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Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

Education loans have been hit since the coronavirus outbreak. Banking services have stopped with most banks changing the timings, reducing staff and pushing for digital payments. The situation seems adverse as the lockdown has been extended. This is especially unfortunate for MBA students who are currently applying or have received an admit and will be required to pay the fee in the coming weeks/months. Securing funds at present may seem difficult to many.

To these students, we say, don’t panic. Introducing, GyanDhan – an education loan marketplace. They are India’s first and only education loan marketplace facilitating education loans with no cost to students. Their primary focus is abroad education loans and processes. However, GyanDhan understood the plight of students and collaborated with several Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to facilitate loans to Indian MBA aspirants even during the lockdown. Started in 2016, they are at the top of their field and have helped several thousand students with education loans. They are the easiest solution for students who have to pay their admission fees immediately after the lockdown ends and in the coming months. It is unknown when the banks would start their regular operations, and therefore, we would recommend taking advantage of their services.

loan education for MBA

GyanDhan has always come up with services that help students in the best way possible and at no cost. This loan product is devised in such a way that it will ease the tension on several MBA aspirants. Without further ado, let’s look at the benefits of the loan –

What is GyanDhan-MBA India Education Loan?

 GyanDhan has collaborated with several NBFCs to come up with the most student-friendly loan product. Providing loans for more than 150 MBA institutes in India, covers the entire cost of tuition and living expenses easing the financial burden of students. It is an unsecured education loan, that is students will not have to pledge any collateral or security and therefore, will save time and money.

Loan eligibility

Students who are Indian residents with an offer letter from an Indian MBA institute are eligible for the loan. You can also contact GyanDhan to check your eligibility.

Expenses covered

As mentioned, the loan covers full tuition fees and living expenses. Students will not have to worry about the limit of the loan amount.

Rate of interest

 The rate of interest offered by the lenders starts at 9.5% and can go up to 11%.

Documents required

 There is a list of documents that the student will need to provide –

  • 10th, 12th, and Graduation Marksheet, as applicable
  • Entrance Exam Score Card
  • Offer letter from College
  • KYC documents of Student, Father, and Mother
  • 6 Months bank statement of the co-applicant
  • Permanent Residence Ownership Proof

Since it is lockdown and students do not have access to the services such as courier, they can simply upload or send the documents to GyanDhan via email

Extraneous charges

Loan applications usually come with a long list of expenses in various forms. But with the GyanDhan-MBA Education loan, students do not need to worry about unpredictable expenses. Students may have to pay a one-time processing fee, which is charged by the lender. GyanDhan, on its part, does not charge anything from the students. The services provided by them are completely free of cost. On top of it, the entire loan process is online. This ensures that students do not spend even a penny on the loan process.

Repayment and Loan tenure

The repayment of the loan is quite easy. For the majority of colleges, there is only a minimal repayment of INR 999 per month during the study period, after the loan is disbursed. The maximum loan repayment tenure provided by the lender is 12 years. The students can repay the loan as per their convenience.

Quick approval and disbursal

 It is a known fact that loan approvals take at least three to four weeks. And with this lockdown, the process will get even more delayed. Understanding the predicament of students, GyanDhan will get the loan processed in just 2 days. Reiterating the fact that the entire loan process is online and would not require any visit to any bank branch or office, GyanDhan ensures that the process will be smooth and quick. On approval, each student will be assigned an Education Loan Counselor, who will help them track the status of the loan.

Benefits of GyanDhan Gateway for MBA India Education Loan

GyanDhan has helped thousands of students with abroad education loans by streamlining the application process. The same thought process is applied for the GyanDhan-MBA India Education loans. To apply for the loan, all a student has to do is contact GyanDhan. Each student will be assigned an Education Loan Counselor who will be at the beck and call of the student. If the student encounters any problem, their assigned ELC will guide them through the process as well as help them keep track of the loan status.

Summing up the GyanDhan-MBA India Education Loan

 It would be appropriate to say that GyanDhan is the saviour every MBA aspirant needs right now to secure funding. The education loan has many benefits that come along with the trusted name of GyanDhan. They have established themselves as a credible and dependable marketplace for education loans and provide services free of cost to students. The MBA Education loan is a testament to their commitment to providing students with the best experience. With a low-interest rate covering the entire tuition fee, no hidden charges, and a longer repayment period, the loan is the best deal for the students at present.

In such uncertain times, when most of the banks have stopped giving out loans, securing funds for future education will become difficult. But with GyanDhan, students do not need to worry about loans. So, don’t wait till the last minute to apply for the loan. Request a callback right away and apply for the loan to pursue your MBA. Embark on a brighter future with the help of GyanDhan.

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