How to Prepare for IPM without going for Additional Classes?

How to Prepare for IPM without going for Additional Classes

The Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) of the IIM Indore, and lately also of Rohtak, is now easily one of the most sought- after courses, for students completing higher secondary school. Due to this reason, its entrance exam- IPMAT (IPM Aptitude Test)- also attracts several of the top coaching institutes making a beeline to train the students. Thousands of students all over India cram themselves in to classes, learning the tricks, hoping to make it to either Indore or Rohtak, or even any third centre which opens up. In addition to the IPMAT itself, students who come for these classes, also end up attempting exams for similar management education courses from universities such as NMIMS, Christ, Indraprastha, DU and Symbiosis.

Due to the burgeoning technological trends though, a number of people have started questioning the veracity of this approach. Of course, these institutes have produced several success stories over the years. Many of them have excellent faculty members, which a wonderful grip on the content, and the right teaching style. A classroom education builds empathy and team collaboration, plus the sense of competition that is derived from being part of a group. But this approach may also not suit everyone. Thus, several students have now started preparing for the IPMAT and several other examinations using the module of online classes.

This approach has several advantages. The following are some of the obvious advantages of opting for online IPM classes:

  • It saves time as students don’t need to spend time on travel.
  • It also saves costs as institutes do not charge merely for the classes, but a lot of the costs are for fixed assets such as the room, rents, ACs, projector, generators etc.
  • One can view the classes from the comfort of one’s home. This also lessens the stress that competition can often undesirably and unintentionally cause for the pupil.
  • Recorded sessions are available in addition to the live sessions. This allows for students to view from the comfort of their convenience, while not having to forego any other activity either. Even if one misses a rare live class, due to some personal commitments elsewhere, or health issues, one can always check these out later at a convenient time.
  • For slow learners, hesitation may arise in the classrooms, where they do not wish to ask for doubts, as the others who are quicker with the subject may dominate. There may also be other hidden, social factors that may disable the pupil from posing doubts. But an online session provides such a student, ample opportunity to slowly pore over each of the concepts.

There are also some key challenges that will have to be met by both the online portal providing these classes. Some of the advantages of offline classes have already been listed above. Their absence are the obvious challenges that have to be met. Due to the nature of the exam, that puts a lot of focus on Quants and Verbal, certain precautions will need to be taken by the online portal. Let us take a look at some of those, as listed below:

  • A mix of video sessions are also needed and not just audio, as these subjects require careful explanation of hard concepts.
  • Right aesthetics is something a lot of portals ignore, but very much important, to provide that feel of a real classroom. The aesthetics includes the trainers’ attire, seating and other peripherals.
  • The sound and mike system have to be absolutely spot on, with few glitches.
  • A loop has to be created that will provide adequate time and space for individual doubts to be addressed. A lot of these may arise, so a separate space is needed for it.

Of course, visiting institutes for classes has become the norm, and the advantages cannot be taken away. Besides the learning, there is also the social angle with real live interactions. However, for many this may be ideal. So, instead of waiting, students must start opting for some demo sessions to understand whether it works for them.

One such player that is truly worth exploring is Handa ka Funda. HKF has long been a leading player in terms of online coaching for the CAT product for those willing to do an MBA from some elite institution. Thus, it was the natural progression for HKF to venture into the undergrad market for the IIMs and other leading educational institutions. The subjects are almost the same, and entry requires a similar skill set, which needs to be honed. So, Handa ka Funda has to be your home for upcoming UG entrance exams’ online coaching.

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How to Prepare for IPM without going for Additional Classes?

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