General Knowledge Online Quiz 3 with Cash Prizes

Monday, October 17th, 2016

General Knowledge Quiz Contest

This GK Online Quiz Contest is now closed

Once again, we are back with a General Knowledge Quiz Contest. The prizes these time are bigger

How to participate in the GK Quiz

The quiz will be conducted via a live Facebook stream. Like Handa Ka Funda facebook page. The link to the Facebook live stream will be posted there. All questions would be based on current affairs and events from 2016.

At 9 PM on Thursday (20th October), we would live stream the questions. To be eligible for the prize:

1. You need to register by filling up the form below.
2. You need to submit the answers by 11:59 PM (20th October) via the form given below.
3. Share the live stream on your Facebook profile.
4. The fastest person to answer all questions correctly wins the cash prize.
5. Everyone who has shared and answered all questions correctly wins a Handa Ka Funda voucher (for 250 Rs. or 100 Rs.)

Questions from today’s quiz

Q1. Who won the Man of the Series award in the recently concluded Ind Vs NZ Test Match Series?
Ans: R Ashwin

Q2. Donald Trump belongs to which political party?
Ans: Republican

Q3. The upcoming Aamir Khan movie ‘Dangal’ is based on the story of which Indian wrestler? (Surname is enough)
Ans: Phogat

Q4. By what name do we know the Nobel laureate Robert Allen Zimmerman?
Ans: Bob Dylan

Q5. Who took over as the Chief Minister of Gujrat after the resignation of Anandiben Patel in August 2016?
Ans: Vijay Rupani

Q6. Juan Santos, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016, is the president of which country?
Ans: Columbia

Q7. Ibibo’s travel division has announced a merger with which company?
Ans: MakeMyTrip

Q8. Who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant?
Ans: Leonardo Di Capria

Q9. Who will take over from Ban Ki Moon once his term expires as the UN Secretary General on 31st Dec 2016?
Ans: Antonio Guterres

Q10. Who is the current Chairman of TRAI?
Ans: R S Sharma

Registration Form for General Knowledge Quiz Contest 3

Watch LIVE on Facebook
Starts @ 9 PM

Answer Sheet for General Knowledge Quiz Contest 3

Hope to see you participate in the quiz. Let us know if you have any questions via the comment section.

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  • This GK Online Quiz Contest is now closed

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      This was best quiz for our mind and we gain knowledge from this quiz about current affairs

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