Practice Question on Para-Summary Set – 2 for CAT Preparation

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Practice Question on Para-Summary Set – 2 for CAT Preparation

Para-Summary are one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Para-Summary Set – 2 for practice.

You are given a paragraph and four choices. You have to choose the option that summarises the article best.

1. Money that comes to the bank as deposits from the reservoir of available resources from which they provide credit to the borrower. In other words, banks are integrally dependent on the funds lent to them by a depositor. If a person

A. The money a bank gives for credit is received from many small deposits, and if the bank wants the innocent depositor to share the burden of his financial losses, it will only meet stiff resistance. B. Many and significant small farmers and daily wage earners save their money and deposit them in banks which are used by the bank for giving loans to people who need the money. C. The majority of money that a bank lends is not received from the common man but is received from banks like the RBI and the World Bank, and a depositor is duty bound share in the affliction of bank

2. Sit in a comfortable posture either on a chair or a mat and notice your breath. You need not take a deep breath nor have to exhale with all your force. You do nothing special when being aware of your breath. In this concept, you need not breathe in and hold your breath for some moments nor exhale and stop the exhaling for some seconds. Your job is to observe normal breathing of yours as the breath enters and leaves your nostrils.

A. Sit in a cross-legged posture and with the right thumb close your left nostrils and inhale and using the right index finger block the other and exhale. B. Sit in a comfortable posture and after inhaling, hold your breath for a few moments and then exhale followed by catching the outflow for a few seconds. C. As you sit in your chair, observe your stomach and diaphragm area as you inhale and exhale and watch the rhythmic expanding and contracting to visualise the movement of the tides as it hits the shore and then recedes. D. Sit comfortably anywhere and notice your healthy and natural breath as you inhale and exhale.

3. The Rule 1 says that if you possess a chain whose last letter is A, you can add on a B at the end. These chains have one peculiar quality: the alphabets are in a fixed order. For example, IBC and CBI are two different chains. A string of symbols is not just a

A. According to the rule if I have the chain CBA, then I can get another chain CBAB which will be identical to BABC. B. According to Rule 1 if I possess a chain CABC, then I can get another chain CABCC. C. Chain BACB is the same as chain BACBBACB. D. If I have two chains BCA and BAC then after using Rule 1 I can get BCAB for the first chain and the second BAC will remain the same.

4. This time when I went to a mall, instead of purchasing items for me, I bought a lot of small but meaningful things that I knew, my relatives and friends would love to possess. For the first time, I realised that I found immense joy in getting articles for others and this happiness eclipsed whatever good feel I sensed when I acquired things for myself. Then I discovered that in the process of trying to get things for others, I had developed my empathy considerably. A. Mrs Geeta has over 500 brand new sarees in her wardrobe, and whenever she visits a mall, which is very frequent, she always ends up buying a dozen sarees for her. B. Mrs Reena spent over Rs. 20000 in buying groceries for her house from the mall. C. Mr Gupta is a window shopper and every day he spends over an hour looking at the things displayed in different shops in the mall. D. Ritesh found immense joy and a sense of empathy when he decided to spend, for the first time, 25% of his monthly income for buying small gifts and presents for his friends and relatives and he never felt so happy before.

5. Love one another but do not make the fondness of binding and hard. Let the relationship be like a moving river between the two shores. Pour the choicest wine in each other A. A love between two persons should be like a knot that helps in holding the two souls together firmly so that there will be no separation till death. B. Like in Jal Tarang, where water is n different bowls, a loving couple should be divorced entirely and apart and yet when struck the instrument produces sweet music when in difficulties should flow together. C. The love between two should be firm yet attachment-less and beautiful without possessiveness like the strings of a harp or a guitar. D. It is a sight to see during Bakrid people eating from the same plate and relishing every morsel of food they partake.

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6. In South Yemen in a full market a bus was targeted that killed at least 45 people, most of them children, this being the latest outrage in the military intervention led by Saudi Arabia that was initiated over three years ago. Even though there is growing international condemnation of Riyadh's use of unnecessary force in Yemen, the country has refused to heed any of the voices raised. This issue has made Yemen among the most impoverished nation in West Asia, and the UN has dubbed the happenings as the world's most traumatic humanitarian crisis.

A. More than 45 were killed, mostly children, in South Yemen, when a crowded bus was stopped and torched in from of the crowded market. B. The bloody military intervention by Saudi Arabia, condemned by the International community, has not only killed innocent people but also has made Yemen very poor and has sucked it into a vast humanitarian crisis. C. Saudi Arabia

7. Among the two different forces, attraction and repulsion, this magnetism thing seems to be more pernicious. The resentment, regret, displeasure and hatred hold on to our mind so firmly that it does not let go. By clinging on, like a piece of shit, whatever happiness, joy, peacefulness that are available in the near vicinity because unreachable. Even though you love Rasmalai, it so happens that instead of relishing every spoonful of the delicacy, as soon as you devour the first mouthful, your mind lets go of the food and hides behind the annoying and bitter things that have happened in the past.

A. Our mind does not live in the present and knows not how to enjoy Rasmalai, and instead, it is attracted to the dangerous resentments and regrets and displeasures of life depriving us of the joy and peace present near use. B. Law of attraction guides people in their life, and since like things attract like, the anger and resentment and other harmful elements are drawn to negative people. C. The best way to eat Rasmalai is to take the full piece, squeeze the liquids out, open the mouth and swallow it. D. The better way to enjoy Rasmalai is eating it while watching a movie on the television, or reading a storybook by your favourite author or while gossiping with your friend.

8. A herd of deer lived in the vicinity of a pack of wolves, and the latter always wanted excuses to attack the group of deer. It was very apparent that the wolves did not like the manner in which the rabbits were living. The fact is, many among the wolves did not like the way in which they were pulling on. Because of a landslide, many wolves were killed, and the deer population was held responsible for the natural calamity.

A. The passage talks about humankind where there are good people, and not so chaste people and wrong people need an excuse to attack the humane people B. Wolves did not like the way the rabbits lived, many wolves did not like the way they lived, and all the deer hated the way they had to spend the 24 hours in a day. C. Landslides are frequent, and it is caused when a group of deer start climbing amount or run down a cliff in unison, and the deer population has to killed by the wolves for this calamity. D. A pack of wolves, who shared their territory with a group of deer, and were waiting for an opportunity to attack the deer, got the chance when the landslide happened.

9. It would have been a herculean task for the Bharatiya Janata Party to field a nominee of its choice as the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The party and its allies were not in the majority in the house. However, their thoughtfulness and prudence made up for what it was a deficit in numbers. A member of the Janata Dal (United), was chosen and the adage, an enemy of my enemy is my friend, worked. BJP has sent a signal that it was ready to accommodate parties that were friend-turned-adversary-turned-friend.

A. A coup-de-tat move by the BJP to field a nominee for the post of Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha was thwarted when the Janata Dal party decided to answer its party member. B. By making the Janata Dal (United) member the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha, Bharatiya Janata Party has with thoughtfulness and prudence has gained a majority in the Rajya Sabha also. C. A sort of coup was done by the BJP when it made a member of its ally the Janata Dal (enemy of BJP

10. Many questions haunt a person for which there seem to be no convincing answers. For some Joy that one experience is always much more than the sorrow one undergoes and for others, it is sorrow that permeates and which thoroughly throttles whatever little happiness that one feels. However, the truth is, they are inseparable. They always come together, and when one gives you company when you are enjoying your food, the other is asleep on your sofa.

A. One of the haunting questions is which plays a more significant role in life, sorrow or happiness and there are two sides to it, but ultimately both are not separable, and when one is active the other is dormant. B. There is nothing like happiness in the world and people who are happy are delusional, and the only reality of life is sorrowful. C. Happiness and sorrow are two different people, and if one enters your house, the other will leave your place in search of a different home to live. D. When one considers lifetimes regarding aeons, whatever happens in a small lifetime is so flickering that it will go away without leaving any trace of happiness or sadness.

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11. In spite of the reduction of the rain and decrease in the water level insignificant dams, Kerala's agony remained without mitigating in the face of massive rainfall warning and the continued relegation of over half a million persons in four districts. The death toll, according to the state government, grew to 31 and five persons were missing. More than 60,000 persons have been sheltered in over 500 relief camps; Around 2000 houses were damaged, 101 wholly destroyed in the rapid showers.

A. More than 30 lost their lives, five missing, 60,000 persons displaced in 500 relief camps, 2000 houses damaged and more than 100 destroyed in the incessant and crippling rains B. The rain has abated successfully, and level in the major dams have receded yet, Kerala's agony continues because of massive rainfall warning C. People who have been displaced said that the government did not give them warning in advance and hence they could not take preventive action against the floods, and they blamed the Chief Minister. D. 31 life gone, five missing, 60000 taken to makeshift shelters in 500 camps, 2000 houses damaged and over 100 destroyed by the torrential rain that hit Kerala, and the agony will continue because more showers are expected.

12. is a different website for it helps your ego

A. is a website where one can get plenty of information about a business, the way to start a business, where to register, how to open an account how to get employees etc. B. is like the website Quora, and the beauty is that Indians man it and you can either ask queries which will be answered by experts or if you are an expert, then give solutions to other's problems. C. For service minded people this website, is good because one can contribute in very many ways by giving tips on starting a business or the way to dispose of garbage etc. by saying what you would like to do in their site. D. is another website of indigo airlines, and in it, you can find details about the names, birthplace, hobbies, education qualification of people working in that company

13. A nervous first cousin of mine named Briggs Beall, who visited us was convinced that he was likely to stop breathing in his sleep and the best way not to die was to sleep for a maximum of one hour at a stretch. Sleeping for more than one hour would result in his death because of suffocation. He had been accustomed to setting the alarm in is mobile to ring at intervals until morning. However, sometimes, he inadvertently would fix the sound of his mobile in

A. Briggs Beall believed that he will stop breathing in his sleep and would ensure that he will never have full or extended rest. B. Sleeping for more than an hour would result in his dying of suffocation in sleep itself, thought Briggs Beall, and he set up an alarm in his mobile that would ring at intervals, but the mobile would go into a mute mode. C. The best way to live was to use an alarm that will ring every one hour and wake him up but sometimes the mobile in which the signal was set, would enter into a

14. A rally has been organised at Trafalgar Square, London to celebrate India's Independence Day. For garnering support and appreciation for a non-binding referendum on a

A. It is curious to discover that India

15. He gladly accepted my request when I suggested to him that we listen to it on his

A. He consented to my request and when he played his speech on the

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16. We are so used to hearing loud words and listening to cacophonies that we fail to tune in to the silence that is ubiquitous. However, it is not that easy. You have to stop, stop completely, not only the physical acts you are doing at that moment but also the mental process of thinking itself because the thoughts running inside the head are loud and jarring. Start by paying heed to subtle sounds like the hum of the air conditioner or the ruffle of papers.

A. Like the empty space around us, silence is all-pervading, but we are faultily programmed to see only objects and hear only noise missing the empty space and the stillness. B. We have to attempt to freeze and leave out all physical and mental activity going on around us and slowly focus on the gaps and crevices where one can find silence. C. Feeble sounds like the ticking of a clock should be listened to and what initially would appear like a whisper would become a bang soon tearing our eardrums. D. There is noise everywhere and amidst it is the, challenging to enjoy, silence, which can be felt only when the physical and the mental activities cease and the feeble sounds become audible.

17. On a bright and sunny morning, a man was sitting on his breakfast table and munching the burnt toast prepared by him. When he looked up and saw through the window glass, a gold horn unicorn was silently grazing the roses in the garden. He was sure excited and ran up to the bedroom where his wovly life, sorry, the lovely wife was sleeping and woke her up. He said, "There is a Unicorn in our garden, and it is eating roses". She half opened her unfriendly left eye and told him, "The Unicorn is a mythical beast" and went back to her meditation.

A. The man, as he was eating the burnt bread, saw a golden-horned Unicorn, and excitedly told his lovely half-asleep wife about the Unicorn eating roses to which she mentioned about mythical beasts before continuing her dreaming. B. Unicorns are the mythical beast, and they do not relish the taste of roses but indulge in sweet potatoes and radishes and carrots. C. The man who was having his burnt bread must be groggy and sleepy and would have seen either a donkey or a mare grazing in his garden. D. The man told her that there is a Unicorn in their garden and it was eating roses, and she cut him and said that Unicorns are the mythical beast.

18. In China, no religion is above the law, and a newspaper of the ruling communist party goaded officials to be resolute and brave while dealing with a sensitive protest over the proposed knocking down of a massive mosque in the northwest. The mouthpiece asked the local officers of the town of Weizhou in Ningxia to take strong action against an illegal extension of a Muslim building belonging to Hui Muslim minorities.

A. The Hui Moslem minority community found in Weizhou in Ningxia build small mosques initially which is then expanded and extended to four times its original size. B. In China, there is no religion, and hence there is no religion above the law, and the law of the land depends upon the whims and fancies of the communist army chiefs. C. Since in China law is supreme, when a building belonging to the Hui Muslim minority was illegally extended the communist mouthpiece urged the local officials to disregard the protests and take firm action against the construction. D. Local Chinese officials usually buckle down when faced with protests from minority communities and it is the job of the communist newspapers to boost their morale and goad them to action

19. The scientists from NASA and the California Institute of Technology

A. Using satellite images of Lombok scientists of NASA and the California Institute of Technology

20. Suppose that we write down a small problem: 1+2+1+3+2+1. Now Ram counts them. At the same time, Rahim also counts them but starting from the other end. Even though in many ways Ram and Rahim are practising different religions, have a different mother tongue, nationality, mode of upbringing, food habits etc. Still, the two of them will give the same answer. The result of a counting process is independent of the way in which it is done, and it is called a commutative law.

A. If John and Abraham see the Twin towers collapsing then, John will say that the towers crumbled whereas Abraham will contend that Twin towers never existed. B. In case of addition problems, irrespective of how the addition is done and regardless of race or colour, because of commutative law, we get the same answer. C. Laws are man made and are not inviolable and can be manipulated according to the people. D. The commutative law does not have solid ground because a literate will have one answer and an illiterate will have another, for the addition example given

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21. When government under the leadership of Imran Khan assumes office, it will try to strengthen its ties with the members of SAARC and make the group more powerful. This intention was expressed at the first meeting between the newly elected leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Ajay Bisaria, Indian High Commissioner on Friday. The commissioner added that

A. Ajay Bisaria, the Indian High Commissioner, was very optimistic that SAARC summit would be held in Pakistan after a gap of many years and India would chair the summit. B. The new Chief Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has expressed the conviction that under him, Pakistan is likely to energise its ties with other countries in SAARC C. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party headed by the dynamic Imran Khan will elevate the position of India to the level of

22. No sooner did the husband went out of the house, the wife sprang out of bed and dressed as fast as she could. She was very thrilled, and her eyes were radiant. She telephoned the police and then she called a psychiatrist; she asked them to rush to her house and bring a strait-jacket. She was sure the psychiatrist would dub her husband as

A. She was excited because she knew that her husband would be declared a

23. Its weakest link determines the strength (or rather weakness) of a chain. Maybe this adage is good for the chain but is worthless when it comes to humans. It is a half-truth. The full truth is, you are as potent as your most reliable link. To judge you by your smallest misdeed is like understanding the power of the ocean by the stability of its carbonation. Downsizing you for an accidental mishap in the past is like cursing the rains because of the flood it brings. Just because of some fragility in the past, to stamp you as weak and worthless is a great injustice done by others to you.

A. A boy who has failed in the first standard is worthless, and nothing much can be expected of him in the coming as well as faraway future. B. For inanimate objects, like a chain, the strength is decided by its weakest link, and for men, his power is determined by the number of failures he has gone through in life. C. Just as the power of the ocean does not lie in its foam, and the goodness of the rains cannot be decided by the floods so also his weak deeds or misdeeds do not determine the quality of a person. D. A man cannot be judged either by the good deeds or the evil deeds, and the strength of a chain is decided neither by its weakest link nor by the most substantial relationship.

24. Three weeks after a madman with a gun while walking down a busy Toronto street shot down two people and injured 13 others before killing himself, Police have apprehended a suspect in the strange case. Police belonging to Fredericton, a town of about 56,000 people and the capital of the province of New Brunswick, said two of those killed were police officers and the suspect himself was being treated for severe injuries. Nothing much is known about the gunman or the suspect who is in police custody.

A. A lunatic with a gun ambled through a busy Toronto street and started indiscriminate firing killing at least two police officers and wounding 13 others before shooting himself. B. Fredericton is the capital of the province of New Brunswick with 56,000 people, and its police have arrested a person who is suspected to be involved in a shooting incident and who is being treated for severe injuries. C. When an unknown person came to know that Trump has become the President of the United States of America, he lost his sanity and started shooting innocent people in a busy Toronto street and killed two men and injured 13 others. D. The police of Fredericton, New Brunswick, have arrested a suspect in a case of the gunning down of two police officers and wounding of 13 others, by a man who fatally shot himself, three weeks after the incidence.

25. On moonless midnight, an owl was sitting on the twig of a giant oak tree. He saw two ground moles trying to sneak in the night and since the owl had its stomach full lazily shouted, "you two

A. When an owl spotted two ground moles, the moles were less frightened and more astonished because the owl could see in the pitch darkness. B. When an owl with its belly full, saw two moles and frightened them, the two were dumbstruck because the owl could see in the dark and told the neighbours that the owl was mightiest and wisest. C. The phenomenon of seeing in the dark intrigued two moles who were spotted by an owl in pitch darkness, and they surrendered before the owl and wanted to learn the art of seeing in the dark. D. The owl could easily see in the night, but its vision becomes hazy and blurred in broad daylight, necessitating the owl to visit the optician to rectify its manufacturing defect.

Para-Summary Set – 2 Answers

  1. Answer: A
  2. Answer: D
  3. Answer: D
  4. Answer: D
  5. Answer: C
  6. Answer: B
  7. Answer: A
  8. Answer: D
  9. Answer: C
  10. Answer: A
  11. Answer: D
  12. Answer: C
  13. Answer: B
  14. Answer: D
  15. Answer: A
  16. Answer: D
  17. Answer: A
  18. Answer: C
  19. Answer: A
  20. Answer: B
  21. Answer: D
  22. Answer: D
  23. Answer: C
  24. Answer: D
  25. Answer: B

Practice Question on Para-Summary Set – 1 for CAT Preparation

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