How to ace the General Knowledge section in SNAP test?

Friday, September 28th, 2018

How to ace the GK section in SNAP

General Knowledge is often the cinderella of entrance exams preparation, ignored until the very end. However, unlike a fairy tale, there is no happy ending. Entrance exams are the culmination of all the efforts put by candidates. It is best to make sure that effort counts in as few chances as possible. General Knowledge is a section which needs careful preparation and can change fortunes. “GK really helped me push my score to get into SCMHRD” says Karan, a student of SCMHRD with 99+ percentile “I only realised much later that while a lot of people had scored as much as I had or more than me on the other sections, GK pushed my scores.”

In SNAP, the General Knowledge section has the following salient features –

  1. SNAP GK consists of 30 marks with 25 marks (20 normal and 5 special questions) each and there is 0.25 marks penalty for wrong answers.
  2. The type of General Knowledge asked in SNAP does not require the student to spend too much time on any question.
  3. Most questions are on popular topics which have dominated the news in the last months.
  4. The current affairs in the section usually cover topics from the field of Technology, Sports, Politics, International affairs, Indian and World Economy and Businesses and Awards and Prizes.

As with any entrance exam, the mantra to success is using an approach which suits the temperment of the person who is taking it. These are some of the ways in which SNAP toppers have used the resources available to them to crack the SNAP GK section to get calls from prestigious institutes colleges like SCMHRD and the likes –

  1. Mastering the sources you already have

    Often students can get carried away buying books and using multiple sources, then getting overwhelmed and being left with an overload. “I stuck to first finishing Handa ka Funda’s GK modules” says Teja. “Once I had gone through that entire booklet at least twice, I started going through the SNAPIT booklet which I got during the SNAPIT event conducted by SCMHRD which happened in Delhi. I found at least 6-7 GK areas in the actual question paper which had been covered in the SNAP GK booklet.” It is important to become an expert in whatever you take up. As Bruce Lee once said “I do not fear the man who knows a thousand kicks, I fear the man who has practiced the same kick a thousand times.”

  2. Online resources aimed at SNAP GK

    The internet is a powerful tool to get websites and content to practice GK. “I used multiple websites online, including Handa ka Funda.” says Siddhant.  “For SNAP GK, I subscribed to the General Knowledge online course of Handa ka Funda and put news alerts from various websites and mobile applications. I solved the SNAP GK mocks which Handa sir provided on the website and stuck to the factopedia to get the basics of GK right. Anytime I felt bored of books, I would switch on my computer and focus on the GK bit.”

  3. Mobile Apps for SNAP GK

    “I have always been a big GK fan.” says Artitra Kesh from the Infrastructure management course of SCMHRD “Since our course is a techno-management course, I had to be well aware of government policies and in-depth perspective on the state of infrastructure in the country. I personally used Feedly and started following articles by 5 newspapers. I would not endorse any newspaper since each person has their own preferences but I would recommend that you follow a minimum of 3 newspapers and read for an hour to get a holistic perspective.”

  4. Use the right newspapers for SNAP GK

    It cannot be emphasised enough how important newspapers are. SNAP has a higher weightage for current news versus static news and often picks up relevant topics. One should not see a newspaper’s role as being limited to information. They not only help keep one abreast of the news and know how to solve the GK section, but also provide the needed perspective on topics which can come in use in interviews and especially group discussions. Our toppers Vipul and Nikita personally referred to Indian Express for the unbiased viewpoints and Times of India for the availability. For a course like an MBA in Business Analytics which needs at least two years of work experience, the expectations from candidates to be better read might be higher. For the same, having a good perspective on the economic state of the country is important which newspapers like Mint and Economic Times can provide.

Things to do for SNAP GK

  • Ideally a candidate should spend an hour a day for three months going through the various sources to become adept at SNAP GK. They should start with the resources available with them, newspapers and then move to websites and mobile resources. “Everyday when I woke up I would read Economic Times. Having done my CFA, I was able to absorb business news better and in fact this regular reading has helped me get my CFA Level I certification.
  •  I also maintained a notebook with the different sections in GK which I filled every day for close to twenty minutes, this helped me get all the current affairs in place through the months leading to SNAP. Preparing for my CFA also helped me understand business news better and therefore I had to only spend 45 minutes to 30 minutes reading the newspaper.
  • I spent almost 20 minutes on the editorial section since perspective is extremely important for the GDs and it cannot be developed overnight. I used to go for work and it would start around 10:00 am. Whenever I found time during breaks, I used to go through the editorials. I would come back by 7:00 pm and revise the other sections.”
  • Vipul says “ I would have a very focused timetable. Newspapers were my morning routine at 7:00 am for almost an hour. Initially it was difficult but I eventually got into the routine. I would practice other sections through the day and it made it a point to practice sample papers with GK sections every other day. I would scroll through GK websites in the night whenever I was bored. I would analyse the GK section to find my lacunae. HandakaFunda has a lot of articles on strategy and that helped me out a lot in knowing what SNAP toppers do. Today, I can say the same about myself.”
  • Aspirants should also consider having a diary, notebook, file etc. where they keep a note of important events which have dominated the news. The expectation from applicants of SNAP is that they are well aware of current happenings.

This is where an integrated platform like HandakaFunda’s General Knowledge course helps provide modules and tests. For last minute preparation SCMHRD organises SNAPIT in various cities across the country, where students can clarify their doubts and get some value added content like the SNAPIT booklet which is developed keeping the experience of SNAP toppers in mind. For more GK content for SNAP, one could always follow the SCMHRD Rookie page on Facebook-

Overall, GK is something that needs continuous investment. It cannot be done overnight and needs continuous reading, which is why most aspirants do not focus on this. This is where reading this becomes a competitive advantage.

This article was contributed by Aditya Kovvali- 99.6 in SNAP.

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