Verbal Ability – Odd One Out – The victim’s trauma after assault rarely gets the attention

Slot – 2 – VA

Q. Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:

  1. The victim’s trauma after assault rarely gets the attention that we lavish on the moment of damage that divided the survivor from a less encumbered past.
  2. One thing we often do with narratives of sexual assault is sort their respective parties into different temporalities: it seems we are interested in perpetrators’ futures and victims’ pasts.
  3. One result is that we don’t have much of a vocabulary for what happens in a victim’s life after the painful past has been excavated, even when our shared language gestures toward the future, as the term “survivor” does.
  4. Even the most charitable questions asked about the victims seem to focus on the past, in pursuit of understanding or of corroboration of painful details.
  5. As more and more stories of sexual assault have been made public in the last two years, the genre of their telling has exploded — crimes have a tendency to become not just stories but genres.
Answer: 4


Let us connect the sentences logically and find the sentence that is disconnected from the rest of the paragraph.
Sentence 5 can be the first sentence – it gives the theme of the paragraph, which is, the storytelling or genre of sexual assault.
Sentence 2 with narratives about perpetrators’ futures and victims’ past will follow sentence 5 directly.
Sentence 1 will follow sentence 2 directly. It states that the victim’s trauma after assault rarely gets the attention it deserves but rather we lavish our attention on the painful incident.
Sentence 3 follows sentence 1. It says we don’t have much to say about what happens in a victim’s life after the painful past has been excavated.
Sentence 4 with “Even” does not connect with sentence 3 or with any other sentence. Thematically sentence 4 is all about asking questions that are painful for the survivor since all of them – even the most charitable ones – are of corroboration of painful details. None of the other sentences are about asking questions.
Hence, the correct answer is sentence 4.

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