Parajumbles Questions and Answers for CAT Exam

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Parajumbles Questions with Answers for CAT Exam

Parajumbles are one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Parajumbles Set – 1 for practice.
The five sentences labeled (a,b,c,d,e) given in the Question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence has been labeled with a number. Decide on the proper order for the sentences and key in the correct sequence of five numbers as your answer.

Parajumble Question: 1 But minority lenders can now either sell their assets at a discount to any willing buyer or get loans from other lenders at a premium if they suspect that they are unfairly treated. A group of the public sector, private sector, and foreign banks have signed an inter-creditor agreement on Monday to hasten the speedy resolution of non-performing loans on their balance sheets. Most of the Indian banks that are trying to sell their troubled assets can heave a sigh of relief because they have one less hurdle to cross. Any objection to the resolution process raised by dissenting lenders will be countermanded by a majority representing two-thirds of the loans within a consortium of lenders, according to the agreement. The plan approved by the government to address the problem of resolving bad loans is a part of


Parajumble Question -  2 Many football fans trembled when they read the explosive statement from him, contending that he would no longer wear the German shirt with pride or excitement because of racism and disrespect he faced. Özil, who has the distinction of having 23 goals and 40 assists from 92 appearances, is one of the most gifted midfielders of his generation for almost ten years. It all started when Özil and fellow footballer İlkay Gündoğan met Turkish President Recep Erdoğan in London and presenting him with shirts just before the World Cup. Germany


Parajumble Question: 3 The work of many brilliant scholars is increasingly showcasing the crucial role of state capacity and public institutions in encouraging long-run political and economic development. With a queer feeling inside me, I realize that I am merely the custodian of a sacred tradition and am responsible for upholding it honorably without debasing it. I am reminded of the saying


Parajumble Question: 4 It reminded us of the urgent need for crisp and on-message judgments for many reasons. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of pages of erroneously drafted judgments that states the same point again and again, and this has been pointed out many times by critics within and outside the judiciary. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court decided the way in which the National Capital Territory of Delhi is to be governed. But one had to scan over five centuries of pages of judgment to comprehend the demarcation of powers between the Lieutenant Governor and the elected government. The Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra


Parajumble Question: 5 Bhutanese people were fortunate, she wrote, in having at the head two favorite young people like her and His Highness and they had the good of the people at heart plus the innate wisdom to guide during difficult times. She added that they loved the mountains, their magnificent scenery and the sense of peace which they gave. Indira Gandhi wrote a letter to


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Parajumble Question: 6 Starting July 25 the company


Parajumble Question: 7 The small and medium copper consuming units in the south relied on the Sterlite unit for their copper needs, and now they are left in the lurch. Representatives of Copper Consumers

Parajumble Question: 8  Saumya Shetty and Pravin Fonseka were the two passengers who brought the problem of bugs to the notice of the airline. On Monday, July 18, Saumya Shetty, arrived in Mumbai from Newark on AI-144 with three children aged six years, 2.5 years and an infant and she had to be treated for rashes that she developed due to the bug bites. The day before Ms. Shetty


Parajumble Question: 9 A top Walmart company official said that it was expecting


Parajumble Question: 10 The final two Specsavers County Championship matches against Essex at Chelmsford and Yorkshire at Blackfinch New Road is on, and Ashwin will be taking part in the matches. Wayne Parnell is being replaced by the 31-year-old Indian, who has had a stint in Worcestershire, as the county


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Parajumble Question: 11 Thanks to the leg-spinner


Parajumble Question: 12 In a bid to boost flagging recycling rates and tackle plastic litter, the machines will reward users depositing any 500ml plastic bottle with half-price discount vouchers which can be redeemed at all 30 Merlin attractions in the UK. In a tie-up between theme park operator Merlin and drinks giant Coca-Cola, a series of so-called


Parajumble Question: 13 The 20-year-old Pant said in an interview to that he was grateful to


Parajumble Question: 14 It is a fascinating chapter in what has been an extraordinary career for Ronaldo who earlier this month, moved to Juventus for €100 million, the sixth highest transfer of all time. In spite of the four Champions League crowns, two league titles, four Ballons d


Parajumble Question: 15 Scientists have discovered on Wednesday a sizeable salt-filled lake under ice - a body of water that could be a possible habitat for microbial life - on the southern polar plain of Mars, using a radar instrument on an orbiting spacecraft. The reservoir they detected is the first stable body of liquid water ever found on Mars and is roughly 20 km in diameter, shaped like a rounded triangle and located about 1.5 km beneath the ice surface. One of the mega Questions in science, whether life exists on planets other than Earth, seem to be getting an answer since the discovery offers stimulating evidence sans proof. The fundamental ingredient for life is Water. The presence of life in this subglacial lake can be confirmed by drilling through the ice to sample the water below, but, it will be only in the future and may take years to accomplish.


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Parajumble Question: 16 The dumbbell vibrates when it is linear and spins when it is circular and is activated by a laser which can work in a straight line or a circle. A spinning dumbbell functions as a rotor, and a vibrating dumbbell tasks like a torsion balance. The machine spins at more than 60 billion revolutions per minute, which is more than 100,000 times faster than a high-speed dental drill. The team synthesized a tiny dumbbell from silica at Purdue University in the US and then levitated in a high vacuum using a laser. The fastest human-made rotor in the world developed by Scientists will help study quantum mechanics.


Parajumble Question: 17 On July 27, 2018, Mars will be coming within 57.6 million km of our planet and make an exceptionally close pass by Earth. Around midnight, the red planet reaches its highest point and will be visible the full night, appearing biggest and brightest, since 2003. Because of the reddish-orange glow, the moon takes on scientists have called Total lunar eclipses as blood moons. Sky-watchers across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia will be able to see the most extended


Parajumble Question: 18 An e. coli bacterium that secretes the toxin is water-soluble and binds to the cell membrane. The fixation of the water-soluble toxin into the cell membrane does not depend on cholesterol present in the membrane surface. Cholesterol present in cell membrane manifests a critical role in stabilizing and binding together the pore-forming toxin cytolysin A, according to the researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. The pore-forming toxins from the largest class of bacterial proteins are causing virulence that kills human cells. Shigella, E. coli and Salmonella secrete cytolysin A toxin.


Parajumble Question: 19 Rare as a comet or the sight of a blue rose, an actor rarely gets to play someone returning from the dead and gains the power to travel through memories of someone else lying in insensate state. When Vikram Bhatt was narrating the thriller, Roy suspended his disbelief and was glued to every word that came out and finally Roy thought that it was possible to get into others


Parajumble Question: 20 Kamal Haasan has written, directed and co-produced the action spy thriller and is expected to do pretty well in India and outside, like Vishwaroopam (2013). On August 10, Kamal Haasan is going to release Vishwaroopam 2, and the focus has now shifted to Kamal


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Parajumble Question: 21 Phoenix stars will play the part of the most notorious DC super villains, arch-nemesis of The Batman. The film, directed by Todd Phillips, is an exploration of a man disregarded by society and is not only a courageous character study but also a didactic cautionary tale". According to the Hollywood Reporter, if Niro is selected, the 74-year-old actor would play a talk show host instrumental in The Joker


Parajumble Question: 22 Flags flew at half-mast at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles headquarters in the Italian town of Turin, and in Rome, the parliamentary committee for labor and finance observed a minute of silence. The Agnelli family that owns Fiat announced that Mr. Marchionne had died after complications from surgery in Zurich. Sergio Marchionne, a charismatic and ruthless CEO, who saved both Fiat and Chrysler from near-certain failure, died on July 25 when he was 66. At the time of a devastating global recession, Mr. Marchionne lived on a corporate jet crisscrossing the Atlantic to motivate employees to do what most people thought was not possible and built the dysfunctional companies to become the world


Parajumble Question: 23 Casino managers and lobbyists told Reuters that the law would fortify local companies to set the stage for a race for stakes. Domestic firms that have been stifled by decades of deflation and dull demand will find a rare change of growth, for these resorts will earn up to $25 billion in revenue. Japanese National Diet is enacting a law to smoothen the way for large-scale gambling — a business expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue, Japanese firms will wholeheartedly pursue stakes in the country

Parajumble Question: 24 The Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha that allows a court hearing a cheque bounce case to direct the drawer to pay interim compensation to the complainant. Minister of State for Finance, Shiv Pratap Shuka said that the bill would bring down litigation and provide credibility to cheques in particular and the banking system in general. The interim payment, to be paid within 60 days of the court


Parajumble Question: 25 Though there is no official confirmation from Mr. Mallya, ED has received feelers from him about his longing. The development comes days before the next hearing on India

Parajumbles Answer

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CAT Exam Questions from Verbal Ability – Parajumbles

Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q1: This has huge implications for the health care system as it operates today, where depleted resources and time lead to patients rotating in and out of doctor's offices
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q2: Before plants can take life from atmosphere, nitrogen must undergo transformations similar to ones that food undergoes in our digestive machinery.
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q3: The implications of retelling of Indian stories, hence, takes on new meaning in a modern India.
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q4: This visual turn in social media has merely accentuated this announcing instinct of ours, enabling us with easy-to-create, easy-to-share, easy-to-store and easy-to-consume platforms, gadgets and apps.
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q5: The study suggests that the disease did not spread with such intensity, but that it may have driven human migrations across Europe and Asia.
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q6: Scientists have for the first time managed to edit genes in a human embryo to repair a genetic mutation, fuelling hopes that such procedures may one day be available outside laboratory conditions.
Verbal Ability – Parajumbles – Q7: The process of handing down implies not a passive transfer, but some contestation in defining what exactly is to be handed down.

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