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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

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So your CAT result wasn’t as good as you expected? Or was it much better than your expectations? And do you also HAVE TO go to that New Year bash? Well, whatever the case may be – you should not forget that you have a very important exam this weekend. XAT scores are accepted by a huge set of colleges. Few of those colleges like XLRI and XIMB are as good as some of the IIMs. Some might argue that they are better than some of the IIMs as well. XAT, in terms of content, is different from CAT. A lot of students believe that it is tougher than CAT. Well, it is not. The number of people appearing for XAT is around half when compared with CAT. Also, since the questions are harder to solve, the cut-off is also on the lower side.
If you are thinking that there are only few days left for the exam and nothing much can be done, you are wrong. In just few hours (my guess is 20) you can drastically increase your chances of getting a 90+ percentile and even a call from one of the top colleges. Please understand that a score of roughly 25% will get you a 90%ile and a score of roughly 1/3rd will get you a call.
Is there some magic formula that I have which can increase your score? Not really, but I do have a tip. Give 20 hours to prepare for the Decision Making section and you will see a dramatic improvement in your score. Decision Making is a complete section in XAT which typically covers around 30-35% of the paper. It is really easy when you compare it with the Quant and Verbal section. Also, it does not take too long to master it.

What exactly should you do in these 20 hours to increase your XAT 2015 score?

1. Go through the basic concepts of Decision Making – Go through the 8 concept videos in the course. This should take you approximately 3 hours.

2. Go through previous year papers – There are around 100 questions on Decision Making that were asked in XAT from 2008 to 2014. Solve them. Go through all the video solutions given in the course irrespective of the fact whether you got them right or wrong. Getting the correct answer is not important – it is the method used that matters the most. This should take you approximately 12 hours.

3. Solve at least 100 Decision Making questions – There are 5 mock tests in the course with 20 questions each. Solve each test in 30 minutes and go through the solutions in another 30 minutes. Remember, you should do only one test in one sitting. This should take you approximately 5 hours.

If you do put in these 20 hours in the way I have mentioned above – rest assured, you will give your XAT percentile a significant boost.
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Best of luck for XAT 2015!

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