Data Interpretation – Set – There are only four brands of entry

Data Interpretation – Set – There are only four brands of entry
The following set contains four questions related to Data Interpretation. Choose the best answer to each question.

There are only four brands of entry level smartphones called Azra, Bysi, Cxqi, and Dipq in a country.

Details about their market share, unit selling price, and profitability (defined as the profit as a percentage of the revenue) for the year 2016 are given in the table below

In 2017, sales volume of entry level smartphones grew by 40% as compared to that in 2016. Cxqi offered a 40% discount on its unit selling price in 2017, which resulted in a 15% increase in its market share. Each of the other three brands lost 5% market share. However, the profitability of Cxqi came down to half of its value in 2016. The unit selling prices of the other three brands and their profitability values remained the same in 2017 as they were in 2016.

Q 1. The brand that had the highest revenue in 2016 is:

a) Cxqi
b) Bysi
c) Dipq
d) Azra

Q 2. The brand that had the highest profit in 2016 is:

a) Dipq
b) Azra
c) Cxqi
d) Bysi

Q 3. The brand that had the highest profit in 2017 is:

a) Bysi
b) Azra
c) Dipq
d) Cxqi

Q 4. The complete list of brands whose profits went up in 2017 from 2016 is:

a) Azra, Bysi, Cxqi
b) Bysi, Cxqi, Dipq
c) Cxqi, Azra, Dipq
d) Azra, Bysi, Dipq

For question number 1 and 2: Let the total market size in 2016 be 100x units. The sales of Azra, Bysi, Cxqi and dipq would be 40x,25x,15x and 20x units respectively.
So the revenue of Azra = 40x × 15,000 = 6,00,000x ,
profit = 10% of 6,00,000x = 60,000x
Revenue of Bysi = 25x ×20,000 = 5,00,000x
Profit = 30% of 500000x = 1,50,000x
Revenue of Cxgi = 15x × 30,000 = 4,50,000x
Profit = 40 % of 4,50,000x = 1,80,000x
Revenue of Dipq = 20x × 25,000 = 5,00,000x
Profit = 30 % of 5,00,000x = 1,50,000x

1. the for the year brand with the highest revenue is Azra.
Answer : d) Azra
2. maximum profit is 1,80,000 for Cxgi.
Answer: c) Cxgi
For question number 3 and 4: In 2017 Sales volume increased by 40% as compare to sales volume in 2016 so new sales volume = 140x and similarly market share of Cxgi went up by 15% point and others get down by 5 percentage point. The information can be tabulated as given bellow (Profit and revenue can be calculated as previous question )
Total Sales volume = 140x
Brand Market Share (%) Selling price Profitability Revenue Profit
Azra 35 15,000 10 7,35,000x 73,500x
Bysi 20 20,000 30 5,60,000x 1,68,000x
Cxgi 30 18,000 20 7,56,000x 1,51,200x
Dipq 15 25,000 30 5,25,000x 1,57,500x

3. the profit is the highest for Bysi .
Answer: a) Bysi
4. The profits increased for Azra (60,000 to 73,500) for Bysi (1,50,000 to 1, 68,000) and Dipq (1,50,000 to 1,57,500)
Answer: d) Azra, Bysi, Dipq

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