Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Logarithm

Slot – 2 – Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Logarithm – If x is real number

Q. If x is real number, then is a real number if and only if?
  1. 1≤x≤2
  2. -3≤x≤3
  3. -1≤x≤3
  4. -1≤x≤3
Answer: -1≤x≤3

Solution: As we know that any value under square root must be greater than 0 . So
Log(base e) 4x-x^2/3 ≥ 0
So, 4x-x^2/3≥ 1
x^2-4x +3 ≤ 0
On solving, we get
S belongs to [1,3]

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