Logical Reasoning – In the table below the check marks indicate all languages

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In the table below the check marks indicate all languages spoken by five people: Paula, Quentin, Robert, Sally and Terence. For example, Paula speaks only Chinese and English.

These five people form three teams, Team 1, Team 2 and Team 3. Each team has either 2 or 3 members. A team is said to speak a particular language if at least one of its members speak that language.
The following facts are known.
  1. Each team speaks exactly four languages and has the same number of members.
  2. English and Chinese are spoken by all three teams, Basque and French by exactly two teams and the other languages by exactly one team.
  3. None of the teams include both Quentin and Robert.
  4. Paula and Sally are together in exactly two teams.
  5. Robert is in Team 1 and Quentin is in Team 3.

    1. Q.1 Who among the following four is not a member of Team 2?

      1. Paula
      2. Sally
      3. Quentin
      4. Terence
      Answer: 3

      Q.2 Who among the following four people is a part of exactly two teams?

      1. Sally
      2. Paula
      3. Robert
      4. Quentin
      Answer: 1

      Q.3 Who among the five people is a member of all teams?

      1. Paula
      2. Terence
      3. Sally
      4. No one
      Answer: 1

      Q.4 Apart from Chinese and English, which languages are spoken by Team 1?

      1. Arabic and Basque
      2. Basque and French
      3. Arabic and French
      4. Basque and Dutch
      Answer: 3

      First , let represent all the five people and language spoken by then by first letter of alphabet of their name. For example English will be represented as E.
      From the point (1) and (2) it is clear that there will be three members in each team and each team will speak exactly 4 languages.
      As E and C are spoken by all the teams so either P or T (only these two can speak C) must be part of each team.
      From point 5) R is part of T1 and Q is part of T3. P and S are together in exactly two teams.
      If P and S are there in Team 1, then the three members of T1 will be P, S and R and together they can speak 5 languages (all except D) so they can’t form a team . Same is the case of R, S and T.
      Thus P and S are together in Team 2 and Team 3. And R, P and T are part of Team 1.
      Now following table can be made.
        Members Language
      Team 1 R,P,T A,F,C,E
      Team 2 P,S,T C,E,B,F
      Team 3 Q,P,S D,E,C,B

      Now all the questions can be answered.

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