IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

IIFT 2017 GK Questions Answers and Expected Cutoffs

IIFT 2017 was conducted today. Given below are the images for the questions from the IIFT General Knowledge section. I think the General Knowledge section was not exceptionally hard and it was on the usual pattern. I think the cutoff for the General Knowledge section is bound to be around 5-6 questions. So, if you solved 5-6 questions in the IIFT GK section and had no errors, you should be able to clear the sectional cutoff. However, for someone who was well prepared with General Knowledge section – he / she should be able to solve 10-12 questions in the GK section. There were a new type of questions which were given that had paragraphs of a news item and you had to identify the incorrect information. Those were probably the toughest in my opinion.

Complete Answer Set for the IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Section

61) Sania Nehwal news item – The world super series finals were held in Dubai
62) Santosh Trophy news item – Goa last won it in 2008-09
63) Blues Rock band from Shillong, Meghalaya
64) The Statesman
65) Hinduja Group
66) Adobe – Shantanu Narayan, Cognizant – Francesco D’Souza. Answer can be derived from it.
67) Sector is correct for everyone. Berkshire is based in Omaha. Warren Buffett is also known as Oracle of Omaha
68) Imagination at Work – GE. Answer can be derived from it.
69) Hedging
70) The RCEP GDP is around 24% of world trade and not 40%
71) Make in India cannot substitute all imports. So that as an aim is incorrect and invalid
72) Doing Business Index does not cover types of regulation such as financial market, environment, or intellectual property regulations
73) International Airlines – Lufthansa – Swan Logo. Sports Goods – Adidas – Stripes Flower Logo. Answer can be derived from it.
74) Belinda Clarke – Also, the first person to score an ODI 200 (before Sachin)
75) Chabbar Port
76) UK Index is the Footsie or FTSE
77) Israel has Shekel. Lira is for Turkey. Used to be for Italy as well
78) Rasna never had Amitabh

Cutoff for IIFT GK 2017 – 1.25 to 1.75 marks

One important fact to consider is the fact that the total number of questions has gone down to 18 from 25-30 over the past few years. Cutoff for GK was ~2 marks last year and has always remained under 3. I don’t expect it to go above 2 this year either.
Easy questions in IIFT GK 2017 that everyone should have attempted and got right – 66, 68, 69, 73, 75, 76
Medium level questions in IIFT GK 2017 that should have been answered by good students – 64, 65, 67, 71, 74, 77

IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Question Set

Directions for questions 61-62: Read the paragraphs carefully and identify the factual mistakes.

61. News Item dated 22 Jan 2017: Saina Nehwal’s Triumph at Malaysia Masters Final

Days after recovering from knee injury during Rio Olympics, Saina Nehwal is back with a bang as this Indian badminton ace thrashes Pormpawee Chochuwong of Thailand by 22-20 and 22-20, thereby claiming the Malaysia Masters Grand title.

Quashing the air about her ability to win titles, the world No 10 Nehwal clinched her first Masters within five months since knee injury. Nehwal had to undergo surgery after an early exit from the Rio Olympics where her fellow citizen PV Sindhu created history by claiming the first silver medal for Indian badminton.
Silencing the critiques, Saina returned to action within a quarter of her surgery setback. Once the absolute queen of Indian badminton, she faced early exits and missed the qualification mark for Sharjah World Super Series Finals. Also, she lost to Sindhu in Premier Badminton League. However, Malaysia Masters Grand title has been her winning start to 2017.

A. Saina received a knee injury during Rio Olympics
B. Pornpawee Chochuwong is from Thailand
C. Saina missed her qualification mark for Sharjah World Super Series Finals
D. None of the above 62. News Item dated, April 2017:

62. News Iten dated, April 2017: West Bengal Won the Santosh Trophy

West Bengal Won the Santosh Trophy West Bengal won the Santosh Trophy for the 32nd time after a 1-0 win over Goa, extending their domination in the premier domestic football tournament. Playing in front of a vociferous home crowd, five-time winners Goa tried their best and controlled the match, but ran out of steam in the extra time. The hosts had their chances to score but the rival keeper pulled off some great saves. West Bengal, thus, ended a six-year wait having last won the title in 2011. Goa last won it in 2010. Goa, who had hosted the tournament thrice, lost to West Bengal in the semi-final in 1972 and the final in 1996, while winning against Kerala in 1990

A. West Bengal won the Santosh Trophy for the 32nd time after a 1-0 win over Goa
B. Goa tried their best and controlled the match, but ran-out of steam in the extra time.
C. West Bengal , thus , ended a six – year wait having last won the title in 2011
D. Goa last won it in 2010

63. “Soulmate” is a famous Indian music band. Identify the genre of music for which they are famous. Also, name the place from where the music band comes from

A. Blues Rock, Shillong
B. Hard Rock, Goa
C. Punk Rock, Puducherry
D. Psychedelic, Mumbai

Question 64. XYZ is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily Newspaper founded in 1875 and published simultaneously in various cities of India. It is a direct descendant of two newspapers, The Englishman (1821) and The Friend of India (1818) which later merged vith XYZ. It was managed by a British corporate group until it transferred ownership to he Tata Group, with J.R.D. Tata as Chairman in the mid-1960s. It is currently owned by achiketa Publications, Kolkata. Identify XYZ out of the following:
A. Times of India
B. Business Standard
C. The Statesman
D. Tribune

Question 65.
Which London-based Group founded in mid-1910, started out as a moneylender before expanding the business to include imports of dried fruit, jute, textiles and tea. The business rew steadily under the late Shah of Iran as they were having large presence in Iran and continued to flourish even after Islamic Revolution forced it to move to Europe. It is now multibillion-dollar energy, transport, media and agriculture conglomerate. The company ad been in a bidding war to acquire the Express Newspapers group, and was one of several idders for Go Fly, British Airways’ low-cost airline. This famous conglomerate has a large resence in India also. Identify the Group.

A. Ruia Group
B. Mittal Group
C. Oswal Group
D. Hinduja Group

Question 66 . Match the companies with their CEOs of Indian origin (either in the past or present).

i) Geoge Kurian
ii) Sanjay Mehrotra
iii) Rajeev Suri
iv) Francisco D’souza
v) Sanjay Kumar Jha
vi) Shantanu Narayen.

a) Adobe
b) Cognizant
c) Micron
d) NetApp
e) Nokia
f) Global Foundries

A. a-iii, b-i, c-ii, d-vi, e-iv, f-v

B. a-i, b-iv, c-v, d-ii, e-vi, f-iii e

C a-vi, b-iv, c-ii, d-i, e-iii, f-v

D. a-vi, b-iii, c-iv, d-v, e-i, f-ii

Question 67. Choose the odd match from the following Fortune 500 Companies with their respective sector / industry and headquarters
Name of the Company :

(a) Berkshire HathawayFinancial
(b) Walgreens Boots Alliance iiWholesalers: Health Care 2. Deerfield, IL
(c) Verizon
(d) Amazon.com

Sector/ Industry

1) Financial
2) Wholesalers: Health Care
3) Telecommunications
4) Technology


(1) New York, NY
(2) Deerfield, IL
(3) New York, NY
(4) Seattle, WA

Question 68. Match the name of the famous conglomerate / company with its particular tagline:


(a) Growth is Life
(b) Imagination at Work
(c) High Performance. Delivered
(d) Because you’re Worth it

Name of Conglomerate /Company

(i) General Electric
(ii) Reliance Industries Limited
(ii) Accenture
(iv) L’Oreal

A. (a) – 1 , (B) – 3 , (C) – 4 , (D) – 2

B. (a) – 1 , (B) – 2 , (C) – 3 , (D) – 4

C. (a) – 1 , (B) – 2 , (C) – 4 , (D) – 3

D. (a) – 2 , (B) – 1 , (C) – 3 , (D) – 4

Question 69. Method to safeguard against losses due to currency fluctuations is popularly known as

A. Risk Premium
B. Hedging
C. Round Tripping
D. Bond Indexation

Question 70. Which of the following is not correct about Regional Comprehensive Economic partnership ?

A. It is a Free Trade Agreement of 16 countries of Asia Pacific Region including

B. Member states account for a population of 3.4 billion people with a total Gross

C. RCEP potentially includes more than 3 billion people or 45 % of the world ‘s

D. Combined GDP of negotiating member states is about $21.3 trillion, accounting Partnership (RCEP)? India. Domestic Product (GDP) of $49.5 trillion (at PPP) population. for about 40 percent of world trade.

Question. 71 Which of the following is not correct for Government of India ‘s in initiative “Make in India” ?

A. It is launched by Prime Minster of India in 2014
B. It aims to attract F
C. It aims to substitute the imports of India oreign Investment for faster industrial development of India
D. It focuses on the twenty-five sectors of the economy for faster economic growth. export promotion and employment generation

Question. 72. The ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’ is an index created by the World Bank Group. Which of the following is not correct about Ease of Doing Business Index”?

A. Economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1-190.

B. It aims to attract Foreign Investment for faster industrial development of India.

C. Regulations covering financial markets, levels of employment and intellectual

D. The rankings are determined by sorting the aggregate distance to frontier scores A high Ease of Doing Business ranking means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm. property are an important parameter in determining the country rankings. on 10 topics, each consisting of several indicators, giving equal weight to each topic

Question 74. Who among the following cricketers has highest individual score in Women’s International Cricket?

A. Belinda Clark
B. Harmanpreet Kaur
C. Chmari Atapattu
D. Charlotte Edwards

Question 75. India is building which of the following port in Iran in order to improv
connectivity with Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asian countries.
A. Chabahar Port
B. Bandar Khomeini
C. Bandar Abbas
D. Bandar Mahshahr

Question 76. Which of the following stock market index is not correctly matched with the country?
A. Japan- Nikkei
B. South Korea- KOSPI
C. France -CAC
D. United Kingdom-MTSE

Question 77. Which of the following pair of country – present currency is not correctly matched?
A. Tunisia- Dinar
B. Israel-Israeli Lira
C. Syria- Syrian Pound
D. Qatar- Riyal

Question 78. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most popular actors of Bollywood. It is said that the advertisers line up to rope him in as their brand ambassador. Which of the following brands has not been endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan till date?

A. Everest Masala
D. Rasna

Complete Question Set for the IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Section

Please note that the answers marked in the image are not the answers by us. They are the answers that the student who sent us the paper marked in the IIFT 2017 exam.
IIFT 2017 General Knowledge GK Questions 61 62

IIFT 2017 General Knowledge GK Questions 63 64 65 66

IIFT 2017 General Knowledge GK Questions 67 68 69 70

IIFT 2017 General Knowledge GK Questions 71 72 73

IIFT 2017 General Knowledge GK Questions 74 75 76 77 78

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IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff

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