Do`s and Don’ts – Month Before CAT

Monday, May 6th, 2013


– Month Before CAT


Dear Student,

The most common question that I face these days is “What should I do in the next few weeks before CAT”. Given below is the best possible approach in my opinion.

The Quantitative Aptitude section is the one that most non-mathematics students fear. You should first divide your study time in two parts. As of now, I would recommend a 50-50 allocation to funda-prep and test-prep. A plan to tackle the same should involve the following:

a)      Number System

b)      Geometry

c)      Arithmetic and Algebra

d)      Modern Maths (P&C, Functions, Probability, etc.)

If you notice that you are messing up in one particular category, you still have time to repair that chink in your armour.


With this I would like to wrap up this session of Handa Ka Funda. Until next time, Shine On!!!

Do`s and Don’ts – Month Before CAT
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