CAT Preparation Tips for Last Week

Monday, November 20th, 2017

CAT Preparation Tips for Last Week

CAT 2017 is scheduled for this Sunday – 26th November. This is the proverbial last mile that gives jitters to CAT aspirants. They have given anywhere from three months to one year towards CAT preparation and this is the last leg of that journey. The nervousness quotient is higher in those students who are trying their hand at CAT for the first time. I spoke to a bunch of my old students and friends over the weekend regarding what they did in the last week. Given below are some tips that, hopefully, would give the CAT aspirants some direction in the last one week.

CAT Prep Tips for Last Week – Mind and Body

Remain Calm

I know it is easier said than done but it is really important that you should try to calm down your nerves. You should indulge in things that take your mind off things. One good way to do that is to hang out with friends who have no idea what the CAT exam is. Watching a movie might not be such a bad idea as well. I would suggest that you try out ‘Tumhari Sulu’ – it is a light hearted tale that might motivate you to do a little bit extra.

Adjust your body clock

Some students have the habit of studying till late at night whereas some of them get up really early. I would recommend that you should avoid both these things in the last week. An extra hour of studying is not going to benefit you much but an extra hour of sleep can often do wonders. It would be a good idea to hit the bed maximum at 10 PM and get up around 7 AM. Also, which one of us wants to get out of bed early in this beautiful weather where you just want to curl up in a blanket.

Avoid unhealthy food/drinks

It would be hard for you if you are the partying kinds or someone who relies on outside food. But for this one week, I would suggest that you avoid oily/fatty foods and absolutely do not drink. If you are a smoker, try to cut down a little bit on that as well. Talking from personal experience, the tendency with a lot of smokers is that they feel they can concentrate better after a smoke or with a cigarette in hand – you would not be able to do that in the exam. If you do that directly on the exam day, it would be really hard for you and your mind might start to wander. So, if your exam is in the morning slot – just do not smoke a cigarette in the morning till lunch.

Visit the examination center

If the examination center is in the same city that you live in, I would recommend that you just visit the center once in advance. Check out the exact location. Try to see how much time it takes so that you can plan accordingly. Plan for the day of the test. What all you would carry? How would go to the center? Will you carry your mobile? Will you carry a book to the center? If you would drive to the center, where would you park it?

These are the little things that add to the unnecessary stress on the day of the event. Eliminate this stuff as much as you can.

CAT Prep Tips for Last Week – Study Related

Revise Important Formulae

While it is difficult to learn a new concept at this point of time, it is important to revise the important concepts that you have learnt during CAT preparation. It is quite possible that you might have forgotten some of the stuff or it doesn’t click because you have been out of touch. If you have made notes or if you have a formula sheet, keep that handy. It would help you during these last days. If you don’t have one, I have compiled a list of important quant formulae that can help you. You can download it for free from the link given below.

Avoid too many Mock Tests

What is the right number of mocks for the last week?


1 every day?

Well, there is no good answer to this question.

If you have been scoring consistently over 95%ile, I would recommend that you take couple of mocks in this last week. If nothing else, it would help you iron out some of the minor chinks in your armor.

If you have been scoring in the 80-95 %ile range, perhaps you should take one mock (preferably on Tuesday / Wednesday) and then spend the next day analyzing it.

If you have been scoring under 80%ile in mocks, then it would be a good idea to avoid mocks all together in the last week. You don’t need that sort of negativity just before the exam.

General Knowledge Preparation

It would be safe to assume that a lot of you would also be attempting exams like IIFT, SNAP, and XAT. Perhaps you should spend some time preparing for GK in this last week. It might seem counterintuitive but please hear me out. It would be very difficult for you to stay away from books in this last week. If you do, you are bound to feel guilty about it. If you don’t, you would feel the unnecessary burden and pressure. Studying for GK solves that problem. It is not really taxing on your brain because you don’t really need to think much. You can just go through some questions or watch some GK related videos. We have compiled a list of previous year GK papers for IIFT which you can view here:

  1. IIFT GK 2012
  2. IIFT GK 2013
  3. IIFT GK 2014
  4. IIFT GK 2015
  5. IIFT GK 2016

For the videos, you can have a look at our online course for General Knowledge Preparation. Details of the same are given below:

General Knowledge Course for IIFT / XAT / SNAP

a) 50+ Videos on Important Topics
b) Detailed Documents for Current Affairs and Static GK
c) Monthly Updates with sets of questions
d) 5 GK mocks for IIFT and 5 GK mocks for XAT

Know More    

Study Plan for the last Week of CAT Preparation


Study for 4 hours

Solve 3 Reading Comprehension Passages

Solve 5 Logical Reasoning / Data Interpretation Sets

Practice your weakest area in Quantitative Aptitude

Revise Quant Formulae


Study for 4 hours

Solve 3 Reading Comprehension Passages

Solve 5 Logical Reasoning / Data Interpretation Sets

Practice Parajumbles

Revise Quant Formulae


Attempt a mock test in the time slot that you have the exam in. Get up early and just do whatever you would do on the exam day.


Have a look at all 100 questions and solutions of the CAT mock test that you took on Wednesday. Attempt the questions that you got wrong once again.


Study for three hours

Solve 2 Reading Comprehension passages

Solve 4 Logical Reasoning / Data Interpretation Sets

Revise Quant Formulae


Study for three hours

Solve 2 Reading Comprehension passages

Solve 4 Logical Reasoning / Data Interpretation Sets

Revise Quant Formulae

I hope this blogpost would help you during this period. And yeah – once you are done with the exam, don’t forget to email me on [email protected] telling me how the exam went. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck!

May the force be with you!

Ravi Handa,

Founder, Handa Ka Funda

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