Decision Making for XAT – An Introduction

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Decision Making for XAT 2015

Decision Making has become an integral part of XAT over the last few years. As of now, in terms of marks it is more important than Quant or Verbal or DI. It will not be wrong to say that Decision Making is the most important part of the XAT. The problem, however, is that not too many students prepare for it. Decision Making is probably the easiest section in the paper. XAT is traditionally a low scoring exam and that makes it even more important. These are easy 15 marks that you can get, provided you are willing to put in couple of hours a day to prepare for it.

First of all, let us try and understand what it is all about. In Decision Making questions, often you would be given hypothetical situations and you would be asked to answer hypothetical questions based upon them. You will be presented with a set of choices and you will need to make a decision which course of action is best suited in the given situation. Sounds simple, right? It is actually that simple. The problem, if any, comes in picking the right choice. More often than not, you will be down to two options and that is when the problem starts. But if you have enough practice making the right decision will not be a problem.

XAT Decision Making questions can be best summarized as a combination of reading comprehension and logical reasoning. Most of the questions, not all, will be a part of a set. Once you understand the situation properly, you should be able to answer all questions correctly. There are individual questions also asked in Decision Making for XAT. In case you are running out of time, you can target those. If you have a case study sort of approach towards solving these questions, that would be immensely useful.

There are some things that you can do to improve your performance in Decision Making for XAT. Go through XAT previous year papers to understand the kind of stuff that gets asked. Give a few XAT mocks. Once you are done with the mock, try and solve each and every Decision Making question again. Also, practice at least 100 Decision Making questions before the actual exam.

I hope this post would help you do better in XAT Decision Making.

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