IIFT 2018 Expected Cutoffs – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

IIFT 2018 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff

IIFT 2018 was conducted today. Given below are the images for the questions from the IIFT General Knowledge section. I think the General Knowledge section was not exceptionally hard and it was on the usual pattern. I think the cutoff for the General Knowledge section is bound to be around 3-4 questions. So, if you solved 3-4 questions in the IIFT GK section and had no errors, you should be able to clear the sectional cutoff. However, for someone who was well prepared with General Knowledge section – he/she should be able to solve 8-10 questions in the GK section.

Cutoff for IIFT GK 2018 should be around 1.5

One important fact to consider is the fact that the total number of questions has gone down to 18 from 25-30 over the past few years. In 2018 also, GK had 18 questions but they were a lot harder. Cutoff for GK was ~1 marks last year and  I expect it to be around 1.5 this year.
Easy questions in IIFT GK 2018 that everyone should have attempted and got right – 97, 98, 99, 101, 109, 112

Medium level questions in IIFT GK 2018 that should have been answered by good students – 104, 106, 110, 111, 113, 114

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  • Complete Answer Set for the IIFT 2018 General Knowledge Section

    97) Production and manufacturing is a core part of operations of a company. It is not carried out by a shell company.

    98) Football – Durand Cup
    Hockey – Rangaswamy Cup
    Badminton – BWF World Championship
    Table Tennis – Bama Belleck Cup

    99) World beneath his feat –  Pullela Gopichand
    Imperfect –  Sanjay Manjrekar
    The race of my life – Milkha Singh
    Unbreakable – Mary Kom

    100) Isobront is a line drawn through geographical points at which a given phase of thunderstorm activity occurred simultaneously.

    Isocheim is a line on a map connecting points having the same average temperature in winter.

    Isogon is a line of equal or constant magnetic declination on a chart
    Isophote is a line in a diagram connecting points where the intensity of light is the same.

    101) Wings is by BSNL

    102) Agreement on Transport and Logistics is not a part of the WTO

    103) Track 5 Diplomacy – Research, Training, and Education, or peacemaking through Learning.

    104) Indirect taxes are called ‘Regressive’ because they are same for everyone irrespective of income.

    105) Most exported agricultural commodity – Rice

    106) Seaports from south to north are Vizhinjam – Cochin – Kozhikode – Mangalore

    107) BIMSTEC countries are Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand , Nepal and Bhutan. China is not a member.

    108) Eight Core Industries are Electricity , steel, refinery products, crude oil, coal, cement, natural gas and fertilizers. Pharmaceuticals is not covered.

    109) Logos are of Barclays (Banking), Qatar (Airlines), Mustang (Automobile), Rosneft (Oil)

    110) India Indonesia Port – Sabang

    111) Elon Musk was born in South Africa – Argentina born is incorrect info

    112) South African currency – Rand

    113) Bharat Desai founder of – Syntel

    114) Sophia Robot – Hanson Robotics

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  • IIFT 2018 General Knowledge Question Set

    Q97. Which of the following is NOT an activity generally carried out by using a shell company?

    1. Production and Manufacturing
    2. Transfer Pricing
    3. Tax Evasion
    4. Raising funds for starting business

    Q98. Match the Trophies and Cup associated with each Sport:

    • Badminton        a. Durand Cup
    • Hockey               b. Bama Belleek Cup
    • Table Tennis     c. Rangaswamy Cup
    • Football             d. BWF World Championships
    1. 1-d,2-c,3-b,4-a
    2. 1-c,2-b,3-d,4-a
    3. 1-d,2-b,3-c,4-a
    4. 1-b,2-c,3-d,4-a

    Q99. Match the Biographies/Autobiographies of India’S sport players:

    • The World Beneath His Feat       a. Milkhu Singh
    • Imperfect                                          b. Mary Kom
    • The Race of My Life                        c. Sanjay Munjrekar
    • Unbreakable                                    d. Pullela Gopiehand
    1. 1-d,2-c,3-a,4-b
    2. 1-a,2-b,3-d,4-c
    3. 1-c,2-a.3-d,4-b
    4. 1-b,2-a,3-d,4-c

    Q100. Correctly match the following terms?

    • Isobront                   a. Joins points with the same light intensity
    • Isocheim                  b. Joins points with the same wind direction
    • Isogon                      c. Joins points with the same mean temperature in winter
    • Isophote                  d. Joins points of a given phase of a thunderstorm activity
    1.        1-d,2-c,3-b,4-a
    2.        1-a,2-b,3-c,4-d
    3.        1-d,2-a,3-b,4-c
    4.        1-a,2-c,3-d,4-b

    Q101. Which of the following Telecom operator launched the app based internet calling service “WINGS” in India?

    1. BSNL
    2. JIO
    3. Airtel
    4. Vodafone

    Q102. Which of the following agreement is NOT related to the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

    1. Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
    2. General Agreement on Trade In Services
    3. Multilateral Agreement on Transport and Logistics
    4. Agreement on Agriculture

    Q103. IIFT has been entrusted with the responsibility of setting up of India-Africa Institute of Foreign Trade as a Centre of Excellence in the area of International Business and Trade with Pan-Africa reach. This effort of Government of India will come under which of the following types of Diplomacy?

    1. Track – III Diplomacy
    2. Track – II Diplomacy
    3. Track – V Diplomacy
    4. Track – VII Diplomacy

    Q104. Why are the Indirect Taxes termed as ‘Regressive Taxing Mechanisms’?

    1. Indirect taxes are charged uniformly to all income groups.
    2. Indirect tax with different tax rates are charged differently to different people.
    3. Indirect taxes have progressive tax schedule, meaning high income group may pay more taxes.
    4. None of the above.

    Q105. Which of the following is the most exported agricultural commodity from India in terms of value?

    1. Tea
    2. Rice
    3. Rubber
    4. Cotton

    Q106. Which of the following is a correct sequence of Sea ports of India from ‘South to North’?

    1. Cochin-Vizhinjam-Kozhikode-Mangalore
    2. Kozhikode-Vizhinjam-Cochin-Mangalore
    3. Vizhinjam-Cochin-Kozhikode-Mangalore
    4. Vizhinjam-Kozhikode-Mangalore-Cochin

    Q107. Which of the following country is not a member of BIMSTEC?

    1. China
    2. Bhutan
    3. Nepal
    4. Myanmar

    Q108. Which of the following industry is not covered in the ‘Index of Eight Core Industries’ in India?

    1. Electricity
    2. Crude Oil
    3. Natural Gas
    4. Pharmaceutical

    Q109. Given below are the logos of various global firms. On the basis of their logo, select the correct functional area they operate in.

    IIFT gk question 110

    1. Airlines, Automobiles, Banking, Petroleum
    2. Banking, Airlines, Automobiles, Petroleum
    3. Airlines, Petroleum, Automobiles, Banking
    4. Banking, Airlines, Petroleum, Automobiles

    Q110. To strengthen its maritime network and enhance trade and economic ties. Government of India has decided to invest in a port in Indonesia. The name of this port is

    1. Sabang
    2. Samarinda
    3. Sibolga
    4. Sorong

    Q111. Which of the following statement about American Businessman Elon Musk is not correct?

    1. His full name is Elon Reeve Musk
    2. He is Argentina-born American entrepreneur and businessman
    3. He founded www.X.com in 1999 (which later became Paypal), SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003
    4. He is instrumental in leading the design and manufacture of electric Sedan and SUV cars.

    Q112. Rand is the currency of which of the following country?

    1. Tanzania
    2. Somalia
    3. Sudan
    4. South Africa

    Q113. Bharat Desai and Neerja Sethi, the Indian-American couple has made USD 2 Billion jackpot by selling their company to French IT major, ATOS. Name the company they sold?

    1. Syntel
    2. Symtel
    3. Syotel
    4. Simtel

    Q114. Which of the following company has designed the humanoid ‘Sophia’?

    1. Hansen Robotics Ltd.
    2. Hanson Robotics Ltd.
    3. Hansan Robotics Ltd.
    4. Hemsen Robotics Ltd.

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  • Complete Question Set for the IIFT 2018 General Knowledge Section

    Please note that the answers marked in the image are not the answers by us. They are the answers that the student who sent us the paper marked in the IIFT 2018 exam.

    IIFT GK questions set

    IIFT GK question set

    IIFT GK question set

    IIFT GK question set

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