Diwali Discounts – Use coupon code DIWALI for 10 to 50% off

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


Hello everyone,

The festival of lights is upon us. So are the various MBA entrance exams like IIFT and CAT that are around a month away. Also, thanks to e-commerce bonanza are the discounts! Before we get into that, let me wish you a very Happy Diwali
or rather

Happy Diwali!
or rather


Sorry, I don’t think I have a bigger font available. Well, jokes apart – like every year, this year too we have a bunch of offers and discounts lined up for our students.

Special Diwali Combos

CAT 16 Course + CAT Test Series + GK + DM + XAT Test Series – Rs. 3750
CAT 16 Course + GK + DM + XAT Test Series – Rs. 3150
CAT 2016 Online Course (With Test Series) – Rs. 3000
CAT 2016 Online Course (Without Test Series) – Rs. 2500
GK + DM + XAT Test Series – Rs. 1620

Use coupon code DIWALI to get 10% to 50% off on all our courses

You can get 50% off on all our CAT 2016 courses and 10% off on all other courses. All you need to do is to use the coupon code DIWALI while registering. This coupon code is valid on all courses on the Handa Ka Funda website. This is also valid on all test series and combo offers. You can directly jump to the required pages from the buttons given below. You can use coupon code DIWALI on those courses.
CAT 2021 General Knowledge Decision Making XAT

In case you face a problem or have any questions about the same, feel free to call me on 09765142632 or email me on [email protected]

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