Decision Making – Rohini is one of the most popular faculty members

XAT 2021 Exam Paper – Decision Making – Rohini is one of the most popular faculty members

Read the following scenario and answer the three questions that follow.

Rohini is one of the most popular faculty members in the finance department, known for her in-class engagement with students. Every year, she offers an elective Financial Risk and Derivatives Management in the fourth term which gets subscribed by about hundred students. This year, owing to Covid-19, she is forced to teach the course online, that too, in the fifth term. The fifth term is notorious for its non-negotiable teaching slots. To enable her teaching, Rohini uses her favourite laptop, Maplebook Lite, sold by Maple.

Rohini converts her family bedroom into a “working room” because of the strong wifi signals. The room is mostly used by Rohini for taking her classes; however, Rinku, her husband, also uses it for running his meetings. Rohini has two children, aged 5 and 8, who use the living room as their playground. During meetings and classes, the working room is shut to save it from unwanted disturbance and noises from the living room.

It is 3:10 p.m. and Rohini’s penultimate session of the course is going to end in twenty minutes. As usual, Rinku enters the room with a cup of Darjeeling tea. Just before entering, he asks his kids to stop playing for some time. He quietly places the teacup on Rohini’s study table and exits the room, leaving the door ajar. As soon as he leaves, a tennis ball comes thundering inside, crashing into her Maplebook monitor. The monitor breaks and Rohini’s class ends abruptly, much before the scheduled time.

Q.1 What should be BEST held responsible for the accident?

A. The kids not checking the door before resuming play
B. Covid-19 imprisoning Rohini and her children in a closeted space
C. Rinku Singh leaving the door ajar
D. Rinku Singh not waiting for the class to get over before serving tea
E. Rohini not locking the door from inside during class hours

Q.2 Rohini has her concluding session scheduled the very next day.

Which of the following is the BEST course of action for Rohini regarding the final session?

A. She should inform the students that the course is deemed concluded with 19 sessions.
B. She should defer the session until she finds a suitable slot.
C. She should take her last session on her mobile phone and request students to tolerate the inferior experience.
D. She should cancel the session and ask students to mail video presentations on the topic she intended to teach.
E. She should request Swarna, her colleague, to take her session the next day.

Q.3 With the sixth term round the corner, Rohini goes to the Maple service centre only to find that the replacement for her crashed monitor may take several weeks. However, Dhanraj, the service centre head, offers to replace the damaged monitor with a monitor from a used laptop. He assures Rohini that the used monitor is as good as a new one.

Which of the following options, if true, will give Rohini the BEST reason to accept the offer?

A. Rohini is a long-time customer of the Maple store which runs the service centre.
B. Her husband’s meetings will be few and far between in the next few weeks.
C. Dhanraj is a friend of Rohini’s colleague Swarna.
D. Dhanraj offers a three-month personal assurance on the used monitor.
E. Rohini has to start her sixth term course in a month

Q.1 C
Q.2 C
Q.3 A

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