General Knowledge Online Quiz 2 with Cash Prizes

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016


How to participate in the GK Quiz

The quiz will be conducted via a live Facebook stream. Like Handa Ka Funda facebook page, mark yourself as “Going” at the facebook event. All questions would be based on current affairs and events from 2016.

At 9 PM, we would live stream the questions. To be eligible for the prize:

1. You need to submit the answers by 11:59 PM tonight (28th September) via the form given below.
2. Share the live stream on your Facebook profile.
3. The fastest person to answer all questions correctly wins the cash prize.
4. Next 25 candidates with all correct answers (maximum correct answers) will win the vouchers.
5. In case of more than 25 all correct entries, winners would be selected by lucky draw.

Questions from today’s GK Quiz

Q1. How many medals did the Indian contingent win at the 2016 Paralympics games?

Q2. What is the name of the new messenger service launched by Google?

Q3. Released in 2016, what is the name of the latest Android OS?

Q4. India has signed an agreement related to development of the Chabbar Port with which country?

Q5. The limit of Foreign Direct Investment in Stock Exchanges was raised from 5% to which figure by the government of India?

Q6. What is the name of India’s fastest train? It operates between Delhi and Agra

Q7. Which ex-Chief Justice of India was appointed as the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission?

Q8. World’s first beer pipeline opened in which city of Europe? The beer is supplied by Halve Mann Brewery.

Q9. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel. It is the first flat, low-level route through which mountain range?

Q.10 What belonging to the Flaviviridae family gets its name from the name of a tropical forest near Entebbe in Uganda? In local language, the name means “overgrown”

Prizes for the GK Quiz

Thanks a lot for participating in our online General Knowledge Quiz contest. The prizes are:
Gold: 500 Rs. Cash (1)
Silver: 250 Rs. Voucher for Handa Ka Funda (5)
Bronze: 100 Rs. Voucher for Handa Ka Funda (20)

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