Days Before CAT Exam !!!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

days before CAT Exam

Dear Students,

The most neglected thing during the exam days is to be normal. I know it is easier said than done. For the days before and during the exam, life should be as normal as possible. A clear head is important for taking the exam efficiently.

Do you believe that you can tramp the last mile? What is your response?

–          ‘I am doing great ; bring on the CAT’

–          ‘I am doing great, but I hope I don’t stumble now’

–          ‘Man! I am sure I can crack the CAT. If only Math would stop killing me’

–          ‘When is SNAP??’

Whatever is your response, to tramp the last mile – Have a fresh outlook

* Rejuvenate

  • Imagine you have just started your prep
  • Imagine the last comprehensive test you took is your first test

* Re-focus

  • The Goal  : The CAT
  • The Time  : Few days to go
  • The Attitude  : Everything to gain and nothing to lose

Few other suggestions:

# During the last days of the exam, students often resort to junk food, but if you really want to maintain your confidence it is extremely important to maintain the right kind of diet. Research shows that eating smaller meals more frequently is vital to maintaining high energy levels. Avoid foods with high sugar and fat – they will make you sluggish. Eat a nutritious breakfast (or meal) before the exam, but do not overeat.


# The most common mistake that we commit during last day’s preparation is by skipping the problems that we are unable to solve because of time-shortage. Make sure that your have instant access to a knowledge base. Your trainers are the best knowledge base that you have. Call them whenever you want to have the problem solved right away. You can mail me at [email protected] for similar stuff.

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