Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation Video Course

  • 60+ Videos (6 Demo Videos)
  • Entire Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation Syllabus
  • Includes Quick Calculation Tips & Tricks (17 Videos)
  • Course Designed for CAT 2013 (Updated after CAT ’12)

Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation

Quick Calculations

Coding – Decoding

Number Series

Letter Series

Symbol Series

Symbol based Logic

Number & Alphabet Analogies

Odd one out

Direction Sense

Blood Relations / Family Tree

True / False statements (Truth-teller)

Linear Arrangment

Circular Arrangment


Sequential Output

Matrix / Grid Arrangments

Logical Conditions & Grouping

Tournament – Cricket

Tournament – Football

Tournament – Tennis

Tournament – Knockout

Critical Path

Cubes based problems

Matchstick / Coin Picking

Tables I

Tables II

Pie-Charts I

Pie Charrs II

Bar-Graphs I

Bar Graphs II

Line-Graphs I

Line Grapghs II

Caselets I

Caselets II

Data Sufficiency I

Data Sufficiency II

Data Sufficiency III

Multiplication with 11

Divide by 9

Multiplication with 9

Squaring numbers ending in 5, close to 50, close to 100

Cubes of numbers (11 to 20)

Multiplication of numbers close to 100

Multiplication of numbers close to 1000

Multiplication of two digit numbers

Multiplication of three digit numbers

Dividing by 2 digit numbers

Approximating Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Percentage Conversion and Calculation

Comparing Powers

Approximating (1+x)^n

Digital Sum & Digital Root