Quantitative Aptitude – Arithmetic – Ratios – Raju and Lalitha originally had marbles

Slot -1 – Quantitative Aptitude – Arithmetic – Ratios – Raju and Lalitha originally had marbles

Raju and Lalitha originally had marbles in the ratio 4:9. Then Lalitha gave some of her marbles to Raju. As a result, the ratio of the number of marbles with Raju to that with Lalitha became 5:6. What fraction of her original number of marbles was given by Lalitha to Raju?

a) 6/19

b) 7/33

c) 1/5

d) ¼


Let original number of marbles with Raju and Lalitha are 4x and 9x respectively. Let Lalitha gave n marbles to Raju and the ratio becomes 5:6

So (4x+n)/(9x-n)=5/6


Fraction of marbles given by Lalitha to Raju = n/9x=(21x/11)/9x=7/33
Correct answer b) 7/33

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