How to analyze mocks and get the most out of it for CAT 2016

Saturday, October 8th, 2016


CAT 2016 is less than two months away. One of the most important resources for CAT preparation is mocks for CAT. There are various questions that students struggle with:
What is the right number of mocks?
Which mocks are the best?
Is it beneficial to go through mock test from previous years?
I will be honest – I think the above questions are not that important. The most important question, in my opinion, is – How to analyze the mocks? A lot of students just look at the overall percentile / overall score and see how they are performing. A serious CAT aspirant needs to dive in more than that to really figure out going on. I will be discussing the same in a 1 hour session. This session would be an online live class. Although the class is free, but the number of seats is limited to 200. In our previous session on Quantitative Aptitude, we hit that limit pretty early. So, I request you to register via the form given below and please log in at the appropriate time.

The class is over.

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PPT of free class for CAT 2016 Online Preparation

How to analyze mocks for CAT 2016 from Ravi Handa

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