Decision Making – When Deepti opened the package

XAT 2020 Exam Paper – Decision Making – When Deepti opened the package

Read the situation below and answer the 3 associated questions:
When Deepti opened the package, she was aghast. She received cotton pillow covers instead of satin pillow covers, she had ordered. Deepti ordered them for her father from a popular e-commerce website that hosted products of many sellers.
Confused, Deepti contacted the seller’s office using the details given on the package. The seller’s representative profusely regretted and promised to send the satin pillow covers at no extra cost. He added that Deepti need not return the cotton covers she received. Deepti happily accepted the deal.
A few days later, Deepti received another package from the seller. Unfortunately, this package also contained cotton pillow covers. Completely disillusioned with the seller’s professionalism, Deepti decided to put to use these cotton pillow covers also.

Question 1. A few days later, Deepti received an email from the e-commerce website, requesting her to share feedback about the seller. Deeply frustrated with the overall online purchasing experience, she deliberately ignored it.
Later that evening, over supper, her father opined that the balcony curtains needed to be changed. He suggested that they be bought from a local shop. “If something went wrong, we could at least yell at the seller,” he added.
Deepti stared at her laptop and began writing her feedback. What would Deepti DEFINITELY achieve by giving feedback?

  1. Prove a point to her father
  2. Release her frustration
  3. Coerce the e-commerce website to punish the seller
  4. Instigate people against the seller
  5. An act of social service

Answer: B

Question 2
In the feedback column, Deepti awarded 1-star out of the maximum 5 stars to the seller and described her negative experience. Later that evening, the sales head called and pleaded with her to retract her feedback and upgrade them to 5-star, as they had already fired the employee concerned. He appealed that they were a young organization and that their sales were getting badly affected.
Given the circumstances, what should be the IDEAL response?

  1. She should retain the feedback but award 3-star as a consolation measure
  2. She should stick to her feedback and the stars awarded since she reported only what had taken place.
  3. She should retract the feedback and award 5-star as the seller has already punished the concerned employee.
  4. She should order again with the same seller and share her renewed experience.
  5. She should retract the feedback and award 5-star since sales are getting affected.

Answer: B

Question 3
After a few months, the sales head enquired, “In case you are using the cotton pillow covers and like them, kindly rate them on the e- commerce website. It will help us serve our customers better.”
Later that evening, her father remarked, “You know, I really love these pillow covers though I am not sure why you bought so many of them”.
Which of the following reasons gives Deepti the BEST rationale to ignore the sales head’s request?
  1. Acceding to the request will imply that she was wrong in ordering satin pillow covers in the first place
  2. If the seller truly cared about customers, they should have shipped the satin pillow covers by now.
  3. Her review will lack credibility since there is no proof that she purchased the product
  4. Acceding to the request benefits just the seller while her sore experience remains.
  5. Cotton pillow covers were delivered erroneously. Hence the seller does not deserve appreciation.
Answer: B

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