IBPS PO 2014 Exam Preparation – When to start?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

IBPS PO 2014 Exam Preparation - When to start
The question of when to start preparation for IBPS PO 2014 exam boggles many students and frankly speaking – there is no right answer for it. However, what I have seen after teaching students for around a decade is this – it requires roughly 300 hours to prepare for IBPS PO properly. These 300 hours should be divided into two broad categories:
a) Learning – 200 hours
b) Practice / Testing / Improvement – 100 hours

So, keeping the above framework in mind, if you can study for 3 hours a day, you need to start slightly more than 3 months before the actual exam. Having said that, starting early would have a huge set of benefits.

Starting earlier than other competitors is always better in a competitive exam. You will get a lot of advantages of starting early. The time available to solve quant question is ephemeral so having a good calculation speed helps a lot in attempting more questions and having an edge over other students. This is only possible if you develop it as a habit over a period of time. The questions in English language can be tough for students who do not regularly converse in English. Student do not often give sufficient time to learn grammar basics and improving vocabulary. Starting early will give you enough time to work on the above mentioned areas and in turn improve your accuracy in English Language section of IBPS PO.

Another huge advantage of starting early would be that you can monitor your progress with the help of mock tests. I will be writing about using the mock tests wisely for IBPS PO 2014 exam preparation but the key idea that I can tell you right now is – it is not about the number of mock tests you write. It is also not about the marks you score in those mock tests. It is about analyzing your performance and improving from test ‘a’ to test ‘b’. That is the key which will propel your scores to a higher level. And to really monitor that improvement – you need time.

So, to summarize – when is the best time to start IBPS PO 2014 exam preparation? IT IS NOW!

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