Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Practice Questions – Free PDF for Download

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015


Most students are perturbed by the fact that there is no great book / material available for Data Interpretation / Logical Reasoning for the CAT exam. The tests provided by coaching institutes, more often than not, are much tougher than the actual CAT questions. This is one of the key reasons I suggest students not to take their mock scores too seriously, especially when it comes to the LR-DI section. The challenge is becoming even more ominous since the launch of the new pattern where 1 full hour will be dedicated to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation in the exam. The few books which are available cover a large range of questions from too easy to too tough and the same ideas repeated over and over again.

Once the problem was identified, we thought of what a student can do in the last few days of his preparation. How to come up with, 100 must do DI / LR questions before CAT? The answer was staring us right in the face – pick up the questions from previous year CAT papers. This ensures that the quality of the question set (difficulty level and spread of ideas) is maintained. All the questions from CAT papers 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 are covered in this eBook. We skipped the years prior to 2004 because the questions in those days were much simpler than what gets asked these days. 2009 was an online exam and hence the questions were not available. I thought of separating Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation into two PDFs but then decided against it primarily because they will be a combined section in the CAT 2015 exam.

If you want to do well in the newly formed section of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, I would recommend that you go through each and every set that is given in this PDF. It is perfectly fine if you are not able to solve all of them. As a matter of fact, it is perfectly fine if you are not able to solve even half of them. Below some of the questions, you will find that I have written – not to be attempted in the exam. Some sets in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation are given with the sole intention of being speed-breaker sets. They are not supposed to be attempted in the exam. It is a very important skill, which you should try to develop, to know what to attempt and what to skip in the CAT exam.

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Online CAT Coaching Course LR-DI Practice Questions PDF

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