Do`s and Don’ts – Month Before CAT

Monday, May 6th, 2013


– Month Before CAT


Dear Student,

The most common question that I face these days is “What should I do in the next few weeks before CAT”. Given below is the best possible approach in my opinion.

The Quantitative Aptitude section is the one that most non-mathematics students fear. You should first divide your study time in two parts. As of now, I would recommend a 50-50 allocation to funda-prep and test-prep. A plan to tackle the same should involve the following:

  • Students should revise the basics across all chapters. You can do that from the revision section of minglebox [Please provide the appropriate link] and also from my website. This is recommended because CAT has over the years tested students on their ability to comprehend basics rather than the ability to tackle advanced problems.
  • While solving advance level questions the focus should not be on time taken to solve the question but rather on the understanding of the method used to solve it.
  • You should also try out a few topic tests. When you gain confidence in several topics, it will be time to start taking a couple of full-length QA tests. I would recommend taking every mock test as seriously as the real CAT. Time yourself for every test that you take and have a target time in which you have to finish the test.
  • You can also revisit the mock tests which you have given in the past. I recommend that you spend a few hours to analyse the tests you have already given. Try and figure out the topics that you are doing well in. Also, try and figure out the topics in which you are not performing well. I recommend while doing this analysis, you divide the Quantitative Aptitude in these categories:

a)      Number System

b)      Geometry

c)      Arithmetic and Algebra

d)      Modern Maths (P&C, Functions, Probability, etc.)

If you notice that you are messing up in one particular category, you still have time to repair that chink in your armour.


With this I would like to wrap up this session of Handa Ka Funda. Until next time, Shine On!!!

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