5 Year Integrated Programme Versus regular 2-year MBA via CAT

Integrated management programmes are much in vogue right now in the country. One of the primary drivers for that has been the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) envisaged by the Indian Institute of Management in Indore (IIM- I). This course ran in to several false starts to begin with, but is now easily considered one […]

Should JEE aspirants look at IPM as a credible career choice?

If one were to take a look at the list of students clearing the IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test) over the recent seasons, one will come across a substantial proportion of students who are from the PCM (Physics Chemistry Mathematics) background. First of all, we need to understand why does this happen. There […]

How to Prepare for IPM without going for Additional Classes?

The Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) of the IIM Indore, and lately also of Rohtak, is now easily one of the most sought- after courses, for students completing higher secondary school. Due to this reason, its entrance exam- IPMAT (IPM Aptitude Test)- also attracts several of the top coaching institutes making a beeline to train […]

How best to prepare for GK section of DUJAT

Unlike several of the entrance exams for the business management courses, General Knowledge (GK) remains an integral portion of the DUJAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test) paper. GK is not a component for the entrances to the Integrated Programme in Management at both the IIMs offering this course- Indore and Rohtak- or at the Narsee […]

How best to prepare for Verbal section of IPM?

The entrance exam for the IIM Indore’s IPM (Integrated Programme in Management), is by all means amongst the toughest to crack in India. There is the Quants section in it along with some question for logical reasoning. But there is also the section for verbal ability. This one is often the real differentiator between those […]

Best Colleges to Pursue Business Management programmes after class 12th

Business management, under its various nomenclatures, remains one of the most popular career choices to take up post completion of school. It is such a field that attracts students from across the board. It has fewer entry barriers in comparison to say engineering or medical, has an image of being more career- friendly than humanities- […]

An IIM after 12th! How is that possible?

A lot of students, especially those serious about their careers, start mapping their futures right from an early age. Nowadays, thanks to the profusion of information available in the ongoing digital age, from class IX especially it becomes common for students to plan their career paths. A career in business management has of course emerged […]

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