Clear IIFT GK Cutoff or get your money back

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

IIFT GK Cutoff

The General Knowledge section in IIFT has always been problematic for a lot of students. In my opinion, there are two big reasons behind it.
1. Students don’t prepare for it.
2. They do not prepare from the right sources.

While nothing can be done to fix point 1, we are working really hard to fix the second one. A lot of students prepare from sources which provide too much information and that becomes a problem. Let’s face it, you cannot really go through a Manorama Year Book in a week. The other mistake that a bunch of students make is that they try to prepare for GK via tests / mocks / question banks. This doesn’t quite work as well because the ability to retain the correct answer in an MCQ format isn’t really high. You need to understand that it is not a subject where you derive an answer.

Keeping the above issues in mind, we have made a course which now has approximately 4000 students and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. But hey! Even if it was negative, I won’t be saying that in my own blog. We have immense faith in our course and that is why we thought to try out something which no coaching company, at least one that I am aware of, as done. So, here is the deal

Join our IIFT GK course at 299 Rs.

Give the IIFT exam on 23rd

Take a full refund on 24th if you think the course didn’t help

To get the full refund, all you will need to do is to send me an email on and we will get it processed within 7 working days.

We just expect that you will be honest and that you will give at least 10 hours to study from the course. In case you are wondering, how will we check if you have studied or not. We have no way of doing that. In case you are thinking, what if someone takes the course, does well in IIFT, and still takes a refund. There is nothing we can do anything about that. As said above, we expect you to be honest.

We don’t know how this sort of a guaranteed course would work out for us, but we are willing to roll the dice and see what happens!

Now it is your turn. 🙂


Ravi Handa

Clear IIFT GK Cutoff or get your money back
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