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Online Coaching and Preparation for Decision Making section in XAT 2019

Decision Making in a really important part of the XAT 2019 exam. To prepare for the XAT Decision Making section our online coaching course provides the following features:

Detailed Concept Videos on XAT Decision Making

XAT Decision Making Questions from previous years (2008 to 2017) solved on video

100 New XAT Decision Making Questions for practice and improvement

Live Classes to discuss strategy and doubts related to XAT Decision Making

Since the launch in 2014, 5000+ students have enrolled in our XAT Decision Making online course. 1700+ students are enrolled in this year’s version. You will have the opportunity to discuss, learn, and collaborate with other learners.

Plans & Pricing

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Decision Making

Rs. 699 Rs. 799

Detailed Concept Videos

Previous year papers solved on Video

5 Sectional Tests

100 New Decision Making Questions

Live classes for strategy & doubts

Add 600 Rs. to get 5 full length XAT Mock Tests along with the courses

Valid Till 31st March 2019

General Knowledge + Decision Making

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1399

Complete General Knowledge Course for XAT, IIFT, SNAP

Complete Decision Making Course

Live classes for strategy & doubts

Add 600 Rs. to get 5 full length XAT Mock Tests along with the courses

Valid Till 31st March 2019

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Important Details about preparation for XAT Decision Making

Decision Making Questions from Previous Years

As a part of our online course, we have solved all previous year XAT Decision Making Questions on video. Not only we provide answers to the old XAT Decision Making Questions in those videos but we also explain the logic behind those answers. These detailed solutions are a must for any students looking to score more in the Decision Making section of XAT 2019 exam.

To have a look at previous year questions, you can go to this post:

Decision Making Questions from XAT 2008 to XAT 2017

You can also download the entire set of questions along with answers in the form of a PDF from the link given below:

New XAT Decision Making Questions for practice

Most students start preparing for XAT Decision Making after the CAT exam. To be honest, that much time is more than enough to prepare for something like Decision Making. If you are good at topics like Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning – you should be able to sail through the Decision Making section of XAT 2019 pretty easily.

To check where you stand, it would be a good idea to try out some practice questions for XAT Decision Making. As a part of our course, we provide 5 sectional mock tests for Decision Making. We have made one of those tests available for free. You can check it out at the link given below:

XAT Decision Making Mock Test

Ethical Dilemmas

Questions based on Ethical Dilemmas are quite popular in the Decision Making section because Ethics is becoming the cornerstone of any MBA education program, with cases like Enron becoming commonplace.

In this post we discuss some of the steps that a XAT aspirant can take to answer the questions based on Ethical Dilemma in the XAT Decision Making section.

Steps to solve Ethical Dilemmas
XAT Decision Making

Analytical Reasoning

A lot of Decision Making questions are just a combination of Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Those are the skills being tested.

If you have solved questions on Analytical Reasoning while preparing for exams like CAT, you should be able to apply the same tactics in solving Decision Making questions. We discuss them in this post.

Utility of Analytical Reasoning
XAT Decision Making

Identifying Stakeholders

A few questions to ask for identifying the impacted groups or persons are:
1) Who are likely to face monetary loss or make financial gains in the process?
2) Is there a particular societal sect that may be directly involved/impacted?

We discuss this and a lot more about identifying the key stakeholder interests for Decision Making questions.

Identifying Key Stakeholder Interests
XAT Decision Making

Frequently Asked Questions about online Decision Making for XAT 2019 Preparation / Coaching Course

Q1. How will I get access to the course?

Ans: You will get an invitation email within 24 hours.

Q2. Till when will the course be valid?

Ans: 31st March 2019

Q3. Will I be able to download the videos?

Ans: No. But you can view the videos online any number of times. You can view them 24×7

Q4. I have more questions, what should I do?

Ans: Contact Us.

Q5. What if I don’t like the course?

Ans: From 9th June, we have updated our refund policy. We would no longer be processing refunds for students who have registered on 9th June 2017 or after that. We would strongly recommend that you go through the demo videos (click here to view demo) and check for two things: a) Are you able to play all the videos on the device that you plan to use b) Do you like the way the content is taught. As far as the content is concerned, it is available as an excel sheet in the answer to the first question. However, if you have any problems with any of our products or courses – please feel free to reach out to us on [email protected] and we will help you with it.

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