Practice Questions on Odd One Out Submission Set – 3 for CAT Preparation

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Practice Questions on Odd One Out Submission Set - 3 for CAT Preparation

Odd One Out is one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Odd One Out Set – 3 for practice.

Four of the five given sentences, when ordered in a logical manner form a coherent paragraph. Find the contextually odd sentence:

A. The horse is probably sad, in some depression, and is entirely possible that it would have received sad news through WhatsApp or email. B. In any case, please talk to him quietly when he emerges from behind things instead of jumping at a horse in an apartment and shouting "No, No, No!" or "Obey!" would only result in damage and pandemonium. C. Around 4000 BC humans began domesticating horses, and in the recent past, the horses have started taming human beings. D. Changing the floral ornaments of your apartment to something less like serene landscape might humor him, but then I don A. Through a cold daze, Keating thought of the clients mocking in his face; he heard the thin, seductive voice of Ellsworth Toohey narrating at length about the opportunities open to him in the field of plumbing. B. He hated every piece of stone on the face of the earth, every bag of cement that was ever manufactured and every worker who contributed to the existence of a structure. C. When he received the highest achievement award, a feeling of greatness engulfed him which he immediately wanted to share with his wife and children. D. It was only a small residence, but instead of seeing it rise before him through the blueprint, he saw it sinking lower and lower. E. He hated himself for having chosen to be an architect, and he cursed his mother who enticed him to accept this profession. A. At a student A. We 5. A. He held her close, anxiously, afraid that her agile, supple, graceful weightless little body would vanish in the thin air making him stranded, wrecked, marooned and horrifyingly lonely. B. He had a peculiar sense of freedom--her presence always lifted from him a pressure he could not define-- was alone--he was himself. C. We lived where I didn

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A. When the little girl opened the door of her grandmother A. "Just go on living, I guess," he said to which the female chipmunk shouted, "You wouldn A. The average dive rate of a seal is around 8.3 dives per hour, and pitches range from a depth of less than 20 to over 500 m. B. A seal who lay sunbathing on a large, moss-filled rock said to himself: all I ever do is nothing but swim. C. That night he used a raft to run away from the place and joined a circus, and within two years the seal had become great acrobatics. D. I am like any other stupid seal, and I have not mastered the art of swimming, and nor can I hold my breath underwater for over 90 minutes like the Sperm whales. E. The more he pondered the monotony and uniformity of his life, the more depressed he became.  A. At any rate, he courted her in a harsh, grating voice, which made her laugh merrily, and it is said that Orioles are the creators of the poem, "laugh and be merry, better the world with a song." B. "You sound like an old automobile," she said, "and your color is as dark as a cloud that floats in the sky during a stormy night." C. Orioles like halved oranges, jelly beans, mashed potatoes, and cucumber, sandwiches without butter or cheese and vegetable parathas. D. This was in the springtime, and he met her coming North with an Oriole he had never seen before and immediately a feeling of envy covered him from beak to feather tips. E. The crow stopped the female oriole and appealed his cause--or should we say cawed his appeals, and told her about his chivalrous deeds of the past. 10. A. When the goldfinch told them that

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11. A. "How many toes am I holding up?" asked the ostrich, to the owl as it extended its tarsus measuring 39 cm in length. B. The owl flew away in great haste from the ostrich till it met another ostrich coming from the opposite side, then reversed its direction and started approaching the first ostrich. C. An ostrich, called on Mr. Owl one dark night when all the other birds were safe in their nests, and all the predators were out in the open. D. "Two," said the owl, and since that was right the ostrich asked another question, "Can you give me another expression for 12. A. He looked at a streak of rust on steel furniture and thought of iron ore under the ground which is to be melted and to emerge as girders against the sky. B. These massive solid rocks are here waiting for the drill, the dynamite and waiting to be cut, carved, and shaped by my hands. C. He looked at the sky and knew he has to scamper home, because slowly and gradually dark clouds were assembling and growing in number. D. He looked at the granite that is to be cut, he thought and made into walls with prominent veins and grain. E. He looked at a tree that is to be split and made into rafters that can support massive roof deck and its associated loads. 13. A. The twelve faces before him had a range of physiognomy, but there was something, neither radiance nor depth, upon all of them, as a common factor. B. Something dissolved their expressions as words ventured out of the mouths so that they were not faces any longer but only petrified shapes of fleshes. C. In the process of communicating, he saw a glimmer of hope, when a dozen eyes shined brightly indicating that air of empathy was permeating the whole place. D. He was talking to everyone yet he was speaking to no one, heard no answer and appeared as if he was in conversation with ghosts. E. His saw his words ricochet, making no dent, not even the faintest impact, on the listeners who were sitting there like pillars of solid rock. 14. A. She was disturbed when she was not invited for the photographs taken of Petey. B. She did not react, nor showed any trace of happiness in her countenance because of she the equanimity to meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat the imposters just the same. C. She had stuttered, answering questions about Petey, and she had sat for pictures, ashamed, anxious to amuse. D. D. Then she became habituated to it and told Peter, in a matter of fact way, that of course, he had won, it was nothing to be startled, no one else could have got the award. E. Mrs. Keating, expressed her intense, suffocating happiness by deep, melancholic sobs, then clasped Peter in her arms and told him that she could not believe it. 15. A. The translucent white marble was brought from Makrana, Rajasthan, the jasper from Punjab, Jade, and crystal from China. B. The white marbles, which are derived from the recrystallization of limestone, the onyx marbles which are chemical deposits of calcium carbonate, and the green marbles which consist mainly of hydrous magnesium silicate or serpentine. C. This last must not be considered as true marble because it is not a metamorphic form of limestone, produced by heat and pressure. D. Pressure is a dominant factor for it leads to consequences which, once started, cannot be controlled. E. It is essential to distinguish between the various kinds of marble, and there are mainly of three types.

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16. A. Without the powerful 17. A. But the long, forbearing novitiate under Kalaignar Karuna has become a double-edged sword that gives him character and respect among DMK workers but not the sheen that his father commanded among the masses. B. Stalin 18. A. India wants to connect the northeastern states with Bangladesh 19. A. Modi 20. A. The first ranking of cities based on ease of living index is a start, if not perfect, at identifying the comparative strengths and weaknesses of Indian cities. B. The Elephanta Caves, Kanheri Caves, the Marine Drive and the Gateway of India are famous places in and around Mumbai. C. But the index measures a lot more than transport and includes e-governance, safety, education, economy and assured water/power supply. D. Given that Mumbai struggles during monsoons and its rail, road, and aviation infrastructure are perpetually under the scanner there will be gripes about the rankings. E. Pune followed by Navi Mumbai, and Greater Mumbai is the most liveable among 111 cities that participated while Rampur, Kohima, and Patna bring up the tail.

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21. A. "Don, how you doin 22. A. Nothing is out there to be worried about, because we see just one little grain of the whole sand on the beach that is life, and that one grain could be an illusory image. B. Everything is done on this planet and other planets too, evens out, and nobody gets hurt, and nobody dies without their concurrence, a happy person will find beautiful things happening around him, and a melancholic dude will find nothing but hardships and problems in his life. C. Fill each other 23. A. Democracy can only survive if the journalists in the country and the judiciary are not-independent. B. The elucidative and safe distance maintained by journalists from various established and popular interests gives it the strength to register changes and record people 24. A. However, the circle-style graph is becoming monotonous, and in many cases, the circles are tiny, and the text on them is so indecipherable that I have to zoom in to read. B. In Bar charts, the numerical values of variables are shown by the height or length of lines or rectangles of the same width. C. He said: "First, kudos to the graphics team for preparing new charts and maps and introducing change to the readers. D. The charts and maps help in assimilating numbers better than tables do. E. Srini Venkatesh, a subscriber of the e-paper from Kesarwadi, Maharashtra, penned to us with a few interesting questions about data abstraction in news stories and on the oped page. 25. A. The question of accountability makes the difference obvious to any discerning reader. B. Often, young readers ask whether an active blogger or a social media commenter is a journalist. C. Originally blogs were known as

Odd One Out Submission Set – 3 Answers:

  1. Answer: C
  2. Answer: C
  3. Answer: A
  4. Answer: D
  5. Answer: C
  6. Answer: D
  7. Answer: B
  8. Answer: A
  9. Answer: C
  10. Answer: B
  11. Answer: B
  12. Answer: C
  13. Answer: C
  14. Answer: B
  15. Answer: A
  16. Answer: C
  17. Answer: B
  18. Answer: B
  19. Answer: E
  20. Answer: B
  21. Answer: D
  22. Answer: C
  23. Answer: A
  24. Answer: B
  25. Answer: C

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Download Odd One Out Submission Set – 3 PDF – Questions, Answers, and Detailed Solutions…

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