Do`s and don`ts – Week Before CAT

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Do`s and don`ts – Week Before CAT


Dear Student,

With just couple of weeks left to the big day, given below are seven suggestions.

1) You should not fiddle with your test-taking strategy at this stage. As long as you know that the strategy you are using is giving you rewards, don’t change it.

2) Do not over prepare. You should not take more than 5-6 full length tests in the remaining time. In the last one week you should ideally take only test.

3) The IRMA and IIFT entrance exams are scheduled for 8th November and 22nd November respectively. Normally, these exams are scheduled after CAT but as CAT is no longer a one-day test, they had to prepone. Do not let your performance in these two exams effect your CAT performance in a negative way. Some students get disheartened if they perform badly in couple of tests. On the other hand, some become complacent because of their performance in an exam. Make sure you are not a victim of the phenomenon mentioned above.

4) Avoid random guessing. I have never seen it work and I don’t think that you are a special child of Goddess Fortuna. However, intelligent guessing is a smart idea. If you are down to two options, you should definitely go for it.

5) If you have practiced enough amount of variety, CAT DI should not be tough to tackle. And out of a set of five questions, at least three are bound to be easy. Learn the art of skipping questions in DI. The misconception is that you have to solve the whole set before you move on to the next set. I think this is the time which you should devote to DI more than anything else. The return on time invested is going to be the highest.

6) Know your limitations. If your percentiles in the Simulated CATs that you have taken are consistently below 80%ile then you should not attempt a large number of questions.

7) It happens often that high potential students fail to perform because of the pressure. So, I suggest that you unwind, go for movies, hangout with friends. Let me be a little more specific here, non CAT taking friends and the movie should be anything other than London Dreams. It is quite possible that you shoot yourself after watching that absurdity. J

With this I would like to wrap up this session of Handa Ka Funda. Cheers!

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