point which is in tune with the government

Question 7: When users reach the time limit they set for themselves to spend on Facebook, the site will alert the customer.  The social media czars of Facebook and Instagram wanted its customers to take control of them and not spend too much time viewing and responding to notifications. The self-control will be initiated by limiting the notifications one receive, and a dashboard that allows customers to keep track of the time they have spent on the social media platforms. The most important tool would be to enable an option to deactivate notifications on smartphones.

Alarmed by the time they were spending on Facebook and Instagram the owners of this site have decided to limit the notification they receive and to act when the dashboard warns of the total time they were into it. Alarmed by the time youngsters spend on Facebook and Instagram, the parents of the kids have limited the number of notifications their kids receive in a second. Alarmed by the time parents spend on Facebook and Instagram, their children have started limiting the number of notifications their parents receive and are keeping a tab on the time their parents spend on the social media site. Alarmed by the time addicted people spend on Facebook and Instagram, the company has allowed an option to deactivate notifications on smartphones and to restrict the number of announcements and to keep a tab on time spent on the social media site.

Question 8. In Kancheepuram, the district collector has warned that if anyone throws non-degradable one-time use-and-throw plastic products into the dustbin (or on the streets) will attract stiff penalties from August 16. Through several awareness-building programs, his administration will persuade ordinary citizens and the business communities to use bio-degradable products instead of use-and-throw items. In three bus termini in the city, a blanket ban has been imposed by the Salem Corporation from August 1. It has also given strict instructions to Central and State government officials, government hospitals, urban primary health centers, schools and colleges in city limits not to use plastic bags or articles from July 1.

From August 16 one can expect that the Kancheepuram district will be free from non-degradable one-time use-and-throw plastic products Whereas Kancheepuram district collector has banned non-degradable plastics from August 16, the Salem administration has imposed the ban on three crowded bus termini from August 1 and advised everyone not to use plastic. The Salem Corporation had taken the help of school and college students in conducting awareness programs in the district for the eradication of plastics thoroughly. Kancheepuram Corporation which is a part of Salem Corporation has warned people that if they throw pollution causing products onto the street, it will attract stiff penalties.

Question 9: R. Sadheesh Mumbai Corporation Commissioner says that the civic body has successfully used bags made of tapioca starch that disintegrate on their own in 90 days. The problem of disposing plastics is a perennial problem and four cement plants in the state are using every day over 600 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic. Several cement companies have collaborated with nearby municipal bodies for collecting plastic waste and using it in the kiln thereby reducing the use of coal. In furnaces, high temperatures are involved, and no toxins are released. In the last four months, the factories have substituted over 10,000 tonnes of plastic for coal.

Some municipalities, for whom disposing plastics is a perennial issue, have not only tied up with cement companies to substitute nonrecyclable plastic for coal but also trying with self-disintegrating bags made with tapioca starch to replace convention plastic bags. The advantage of replacing conventional plastic bags with bags made of tapioca starch is that these bags are edible and hence will not cause any pollution. Cement companies have started mixing cement with nonrecyclable plastic and have found that the cement, in fact, becomes more robust and over 10000 tonnes of plastic have been combined in the last four months. Four cement plants in the state of Maharashtra have been using over 600 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic every day which is mixed with fly ash and converted into organic fertilizers.


Question 10: Report by the House of Commons

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The report by the House of Commons


Question 11: The cricket star turned populist politician Imran Khan is poised to fulfill his long-pursued ambition to lead the country after having won the election in Pakistan. Projections gave his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party a thumping lead, but his opponents contend that "what has happened during elections is

After a tumultuous, unfair and bloody election, the cricketer turned politician Imran Khan will become the leader of his country after his party got a thumping lead. The cricket star turned populist politician Imran Khan is ready to sit on


Question 12: Even though New York is a prosperous city yet it has one of the world

Even though Governor Andrew Cuomo assured to fix the traffic mess a year ago, but the problem is he does not have the means to carry out the repairs. During peak hours the average speed of vehicular traffic is 12 kmph, and in other times the speed would be around 15 to 20 kmph. Like Mumbai, New York is also facing identical transportation problem, and the villain is not only the seasonal rains but also the corrupt representatives of the people In spite of being prosperous, the street of New York is full of potholes that have reduced the average traffic speed by nearly 22 percent and the governor has failed miserably to fulfill his promise.


Question 13: President Trump wants to create a sixth branch of the military called the Space Force. Everybody knows that Trump loves Star Wars and other movies of the same genre

Russians and the Koreans have been sending drones and shortly are planning to set up colonies in Space and will have armies to protect them from American spaceships Russians and Koreans cannot be fought on land or sea, and the best way to counter them is to attack them in space Nobody knows why Trump wants to create Space Force and the motive could be his fascination for Star War type movies and the deluded thinking that aliens exist. The way movies like Star Wars and the films of the same genre


Question 14: The list of Indian citizens in Assam is the National Register of Citizens, and its final draft was released on Monday. After a Supreme Court order, the selection was updated to weed out illegal immigration from neighboring regions. The reason for the student

The indigenous Assamese fumed when many from neighboring regions entered Assam, disturbing the demography of the state and the BJP in 2016 promised to weed the illegal majority Muslim immigrants, and the NRC draft is the culmination of the assurance given. In the 80


Question 15: The Rajapalayam dog closely looks like a miniature Great Dane and has a massive and muscular build that permeates immense strength, tucked up waist, pure solid white cover, golden eyes and a pink nose... A Rajapalayam Dog is a ferocious hunter of wild pigs. The breed

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The Rajapalayam miniature Great Dane with its solid white fur is coveted by aristocrat hunters for its single pointed pursuing ability and calm temperament. The Rajapalayam dog had strong muscles and tucked up waist, can leap over a fence 20 feet in height and has pride of place among pets, in any aristocratic household A Rajapalayam dog has the defect of losing interest in what it pursues yet when it is with its master; it will unwaveringly chase a boar till it is caught. The muscular build, golden-eyed ferocious Rajapalayam dog with its sharp scenting faculty is widely used by hunters for their expeditions, in spite of its single flaw of getting distracted easily.


Question 16 In a surgical strike, a sudden and precise attack is carried out, and the aim is to cause minimum collateral damage to the structures in the vicinity and the civilians. Generally to prevent escalation to a bloody war, through surgical strikes neutralization of targets is accomplished. In carpet bombing, the collateral damage is extensive, government buildings and military targets are focused whereas in surgical strike precision bombing carried out by aircraft, the impact is on a smaller area with no civilian casualty.

Though the Surgical strike aims to contain, and not escalate to, a possible gruesome war there are many instances in the past where Surgical strikes have achieved just the opposite. To camouflage and to protect the misadventures of the military that ends up in the fiasco, the word Surgical-strike was coined by the politicians. The unexpected and focused attack on the enemy with the idea of causing minimum collateral damage and maximum civilian casualty is often dubbed as


Question 17: Chanakya, who was an Indian teacher, advisor of emperors and philosopher, had uncanny wisdom and a plotting mind that guided him to write the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Maurya dynasty. There is meager historical information about him and what we have is semi-legendary stories about him. We have a Buddhist, a Jain, a Kashmiri and a Vishakhadatta

From the inputs projected in the different versions that detail about Chanakya, a brilliant scholar, and statesman, the author of Arthashastra and the creator of the Mauryan empire, we conclude that he was a real person, who was born on January 8th in 371 BC and died on 30th December, in 283 BC. The different details versions like the Buddhist, Jain, etc., help us to build a clear portrait of Chanakya, the all-around personality, who was instrumental in the setting up of the mighty Maurya kingdom. Though there are many and vivid details available to us about the multi-dimensioned Chanakya who was instrumental in establishing the Maurya juggernaut, neither the Buddhist and other versions nor the historical records prove that he was not a mythical figure. The great Indian teacher, an advisor of emperors and philosopher, Chanakya, had superlative wisdom and a vicious mind that played a crucial role in the establishment of the Maurya dynasty.


Question 18:

For a man who has no claws, fangs, horns or muscles only his intuitive brain guided him to make weapons, plant a seed, make a collider, follow the philosophy and carry out from the simplest to the most elaborate task. Homo sapiens without any extraordinary body part, have been able to travel from the abode of a cave to the cozy space capsule, from the wheel to the skyscraper only because of his logical mind. The ordinary man has traveled very far utilizing nothing but his analytical brain to create his world of awe-inspiring machines and jaw-dropping skyscrapers. The physical brain of man is so beautiful; it has created for him a beautiful world that seems to have no semblance to the environment or even the apes or the whales.


Question 19: A man was shot dead on Sunday when his car plowed into the abode of the National Conference president Farooq Abdullah and hit the former Chief Minister

National Conference President Farooq Abdullah


Question 20. Air India

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A rodent can hold on to the fingers so tightly that it is almost impossible to part the creature and the finger, but any cockpit can give safe refuge to the mammal. Rodents are easily attracted to strong odor and the smell emanating from the shoes of the passenger would have enticed the animal. An angry passenger was arrested by the airport police and interrogated for just a few minutes after he barged into the cockpit of the Air India flight. A rodent was holding on to the fingers of a passenger aboard an Air India flight after he had caught it while hiding in one of his shoes, and since the stewards could not help him, he entered the cockpit for which he was arrested by the police.


Question 21. With the insatiable demand for low fares, the mounting monthly payment to be made as salaries and allowances, the high fuel prices, the rising cost of maintenance of aircrafts, the exorbitant fee that is to be paid for using airports and its services, strict and sometimes suffocating government regulations, the ubiquitous social media which is willing to dance to every tune of quirky passengers, and hundred other problems  Jet Airways  is likely to buckle under pressure and completely stop its services in another 60 days.

The war in Iran has resulted in the skyrocketing escalation of the cost of aircraft fuel, and since this is not offset by the income generated through the sale of seats in its aircraft, Jet Airways is closing down in 60 days. Amidst hundreds of problems like high fuel prices, the mounting cost of salaries and allowances, the ludicrous demand for low fares, the high cost of aircraft maintenance, etc. it is difficult for any airline to survive and hence Jet Airways is closing down. Foolish and showy passengers who are willing to pay Rs. 250 for a cup of coffee or a packet of popcorn find it hard to pay four times this amount for a flight ticket resulting in either the aircraft not getting enough passengers or plane being full of travelers but not enough money in the kitty. In another 60 days, Jet Airways will find it impossible to pay the salaries of its pilots, stewards, aircraft mechanics, office staffs and other contract employees.


Question 22 UN wants Trump to believe that North Korea, not only has not stopped its nuclear and missile programs but also planning to accelerate them to a feverish pitch. When the officials of the United Nations heard that Trump was getting sound sleep after returning from Korea, they were worried that he would become sane and wise which would, in the long haul, help him get another five years of presidency.

If Trump is sane and sweet, he would be back again as the President, which possibility has made the Men in UN are so concerned that they want Trump to live his fears. The people in the United Nations want Trump to be insane and do stupid things so that the people of United States would throw him out in the next presidential election. If Trump believes that North Korea is again playing the role of a spoiled brat, he will get restless and do things that will ensure that he will come back again as the President of the USA. North Korea after shaking hands with Trump has decided to stop all its nuclear and missile programs and show Trump that it is his real friend.

Question 23 A heavy shower began with no warning. Aditya Singara was among 700-odd B.Pharm and Pharm.D graduates who had stood in a line outside the Pharmacy Council of Maharashtra. The crowd tried to enter the closed gate and in the process tore out the barrier from the iron railings. There was a stampede, people falling over each other and getting trampled. Singapore lost his balance, and the gate ruptured his left ear.

People tried to enter the closed gate with such a force that the barrier was brought down, and in the process, there was a stampede. Showers started unexpectedly, and the 700 strong crowd jostled and brought down the gates of the Pharmacy Council of Maharashtra, crushing people underneath when Singara fell, and the iron barrier tore his left ear. Because of the stampede, people were falling and getting crushed and Singapore, while falling got his left ear ruptured Pharm and Pharm.D graduates were standing in a line outside the gate of the Medical Council of Maharashtra when it rained confusing followed by the stampede.


Question 24 Sebi and CBI and the Indian authorities were blamed by Antigua and Barbuda for not raising a hue and cry on Mehul Choksi when he applied for citizenship last year, but on the core principles of  "reciprocity and dual criminality," India asked the country to extradite at the earliest the accused. It appears that when Choksi applied for citizenship in May 2017, he gave a police clearance certificate which was required by Section 5(2) (b) of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by Investment Act 2013.

As required by Section 5(2) (b) of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by Investment Act 2013, Choksi had provided a police clearance certificate, and the government had no option but to grant him citizenship. Antigua and Barbuda contend that both the Indian authorities and Sebi and CBI did not cry foul when the government decided to grant him citizenship. On the principle of "reciprocity and dual criminality," India asked Antigua and Barbuda to extradite Choksi and not harp on the point that India, Sebi, and CBI did not raise any issue when he was being granted citizenship. While Sebi and CBI wanted Antigua and Barbuda to not accede to Choksi


Question 25 The Seven Wonders of the World will be brought closer to homes of those living in Delhi by the New Delhi Corporation. For a small fee, one can pose in front of the replicas of these monuments, from January. The project will be displayed at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van near Sarai Kale Khan and is a part of SDMC

To enjoy the seven wonder of the world one need not move much far away from home but can pose in front of replicas of these monuments. The idea to convert waste to art struck the administrators of the Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van, and they decided to make replicas of the seven wonders of the world. The existing park, Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van near Sarai Kale Khan, will be renamed as


Para-Summary Answers

1: Option 1.
2: Option 3.
3: Option 2.
4: Option 2.
5: Option 3.
6: Option 3.
7: Option 4.
8: Option 2.
9: Option 1.
10: Option 2.
11: Option 1.
12: Option 4.
13: Option 3.
14: Option 1.
15: Option 4.
16: Option 4.
17: Option 3.
18: Option 1.
19: Option 4.
20: Option 4.
21: Option 2.
22: Option 1.
23: Option 2.
24: Option 3.
25: Option 4.

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