Handa Ka Funda Redux

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

We started Handa Ka Funda few years ago by making few amateurish videos and had no idea about what we were trying to do or planning to achieve with it. It felt like something worth doing and we gave it a fair shot. But things have changed since then. Video streaming isn’t a big problem anymore, nearly every student has access to a decent internet connection and people have started caring about issues like audio and video quality. So, in an attempt to keep up with the times, we decided to revamp the website.

We believe that the current model of test preparation of coaching classes is just not working anymore. It has so many problems and limitations which can be solved by a simplistic use of the technologies which are available at our disposal. And we don’t even want to get started on the exorbitant fees that are charged by some of them. We think that the fees of coaching institutes are justified but unnecessary. Justified because they have to spend heavily on the real-estate that they rent, the faculty that they hire, printing of the material, electricity and various other things that you can’t imagine until and unless you have worked at one. We believe all these costs are unnecessary because of the technology that is available. And that is reason the costs of an online program can be less and are often a lot lesser.

When it comes to preparation, it is not just about the money. Having a video tutorials / live online class based methodology takes care of the fact that everyone can learn at their own pace. You can watch a video 3 times or even 30 times but you cannot repeat the class. Not only that, a video is available to you 24×7, again something which is not possible in the offline model. In case of traditional coaching classes, a student has to adjust as per the scheduling of the coaching institute whereas in a video tutorial / live class based model the student decides when he wants to study. There are study plans which can guide the student.

Let me add, we do not believe that our video tutorials / live class model is perfect. But we do believe that it is the better than any of the other options available. We will keep on upgrading our content and hopefully, will be perfect one day. Till then, we will have to be content with being ‘Awesome’.

In case you still do not believe us, just enroll in any of the courses which are offered – try it out for a week. If you do not like it within a week, your complete fee will be refunded.

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