Celebrating 4000 Students in CAT 2017 Online Course

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

students in CAT 2017 online course

When we rebooted Handa Ka Funda in 2013, I had not expected that it would last so long. One of the most encouraging words came from Ankit Doshi (founder of InsideIIM) who had said that this is the right space to be in. Hitting 600 in the first year and 5000 in a few years is very much possible. To be honest, I didn’t believe him then because I did not believe that so many people would start preparing for CAT online. But I am glad that I was wrong. To be honest, I believe a lot of CAT preparation has moved online. I believe that if you are a serious CAT aspirant and you are not studying online for CAT 2018, you would probably be a part of the minority. There is some great work being done in the online CAT preparation space not only by the old hands like IMS / TIME / CL but also by our friends at Oliveboard, 2IIM, Cracku, Mindworkzz, AlphaNumeric, etc. Yes – there are a few bad apples in online CAT coaching like any other industry who are out to make a quick buck but the good ones definitely outnumber them.

With 4000+ students in our CAT 2017 course, it reaffirms my faith that we are doing something right and creating value. I would really like to thank them for trusting us and choosing us as a part of this journey. I would also like to thank our team-members whose relentless effort has made this possible. If nothing else, at least we are able to create a low-cost but effective and credible option for CAT preparation. I believe that there are huge improvements that can be made in the way CAT aspirants prepare for the exam and hopefully we would play some part in putting a dent in this universe.

Online Coaching Course for CAT 2021 + Test Series

a) 1000+ Videos covering entire CAT syllabus
b) 2 Live Classes (online) every week for doubt clarification
c) Study Material & PDFs for practice and understanding
d) 10 Mock Tests in the latest pattern
e) Previous Year Questions solved on video


Ravi Handa,
Founder & Mentor,
Handa Ka Funda

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2 responses to “Celebrating 4000 Students in CAT 2017 Online Course”

  1. Shruti says:

    Yes you are really doing a wonderful job. Especially, for working professionals, who don’t get time for offline coaching, you provide them with great platform for learning concepts and clearing their doubts as well.
    Wishing you all the best..!! 🙂

  2. Anannyo Bhattacharjee says:

    I have been a student of HKF for an year now, it’s really effective, specially when you wish to beef up your basics, I just feel there is a little bit more that HKF can do to improve the doubt solving mechanism via the Activity feed and Email, although I do understand that with such a meagre fee being charged for the Course, it’s too much of a demand but that doesn’t mean that the current HKF team doesn’t try hard to help us out, I have huge respect for them as well.

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